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Prepping and Primitive Skills

Very few people in today’s modern world have what are called primitive skills.  We rely mainly on modern technology.  When I speak of primitive skills, I am talking about such things as: fishing without a rod and reel, making coffee without a pot, living off the grid, having no running water, hunting without the luxury of gun or bow, dressing out animals, foraging, cooking over an open fire,  smoking & preserving meat, how to build a shelter,  & more.

It is very important for a prepper/survivalist to learn these things now before you are in a “I need to know now” situation.  My husband and I were raised in homes with the benefit of survival minded folks, back then though they were just livin’ life and not considered preppers.  We were raised foraging for food, cutting, stacking and burning wood for heat, fishing, hunting, building things without blueprints, cooking on an open fire, living off grid and without running water.  Early in our marriage, my husband and I were avid campers and did not have the luxury of an RV.  We slept either in a tent, on the ground or in the bed of the pick-up.  We cooked on open fires and would fish for our food.  When we moved to this land we had no electricity or water.  The reason we were able to survive is because we had skills.  We knew how to do things the ‘primitive’ way.  Even today we are very primitive in our approach to gardening, animal husbandry, and just life.  We don’t rely on gadgets that make our life easier.  We rely on muscle and common sense.

Why?  Because we like things simple and are building great skill sets that could really benefit us later on.  We find it fascinating that what many of the things society says we need, we in fact do not.  We have allowed technology to take away our problem solving skills.  If we can’t figure something out right away we rush to the nearest Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-mart or Tractor Supply and purchase some gadget.  Please know I am not saying some things are not useful because they are, and we have our fair share of modern electric tools and gadgets, but to offset that we also have a fair share of ‘muscle powered’ tools.  We understand if the grid goes down for any reason, those power tools will not work.

Now, is the time to begin practicing these primitive skills.  It’s nice to have a charcoal or gas grill, but what if you couldn’t get fuel?  You will need to know how to cook on a fire.  Its nice to have a 500 gallon propane tank full of propane(we do) but it will eventually run out and what if you couldn’t get more?  Its nice to have a very well stocked pantry as well.  We do, But that food will eventually run out.  For those of us with a few acres learning how to raise animals, fruits and vegetables is an invaluable skill.  In a bad situation, you may not have the option of a vet so you need to know how to treat a sick animal.  You may not have the option of buying more seeds so knowing how to raise heirlooms is imperative.  Hunting for your meat sounds like a viable option and it is up to a point, but in a large scale situation, millions are also going to be thinking the same thing.  Your wooded and or mountainous areas would be stripped clean in a matter days.

So while your working on your preps, stocking your pantry, gardening etc.  Also incorporate some primitive type skills.  Begin practicing now, so that when and if you ever need those skills they are second nature.

Remember, survival isn’t about who has the most expensive gadgets and most food stored, survival is about who has the most skills and knows how to use them wisely.

–Simple Woman

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  1. Kris Watson says:

    Absolutely !!! Great motivation for those who are just now waking up !!!

  2. SImpleWoman says:

    Thanks for the comment!!