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Scheduling conflicts on your new homestead.

As in most things there is a honeymoon period when beginning.  You may find that getting up at dawn is not all it is cracked up to be.  Believe me you can adjust.  Your chores will almost dictate when you will do them.  Milking is often done first thing in the morning.  If you have more animals, they will look forward to seeing you for their feed in the morning.  Topping off watering buckets or tanks might even be more imperative in really hot or cold weather.   Dawn, during winter,  is a good time to get up and see if you have to shovel your way out of the house and probably to the barn.

Then, if during a heat wave, you will find it best to tend to things before it gets too hot to move.  Also, any berry bushes, fruit trees or such things will need plenty of  water too to get them through the crucial first year.   Your garden too will want some moisture to get the day going.

Personally, I have found it best to garden in the a.m. til about 10am. when the sun passes the most intense part of the day, culminating at 4pm, then I can return to outdoor gardening and chores.   If I had a barn, no animals for me right now, there will still be  chores that would keep me hopping for most of the day.

Spending part of the day indoors will help you avoid sun burn and possible cancer later in life.  You can pay bills, do your online things, keep the books straight, etc…  Correspondence, though mostly done online these days, can still be done with a simple note or even a letter.  Many of us still truly enjoy a handwritten letter/note when we get one.   Sometimes a nap may be in order, like I did when I had two little ones and only in the homestead for a couple of weeks.  Your body will be needing the respite and my kids were good with a movie in the player, me napping in the chair.

Evening chores are often more subdued and sometimes hurried.  Seasons will often dictate if you need to hurry up and get a job done before something is ruined or lost.  Weather is often a big dictator in your life.  I have found it pretty easy once you  know your area when the best time to get things done.  For example, with my morning watering, tending to the garden in the morning and evening, I can easily keep ahead of the weeding.  Which reminds me, a compost pile is like an organic tool that will be of great benefit.   Your kitchen scraps, tree leaves and weeds from the garden can all become the brown gold of the homestead.  You can even start your seeds in it.  You will need to put back elements taken while growing your garden goodies.  If you have animals that will add even another grand element for making such a useful, wonderful and awesome thing as compost.

Well, another article for leading you down the homesteading trail.  Hope it is helping you plan and know good steps toward a successful homestead.

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