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Mainstreaming Prepping with Guest-Carborendum on The Prepper’s Poitin Hour

By Chris Watson (Redhorse_Ronin)

As always, it is the audience that makes my show a success and this past show was spectacular.  The audience participation, live

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listens, and downloads were through the roof and I suspect that the topic and my guest were the reason.  I had the wonderful fortune and privilege to interview Carborendum from our very own network as we discussed making the Prepper movement more mainstream.

As always, I opened with a political commentary and it follows:
Last week our intrepid Imperial President, Barack Obama, weighed in on the ongoing cases before the Supreme Court concerning the fate of Obamacare.  As you probably know, the Supreme Court heard several challenges to the controversial law last week.  The most noteworthy challenge raised the question of constitutionality of the law’s individual mandate.  This mandate is arguably the most important, and onerous, part of the law, as it would, for the first time, give the government the power to FORCE YOU, the citizen, to buy a consumer product to retain your rights.  In essence, it makes you pay to continue to be a law abiding citizen and this is not a tax, folks.  It forces you to pay private interests for the right to exist as a free US citizen.  If this mandate is allowed to stand, this historic abuse of the interstate commerce clause can be used to manipulate and control virtually any aspect of your life that the government chooses to intrude upon.

To have the president, who altogether channels the worst of FDR at the best of times, issue a warning shot across the Supreme Court’s bow, with FOREIGN DIGNITARIES IN ATTENDANCE, NO LESS, demonstrates Obama’s crassness.  This move to defend his indefensible law is as obvious of a power play against the federal judiciary as any statements made by FDR about fighting old men in robes or packing the courts with his own progressive judges.

In a hypocritical move to make a uni-partisan agenda into a bi-partisan issue, the crassness of this man is unbelievable.  When he railed against judicial activism and tried to use Clintonian tactics, I would submit that this man’s base shallowness was fully revealed.  It is my hope the Supreme Court will rise to occasion and make right what could possibly be the most egregious and onerous law that has been passed in over a century.  Let us join together, this coming election to censure this man and to remove him, and those of his ilk in both parties, from power.

Ending my commentary segment, I introduced Carborendum to the audience who quickly won them over with his obvious intellect and articulate and poised responses.  We explored whether or not Prepping was a growing socio-political movement and whether or not it could take a page from the Libertarian movement, through a copycat of their Free State Project.  We discussed the obvious links between libertarianism and prepping, as well as, acknowledged the democratic and inclusive nature of much of the community, politically speaking.

We generated plenty of chat room discussion on the paranoia and other aspects of the fringes of prepping that alienate us from mainstream society and give the media and government ammunition with which to vilify us.  We had a lively discussion with several callers as we looked at some societal obstacles to our becoming mainstream.  As always, the callers and chatters taught me more than I could ever impart to them.

We had a trivia game and one knowledgeable listener came away with a free copy of the newly released book Bug-Out Vehicles.  I also announced a new promotional contest for The Prepper’s Poitin Hour and In Time of Disaster that will begin on April 27.  I invite to check the show out and chat with me online or on-air every Monday night at my new time at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.  You can follow me, Chris Watson, on Twitter or like the show on Facebook.  You can download the show for posterity from the archives at or at the show link here on the APN portal.  I hope to see you all next week!  Slainte!!
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