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Shortwave, News from the World

If you’re like me, you are already tired of the politics of another election year and your mind is already made up who you are going to vote for.  Anytime you turn on the news that is most of what you see.   Network news is slanted toward the Democrats and FOX toward the Republican views and there is little else you will see.  I am a news junkie but I hate political news.  One of my best sources of news is the shortwave radio.  I enjoy listening to the BBC and their world reports and I also listen to any other news source on shortwave I can find.

Just as our news is slanted here, you have to realize the news on the shortwave bands for the most part is slanted also.  This slant can be an advantage to us though as most of these news sources are government run and they want the world to hear their side, and that is exactly what I want to hear.  As usual, you have to filter out the propaganda.  As preppers, we should want to know what is going on in the world so we can better prepare and give ourselves a heads up to situations flaring up in the world that our news agencies decide not to cover yet.    Most of our news is about 10 minutes of headlines, 10 minutes of human interest, a little weather and sports.  That is not much news for me.

There are a lot of stories we never hear about.  The internet is a good source but for me, being a radio person, I prefer shortwave broadcasts.  There are a lot of broadcasts to listen to, Radio China, Radio Russia, Radio Cuba, BBC, and many more.  If you are like me, there is not a lot of time during the day, so I have a small shortwave radio by the bed and a set of earphones so as not to disturb the wife who cannot understand why I love radio so much.

Being a prepper, I really want to listen to these news broadcasts and analyze how these different stories may effect myself and my family.  They may also effect my preparations if I feel something may lead to a crisis.   If there is a crisis in the world, you will want to tune the bands to to get as much info as possible, that could give you an early warning that it might escalate into something bigger.

In a disaster situation, if you have a shortwave radio that will pickup sideband transmissions, you can also listen into ham radio operators working in that area.  You can listen into aeronautical channels and monitor inter-continental air traffic.   A lot of military traffic is still on sideband.  The amount of traffic especially during a world event can tell you a little about military preperations.

When purchasing a shortwave receiver, I would strongly suggest one with single sideband capabilities.  This will enable you to hear so much more than shortwave broadcast stations.  You also want one that has an external antenna jack.  Just remember, the better the antenna, the more you will hear,  The stations you hear will be picked up with more signal strength.    Most receivers cover about 500 khz to 30 mhz.  The shortwave broadcast bands are small slices of frequencies spaced through this range.  The upper frequencies are better in daytime and lower frequencies after dark.  The mid-range from 9 mhz to about 17 mhz may be able to receive both day and night depending on conditions.

If you purchase a shortwave receiver, the internet has loads of information and broadcast schedules you can use.   If you start listening to the shortwave bands, you may be surprised at all the news you are missing.

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  1. bucky says:

    This will get you started. If you have a Communications Receiver.

    If you do not here are some good ones.

    IC-R6-16 $199.95 Good for B.O.B

    A ham radio with general coverage receiver. Caution do not transmit with out the proper license. With out proper antenna will cause damage to the transceiver. Also a good investment if you are planning to get your ham radio license.


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