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Hornady Zombie Max Ammo – Prepare for the “Zombie Apocalypse”

Founder, Joyce Hornady moved his family to Grand Island shortly after WWII and followed his passion to develop and sell ammunition that was focused to achieve phenomenal accuracy “ten bullets through one hole” was the Founder’s paradigm of shooting successfully.

The APN’s own Phil Burns noted while attending the 2012 SHOT Show in Vegas, the overwhelming popularity of “zombie products” offered by myriads of distributors taking advantage of the trending awareness of 2012’s end-of-the-world fears, Discovery Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers”, even AMC’s popular TV series “The Walking Dead”.

The SHOT Show, an acronym for “Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade”  boasts itself as the “Largest trade show of its kind in the world”, and is the 5th largest trade show in Las Vegas – a city of trade shows.

Personally, I wain to & fro with the zombie concept. Of course, I enjoy Hollywood’s take on stiff-armed, slow walking, creepy infected humans meandering around searching for someone to munch on, but taking Hollywood out of the big picture (pun intended) I am in complete disaccord with apocalyptic zombies. Rather, I believe that there will be potentially armed, most definately dangerous fathers, mothers, neighbors searching for means to provide for their families – best described as “desperate warriors”, needing and willing to provide for their own without measure.

Ammo for Zombiegeddon

Steve Hornady, saw the trend and did what all good businessmen do, he developed a marketing strategy for the trending zombie-scare.  Enter – Zombie Max Bullets. These hollow point rounds are integrated with FlexTip, which pre-plugs the hollow point with a semi-solid that flexes upon impact and ensures that the hollow point expansion is maximized for increased wounding while the InterLock keeps the bullet jacket and core together as it passes through barriers for deeper penetration.


Hugh's Zombie Protection

I have to agree with Richard Venola’s article in Guns & Ammo “Zombie Apocalypse” in stating that “the zombie fad will fade”, but we will “be laughing about it a decade from now.”  So, what ammo is in my bug-out-gun? Zombie Max Bullets, of course. This is the beauty of preparedness.

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