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Storing Eggs – Detailed Method for Freezing Surplus Eggs

Self-reliant living is a wonderful way of life, but at times can have its challenges.  Like what to do with all those eggs.  Let’s face it, one can only eat so many eggs.  It’s great to sell them to help cover that feed expense, but what if they don’t sell?  What if you can’t even give them away?  What then?  There are several ways to store farm fresh eggs.  You can dip them in mineral oil or even store them in a gallon sized jar of salt, some even dip them in wax or coat them in Vaseline.  I have found freezing them to be easy and another great way to store them for baking.

First thing you do is to break the eggs in a bowl 1 or 2 at a time–I am doing 2 in this tutorial.

Then Scramble them just until they are mixed good–add a 1/2 teas. of salt–this is important it helps them store better.

Next Pour them into a muffin pan that has been sprayed with Pam or something similar–wipe off any access egg that spills out of the ‘cup’–when all cups are filled–place in freezer until frozen solid.

When completley frozen–dip the bottom of the muffin tin in a sink of hot water for just a few seconds to loosen the eggs–remove eggs from tin, put in a freezer ziplock baggie and date–use within 6 months–some say they store up to one year–use your own judgement–I use mine within 6 months.

I only use these for baking.  I have found that using them for omelets or anything other than baking the texture is a bit strange and something we did not care for.  To use, thaw in refrigerator over night

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  1. Martha P says:

    What about water glass? (sodium silicate). this is a sealing agent, and eggs stored in a jar or crock of it will last for several weeks up to 4 months at room temperature, and up to a year if refrigerated. Insturctions available on-line

  2. mamahen says:

    Awesome! I had no idea you could freeze eggs. While I don’t have any chickens (I envy those who do) We do buy eggs in bulk at the local Costco and I’m always afraid I wont use them before they go bad. Thanks!

  3. Yet another neat way to prolong the life of my eggs. Thanks!