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Dire beginnings to full fledge prepper!

Misty lives a very basic life. She works from sun up to sun down, cooks on a wood stove, gardens and takes us with

her via her YouTube channel.  When asked what the most difficult task was in sustaining her lifestyle choice, her answer was getting and keeping enough wood for cooking and heating.  It’s a constant chore that never seems to come to an end.

It surprised most to know that Misty started her married life 16 years ago in a tent with a brand new baby.  After pitching the tent they woke up the next morning with lots of snow.  Who knew that spring in West Virginia could change overnight to winter?  Misty is what I would call the wood cook stove queen and gave us a lesson on how the wood stove works for regulating temperature to how to bake bread on top of a cook stove.  She also has a truck bed grill outside, made to her specifications, that she places an oven on for baking in the warmer months.

So what non-electric items should you have?  She believes people tend to remember the larger items like grain mill but the most forgotten item is a simple flashlight.  She has several solar panels that they used several years ago as their only source of power but now has on grid electricity but says she would still be able to run her refrigerator on the existing solar panels.  She does however recommend that if you’re considering this, that you spend the extra and make it a DC refrigerator.

Misty wished she had learned to can much sooner, which was music to Bexar’s ears.  She has put in a very large garden this year, with plans to can as much as possible.  Her biggest issue, like most of us, is where to store.  She answered questions about how many pigs you should have for home use, to what is the best way to store rhubarb.  So how many pigs should you have: 1 is too few and 3 are too many.  With 3 pigs the runt gets pushed out while the other two feast.  Misty also processes all their livestock, which is a skill she is thankful to have learned, and we are lucky enough to share her journey.

Misty also believes that if you listen close enough, then you can hear the path that the man above wants you to take, and, if you do, it will all turn out right in the end.  With lots of questions coming from callers, this was an information-packed hour with everyone wanting more.  The other 3 Honey’s were also there in the chat room to answer everyone’s questions that didn’t make it on the air.  Misty has a huge fan base that adores her, which was apparent in the chat room as the words flew off the screen.

This week, BexarPrepper, one of the host of the Homestead Honey Hour Thursdays at 8 pm central time, on American Prepper Radio interviews MistyShooter223.

Listen to this inspiring interview Go Here and click on player!

Visit Misty Shooter Youtube channel: Here
Visit BexarPrepper Youtube channel: Here

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