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Policing Ourselves and Our Language Before the Media and Government Do it for Us

Policing Ourselves and Our Language Before the Media and Government Do it for Us

By Chris Watson (Redhorse_Ronin)

This past Monday on my show, The Prepper’s Poitin Hour, I evidently ruffled some feathers with what I had to say.  GOOD.  That was my objective.  Shock has its place as a rhetorical tool and I intended to employ it, to some small degree.  We started my show out with the usual political commentary, which will follow, and launched into a discussion of how the government and mainstream media can destroy enemies and movements counter to the group think and status quo.  We ended with a brief segment on dollar cost averaging silver buys as an investment strategy.

My commentary was a diatribe about the state of taxation and the people’s attitudes towards it.  I thought it an apropos topic, given the day, and it reads as follows:

Today is the actual Render Unto Caesar day and I am angry.  Angry at the people of this nation who have not just turned their back upon their responsibilities but have knowingly abandoned them.  This nation, such as it now is, was born of a violent backlash against a meager mercantile tariff.  This tariff was rightfully seen as punitive because it sought to pay for a war started by England and France that spilled over to this continent, against the will of the colonists, natives, and voyageurs that lived here.  We were being taxed here, as colonists to pay for “protection” from a war that we did not support, nor gain from.  In essence, it was a redistribution of wealth to assist the powers that were.

So, what has this nation devolved into?  Are we much more different today than then?  Yes!! When the government, in all its forms, can deprive us of as much as 45% of our earnings, in taxes, fees, fines, licensing, and the list goes on, then how far removed from being slaves to the state are we now?  Instead, we gripe about ATM fees and eat bread while watching our circuses.

Where do the fruits of our labors go?  They go to pork projects, bailing out Wall Street cronies, growing the government bureaucracy, propping up failed imperial adventurism, and social entitlement programs.  In short, we are paying for the death of liberty with every dollar we cede to the government.

Obama released his tax statements last week and this so-called egalitarian and socialistic puppet of the system is part of the so-called 1% that he tries to fool us into thinking that he hates.  He pays a lower tax bracket than many middle class families and tries to say that we are not giving him and the government enough of OUR earnings to keep them in the imperial style to which they are accustomed.

To the people of this nation where more people are taking from the system than are contributing to it, I ask, how is this sustainable?  How long can this idiocy continue?  What will the takers do when the well runs dry?  You are looters as the inimitable Ms Rand would have said.  You will continue to loot until even the corpse of the once great republic is robbed of anything of value.

I cannot get behind the Tea Party wholeheartedly, but at least they are doing SOMETHING about taxes and government expansion.  Put down the soma tabs, turn off American Idol and stand up and be counted.  Work at the grass roots and let us join together to start a money drought in government.  Vote with your wallets.  Buy local.  Grow your own food.  Support liberty loving candidates.  Take over local school boards and tell the system unequivocally, “You loot, we shoot.”  Shoot ballots and lost revenue dollars at them and become a revolutionary.

Launching into the topic of the night, we looked at how the government, media, and the mainstream population operate when their status quo is threatened.  They divide and conquer.  They subvert and render their enemies irrelevant as they divide them and destroy them.  We looked at some fairly recent examples of the government and media proving that they who control the narrative, control history and the curb critical thinking.

This was the preface to my main point that we, as preppers, are the deviant counter culture.  Without overhauling our image, in the face of media and government assaults upon our relevancy, we do ourselves disservice and aid the champions of the status quo in their war upon our message.  In short, we must become mainstream NOW, or risk being made completely irrelevant in the national discussion in the future.

To prove my point, I brought a recent Black Panther’s conference call concerning the George Zimmerman case into the discussion.  I pointed out how our own words and doctrines found on any relevant prepper website or forum are being used by terroristic bigots to perpetuate their calls for racial discord and bloodshed.  OUR WORDS ARE BEING USED TO INCITE RIOTS AND VIOLENCE!

I brought the audience back to the 90’s and emphasized that despite our relativistic society, words matter.  I reminded folks that we have seen this war waged on militias, religious separatists, and second amendment activists under the Clinton administration.  I asked the question, “what would the government do if a domestic attack occurred and they could even tenuously link the perpetrators to the prepper movement?”

As usually is the case, the show had some great callers and chatters interacting with me.  We discussed these issues in great detail and admonished the silent majority of preppers who DO NOT subscribe to the extremist views of the conspiracists, disaffected, and disgruntled chest thumpers that make up our small minority of fringe.  I lauded organizations like APN and shows like The Other Side and Goat Hollow for trying to change the script and dynamic.  I exhorted the movement to learn from history and to police ourselves and our messages to correct our perception issues before it is done for us through government actions and buffoonish media portrayals like Doomsday Preppers.

I thank my audience for discussing these issues with me, every week, and for even calling me out when they do not agree.  I invite everybody to check the show out every Monday evening. Log on to and check out The Prepper’s Poitin Hour at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. Slainte!

You can listen to this show in player below:

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3 Comments on "Policing Ourselves and Our Language Before the Media and Government Do it for Us"

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  1. Dan Polo says:

    Here in Florida it is a felony to take paramilitary training with the object of furthering civil disorder within the United States. A felony is punishable by imprisonment for more than a year and a day. Let there be no talk of rebellion. I will stick with you guys as long as you concentrate on survival and preservation of your families and friends. I agree, lets police our language with specificity.

  2. lilrascal says:

    Sorry, but the people you rant about are the same ones you want to conform to. No offense, but you seem like you want to be a well prepared slave. You either see detriments to your survival or you dont….

    • Chris Watson says:

      I have to disagree. History shows us that the nail that sticks out is the one that gets hammered first. Policing ourselves is only responsible. A lack of self policing leads us to irrelevancy and affords the government and media and easier opportunity to do it for us.