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Once you have moved to your new place.

Well, now you are in your new place.  You need to access your needs; you may have taken some notes while looking around.  First, you will need a pantry.  My house has a place in the basement for me to put in the walls for making such a room.  I have the shelving and already some foods in on them.  I must say that you should have the pantry already  prepared.  It can be made as a project for those days when it is raining and  you are stuck indoors.  Country mud can be quite sticky.   As in like a greenhouse, make it bigger than you think you will need.   Bins, buckets,  plastic shoe boxes and more will house  your goodies.  Don’t forget all those lovely canning jars.  Include a spot for your kitchen gadgets too, that canner, dehydrator and more will need a home whenever they are not being used.  I may also suggest a nice bookcase for the cookbooks you will have, whether binder size or all the other lovely sizes that cookbooks come in.

The barn, if you are fortunate enough to have one, is needed for you to have animals.  Even if they are pastured, they will need housing, during bad weather and birthing times or while ailing.  Also there in the mow for storing hay, unless you have a separate facility for that.   In the barn you will have hopefully running water.  A spot for hanging your tools when not in use is another thing to think of.

Your garage is another spot on your homestead which may be very important as well.  Severe weather makes it nice to get it started in comfort.  Also another spot for keeping an assortment of tools when you get yard work done.  A homestead does have an outdoor living space in most cases. The grill is most often kept in the garage between uses.  A mower too for the same living area for a manicured area conducive for leisure time, if and when you take anytime to relax.

Depending on what all you include on the your homestead,  you could be extremely busy to slowly gaining  as you add one more animal or chore or one more needful thing.  You are the one to decide how quickly  to move ahead.  Personally, I have found that each thing has its own timing.  Often working out to when it was most positive to include into the homestead. I can but hope that it works out that way for each of you.

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