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Greek Financial Meltdown Illustrates Why Prepping is Genius

Wow, that was a long headline.  Sometimes I’m just plain wordy.  The point is, the more I read about the collapse of the Greek monetary system, the happier I am about my own choice to become self sufficient.

For those who’ve been stuck in a cubicle somewhere or out foraging for morels, the short version goes like this; Greece’s economy has been collapsed for a while now. They’ve tried a number of austerity programs and dealt with riots in the streets.  Now they are thinking of dropping the Euro.  If that should happen, the country will likely face incredible inflation.

Greece, you see, imports almost everything; oil, gas, food, you name it.  They are a nation of consumers rather than producers.  Some scenarios, mockingly nicknamed, “Drachmageddon”, show people starving and the Govt. unable to get aid to them because they can’t afford to buy fuel to drive the relief trucks to the towns and villages.  The future looks more bleak with each passing day.  To make matters worse, Spain and possibly Ireland are not that far behind.

Each discouraging report I hear makes me more grateful for our choice to prepare for a potential meltdown and to live a life of frugality and self sufficiency.  I look over our garden, or look out at our livestock, or take a peek in our larder and I think, “We can make it.  We have the basic necessities, tools and skills to thrive even if Greek-like problems should spread around the globe.”

Even more, we have enough or can grow enough to help others as well.  I am not afraid.  I serve a great Savior.  I have an awesome wife.  I have amazing children and grandchildren.  I am prepared in my Faith, Finances and Food to tackle whatever life throws my way.  So are many of you.  We are truly, “more than conquerors.”  And anyone can play.  I hope you’ll join us.

How about you?  Does the news coming out of Europe or Asia make you more concerned?  More Grateful?  Does it make you feel a greater sense of urgency in your own preparations?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Between the situation in Greece and Oregon letting prisoners free…seems as if “preppers” may be a misnomer. We are already in the midst of the crisis that we have had concerns about.

  2. azmichele says:

    Been thinking for sometime about impending collapse,poor economy,continued loss of jobs and need for self reliance. 
    Although i admit Ive slacked off so far this year, i must refocus my efforts and get to work. We live here outside Phoenix area and we know we are not in an area of like minders,yet arent clear on out of state or in state relocation. We will continue to research,pray and see where we are lead. Thanks for the post. God bless

    • Sam Burton says:

      Good for you. Prayer is always a good plan. You can maintain your focus where ever you are. Bloom where you’re planted while you seek guidance for the future.

  3. It’s not just the news from Europe/Asia that’s disturbing. It’s the amount of bad economic news- in the U.S. and abroad- that’s been picking up steam since 2007. You see, I used to be the editor of a blog (, “The Most Hated Blog On Wall Street”) that was launched Memorial Day Weekend 2007 due to my concerns about a coming U.S. financial crash. That summer, there were more than a few days when blogging was slow due to a lack of material in the traditional media outlets. By the autumn of 2008, that was no longer an issue, and it’s been a constant, growing barrage ever since. On any given day, I have more material pointing to additional economic pain in store for us (wish it weren’t so) than I can possibly blog about. As such, I am concerned.

    • Sam Burton says:

      Wish I could say you’re wrong, but I think you’re on to something there.

      • Greeks have not balanced their national budget last 12 years. Who else can use 10% more than their net. income every year in 12 years ? Clearly irresponsible of all european countries except for 2 or 3 of them.  Only Germany and Sweden know + and –  . Other countries need capital too. Greedy of them. 

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