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BuggedOut! Teaser Trailer!

There have been lots of things going on lately that have kept me from working on the BuggedOut! Project, I’ve finally managed to get a teaser trailer put together though that will hopefully give you an idea of what I’m planning on doing with the project.  I’m still shooting footage for episode one but it’s close to being ready for edit.  Hopefully I’ll have the first episode done in a few weeks.

In the mean-time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the project and the trailer – enjoy!

I’ve also started a Facebook Group for the project, you’re welcome to join it here.


Unfortunately, my wife seriously injured her back about a week after this was published and ended up having surgery to have a disc removed.  Due to her situation, I abruptly packed up and ended this experiment and returned home to take care of her for 3 months.  I had a fantastic time doing this and regret not being able to complete it.  Sadly, life circumstances have not yet allowed me to take another summer to do something similar yet.

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2 Comments on "BuggedOut! Teaser Trailer!"

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  1. dan says:

    Great start on the trailer. Very professional!

  2. Nice trailer! One minor suggestion, based from my marketing background. No need to actually sit on the bucket toilet – showing the seat communicates the question of “sanitation?” just fine without the mental image of Phil going to the bathroom…….. we love you Phil, just not that much.  😉