Ten Top Gifts for the Prepper/Survival Mom on Mothers Day

She gave you life. So you’re going to get her a scarf on Mother’s Day?  Well, maybe that’s exactly what she wants!  But here are some other choices for that prepper/survivalist mom that will help her be even more prepared.  Or, if mom is a beginner, these tools will help her get started.

by Leon Pantenburg

Once a person makes a commitment to emergency preparedness, it opens up a whole new world of stuff to buy!  So here’s a chance to support American small businesses while helping mom prepare for potential calamities.

I regularly use, and highly recommend, all these products:

Survival Mom: This book came out in the middle of March and is already making waves in the prepper world.  Written by Lisa Bedford, author of the wildly-successful TheSurvivalMom.com website.  The book gives readers an I-can-do-this approach to getting a family prepared.  (Disclaimer: Lisa is a friend, and I am mentioned in the expert sources credits.)  If you want a good, entertaining read, as well as a book chock-full of information, give this book on Mothers Day.

The SurvivalCommonSense firestarter is completely waterproof and will burn on snow, or when the weather is wet and nasty.

SurvivalCommonSense.com Firestarter: The idea for this wallet-sized firestarter came years ago, when I worked on a news story about several lost snowmobilers.  They had no survival equipment or training, and ended up trying to start a fire using credit cards, money, and a snowmobile title.  I developed the concept and formula for the credit card-sized firestarter, because if you can carry a piece of survival equipment conveniently, you probably will.

So, (blatant commercialism coming up) if you’d like to support this site, and help keep it free, order your firestarter directly from me.

(Check out Scott B. Williams’ firestarter review in “Bug Out Survival.”)

Soap from Heart of Iowa Soapworks: Karla Moore has been a professional soaper for the past eleven years, and my younger sister all her life!  Today, her soap products sell all over the world.  Karla has very sensitive skin, and started making non-allergic soaps for herself so her skin would quit breaking out.  Today, in addition to being a full time soaper, Karla also teaches soapmaking classes in Central Iowa.

Karla was featured in “The Book of Dream Jobs” by Martha McCarty, and specializes in custom, non-allergic soaps and shampoos.  Check out her website at Heart of Iowa Soapworks.

Linda Stephenson’s Wild Game Cookbook: Linda Stephenson is another good friend of mine, a superb Dutch oven and campfire cook, and the author of several cookbooks.  For people wondering how to cook wild game outside in a Dutch oven, Linda’s book is a must-read.  To order her cookbooks, click here.

“Surviving a Wilderness Emergency:” This book, by wilderness survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt, is my go-to book for basic common sense wilderness survival.

I met Peter several years ago at the Deschutes (OR) County Sportsman’s Expo after attending one of his seminars.  My motivation for attending was more curiosity than anything else.  I sat spellbound through his seminar on “Survival Myths,” then attended every other seminar he did that day.  Afterward, we chatted at his booth, and I bought a copy of “Surviving a Wilderness Emergency.” That night, I went home and threw away a lot of the survival gear I’d carried for years.

Give the gift of information with this book.

A 100-percent cotton bandana: Here’s that scarf I mentioned, but with a twist.  A bandana can be used for a multitude of tasks, but here is a new, free cancer awareness promotion I would like you to join me in.

Let your bandana color show your support for cancer treatment and victims.  (My standard carry bandana is lavender, with grey and dark blue making frequent appearances.) Then, for whatever purpose the bandana is used for, you help raise awareness.

Here are some of the colors, and the variety of cancer they represent:

Here are a few of my bandanas that show support of cancer victims. (Pantenburg photo)

Pink: Breast Cancer
Light Blue: Prostate Cancer
Teal: Ovarian/Uterine Cancer
Gold: Childhood Cancers
Grey: Brain Cancer
Green: Kidney Cancer
Dark Blue: Colon Cancer
Yellow: Liver Cancer

Swiss Army Classic:This is the smallest, and one of the most useful, Swiss Army Knives imaginable.  I’ve carried one constantly on my keychain for at least 20 years, and it gets used virtually every day.



The Swiss Army Classic is incredibly useful.

The knife features a small blade, scissors , toothpick, fingernail file and screwdriver tip.  Most importantly, it has the best tweezers in the world for pulling splinters out of kids’ fingers.  First impressions of: “What good is that tiny thing?” will soon change to: “How did I get along without it!”  You can also get special colors in the handle.

Small, Keychain LED light: This will be one of the most-used items on your keychain.  But make sure you get one that has an on-off switch. Otherwise, you’ll get really tired of pinching the light to keep it going!

BIC Lighter wrapped with duct tape and attached pop top: I don’t smoke, but I always have a small BIC lighter, wrapped with a couple feet of duct tape, and with a can pop top attached, in my pocket. In a survival situation, I hope to “Flick my Bic,” and take care of any fire making needs.  Duct tape is useful for everything, and makes a pretty decent fire starter.  A pop top to the lighter attached allows you to secure it to a lanyard or piece of cord, so it doesn’t get lost.

Small laminated photograph of family and/or note in gear: I opened my duffel bag at elk camp in the middle of nowhere, Idaho, several years ago to find little notes from my 10-year old daughter stuck in pockets, rolled-up socks, and in my book.

I put all those notes in my survival gear before heading out into the back country. Sentiments such as “I love you, Dad” and “Dad! Come home safe!” reminded me to be safe, and how much I had to lose if I got lost or injured in the back country.

These little reminders may keep you from giving up, and may be the deciding factor in any survival situation.  The cost: virtually nothing.  Value: priceless.

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  1. I like this article :)

  2. Very nice and well timed!

  3. mamahen says:

    I like this article too!!
    Since becoming a new prepper, I no longer ask for things like, that long
    awaited two carat, three stone diamond ring. I now ask for dehydrators, mylar bags and food grade buckets for gifts. And squeal like a school girl when I receive them!! I will definitely be asking for gifts from this list for Mother’s day.

  4. Leon says:

    Thanks for reading this! There are a lot of people who are figuring out that the best gifts are those that are genuinely useful!

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