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Prepper Group Dynamics and a talk on silver!

The Preppers Poitin Hour 2 April 2012

By host Chris Watson (Redhorse_Ronin)

This past Monday on The Preppers Poitin Hour we tackled some interesting topics.  I began the show with my commentary and then went on the topic du jour- Prepper Group Dynamics.  I ended the show with a further discussion of silver as it relates to us in the Prepper movement.

My commentary focused on the Zimmerman case in Florida.  It is as follows:

Some people may have noticed that I have stayed out of the Zimmerman-Martin fray that is brewing in Florida.  I have done this as a conscious choice. I have not followed the case closely and do not feel knowledgeable enough to publicly opine on the culpability of the parties involved.  I will admit that, from the little that I do hear, there are plenty of troubling issues in the case.  I will not condone, nor will I verbally indict those who seek to participate in the court of public opinion.  This is YOUR right.  YOU do not have the same burden of truth that the government does, though I do urge you to exercise caution lest you commit libel or slander.

The real tragedies, outside of the death of a young man, are the possible outcomes of this case for supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  Such is the political climate of the United States, that liberty is seen as a THREAT in many quarters.  With an administration such as Obama’s in the imperial office, then we can be certain that the foes of private gun ownership feel emboldened to callously use the death of somebody to advance their political agendas.  We saw this in the wake of Columbine and other shootings when Clinton was the Imperial President.  We saw a preview of this in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona last year.  We are already seeing this here.

In a nation where concealed carry laws are demonized in the progressive urban bastions, we have an Imperial President that characterizes dissenters as intolerant haters who “cling to their Bibles and guns;” as well as, compliant media that simply refuses to report the truth on matters of gun control.  We, as liberty lovers and loyal members of the republic, are besieged and painted as the enemy- for simply wanting to protect our natural rights.  We must guard against these encroachments and assaults upon our liberties as the progressives work, in their ignorance, to disarm us.

As I asked on my Facebook page last evening: Will the progressives trust the government, military, and police to have ALL the firearms IF another Cheney or Rove gets into power?

Therein lay the crux of my 2nd Amendment defense.  I asked the gun grabbers a quintessential question that they have yet to answer for me.. So I ask you all now, where do YOU come out on the issue?

For my group dynamics topic, we explored the membership processes for Prepper groups.  We talked about vetting and recruiting new members.  I talked a little about a group that I am affiliated with. Does your group have vetting practices?  Do you have minimum prep levels for membership?

We then explored conflict resolution and leadership.  Do you have a democratic or autocratic system?  Is it something less formalized or regimented? What are your group’s conflict resolution strategies?  Do you have arbitration practices?  Can you impose sanctions on non-complying members?

We then shifted gears and looked at contingencies.  What happens if you are unable to join your group?  Are you mentally and materially ready to join strangers to band together for survival?  Can you survive disasters without your emotional support network of your friends and family?  Can you face adversity without them?

We had some interesting callers, notably Lynda.  She was adamant that flexibility and tolerance were necessary survival traits.  We had an interesting on-air conversation that led to the questions of how do you approach new members or prospective applicants to your groups that are significantly different?  Do you exclude them because they are a different religion or sexual preference?

Another caller asked me what I would do if people came to join my group AFTER a disaster and they did not meet the membership thresholds of the pre-disaster days.  I answered with my views on sustainable and tradeable skills building up the group’s surviving and thriving capabilities.

In the future, look for further discussions on this topic as we look at how language, religion, and work skills affect your group’s dynamics.  We will look at the applications of pre-disaster moral codes and explore how political ideology and sexual orientation impact group harmony.

Finally, we ended with my discussion on silver.  I reiterated my thoughts on the importance of silver to prepping.  I explained how junk silver relates to your wallet today.  I also explored some options for acquiring your silver.  I introduced some less common sources and we looked at the pitfalls of some of them.  Join me next Monday as we further discuss how to responsibly buy and track your silver purchases.

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