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Safe Arrival to the BOL: Time to Relax…..Or Is It?

By Chris Watson (Redhorse_Ronin), Co-Host of In Time of Disaster

You made it!!!  Barely…  You spent 2 harrowing weeks on the road with your family and a few close friends and you got out of the “city”.  You dodged sketchy roadblocks, rioters, and were assaulted for your prescription meds and money.  Your group lost a vehicle to a carjacking and lost the other to fuel and mechanical issues.  You all are beat up; but, all are alive.  Seeing your cabin as you limp up the drive from the state road, you thought nothing could be as beautiful.

Your spirits were buoyed even more when you realized that all your hard work during deer season and those long summer weekends has paid off.  You have a building and acreage big enough to support you and your group.  You are off the grid and have plenty of supplies and sustainability options.  Except for that balky gas powered washing machine the wife hates, you might think that the “Event” might be a blessing in disguise.  It is wonderful to simply LIVE and watch the kids play outside, hear the dogs barking as they explore the homestead, and wear clothesline dried clothes that smell like Carolina pine.  Contemplating the venison shoulder roasting with the taters and carrots in that Dutch oven, you split and lay in some more firewood.  This is the NEW normal and this reality, while different and challenging, is not that bad actually.   You can’t help thinking, “We’re gonna be alright!”

Waking up to some shouting in the yard and loud knocking at dawn, you stumble to the door before, caution gets the better of you.  Peering out of the window, you see a rag tag bunch milling about your drive and front porch area.  You see a few motley assorted weapons from single shot scatter guns to even a military looking AR, but the impression is of a world weary and beaten group of refugees.  You are looking at a mirror of yourself from the week before.

What do you do?  Are they just wanting to rest, get some water, maybe some canned goods and then continue on?  Is this a ruse for some nefarious purpose?  Are they carriers of that superbug that started all this?  What a quandary?  Wait a damn, hot second!! How did they know to come up here?!!!  There are a dozen similar cabins along the 5 miles of state road that are visible from the road and you know there are empty because you checked on the way up here.  Your cabin is practically invisible from the road when the trees are leafed out, so what gave us away?!

The answer is simple.  You practically advertised your presence to anybody willing to read the signs for miles around.  The sound from the kids playing and dogs barking carried up and down the valley.  The smoke from the wood stove is visible for miles.  The smell of the cooking wafts through the trees.  The sound of your chainsaw carries impossibly long distances.  These things brought these people to your front door without any warning.

Why was there no warning?  What happens if these people mean to harm us?  Are we able to defend ourselves?  Can this property be defended against siege?

This is what Karen and I discussed last Friday night on In Time of Disaster on  We discussed how the normality bias can lead to disaster simply because we rely upon our natural environment and remoteness in our BOL’s to protect us and to prevent detection.

We began discussing the human psychological imperative for a sense of normalcy.  We showed how easily humans can adapt to any condition and how this leads to complacency in personal security.  We cautioned against allowing too much comfort and complacency in the face of uncertain times.

We concentrated on the concepts of Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception techniques to prevent, minimize, or discourage detection.  We talked about physical security measures to make your property more defensible.

We discussed the use of stand-off practices to increase your survivability in confrontations.  We discussed some tools to employ to get even newcomers better acclimated to your property to assist in defense, if necessary.

We ended the show on the topic of use of force.  We adamantly discouraged the cavalier attitudes towards force employment and violent engagement of enemies.  We discussed the psychology of training or the repercussions of use of force.  We cautioned against warning shots and encouraged a massive engagement strategy called violence of action, once you commit to use of force.

To bring it all together, we ended with the encouragement of community.  Numbers bring security and lessen the workload.  We encouraged our listeners to be community minded in all their preps.

If you are interested in learning more, our show, In Time of Disaster, plays live every Friday at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on or you can access our archived shows at the same site or under the Prepper Radio button on the American Prepper Network portal.  You can check out our website at  We look forward to chatting with you on matters of disaster response.

Listen to this episode of  In Time of Disaster in player below.

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