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Field Day, The National Communications Test

A fairly typical Field Day setup

Most articles about Field Day are usually written right before or right after the event.  I wanted to give the readers a chance to make plans to visit a Field Day site.   Most hams know what Field Day is, but if you are not a ham you may not have heard of the event.  One of the main reasons for the existence of the Amateur Radio service is emergency communications.  As you should already know if you don’t practice, when the time comes you may not be able to perform.  Field Day is just a chance for operators to practice setting up and operating in a simulated emergency situation.

A lot of amateur radio operators look at it as just another contest but it really is a lot more.  Field Day is a chance to operate under simulated emergency conditions, and also try to get people involved in amateur radio.  I know the preppers that are not amateur radio operators are wondering why this is important to them.  This is a perfect opportunity to get out and actually see emergency power setups for communications.  This is also a great time to talk to communications experts.  Every club has some real experts on their rosters and most are at the field day setups.  My club has electronic engineers, owners of communication businesses, etc.  These people don’t just play radio they earn a living in radio and know their stuff.  The people at these sites will be more than happy to talk to you about your communication needs.

A good third of the members in my local club are preppers, so don’t be shy about talking to these people, they would enjoy the chance to help you.  This year, Field Day will be held on June 23-24, 2012.  To find a setup near you just go to the ARRL website at and you will find a listing of clubs planning to operate during the event this year.  Many clubs will advertise in the local paper so be sure to check there also.   I promise you, when you show up, you will feel very welcome as we hams love to field questions and show you around our Field Day site.  You could find setups with generators, solar, wind, battery, etc.   If you have any concerns about radio communications,Field Day is a great opportunity to get out a see an actual setup and ask questions.  Most important of all: you can make contacts with the local experts that can help you for preparation.

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