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Wise Food Buckets | Everything You Need To Know about Wise Food Storage


Wise Food Storage is located approximately 8 miles from the APN headquarters. We have often visited their facility, tasted their fruits, vegetables and meats. The meats are by far our most favorite, and the best in the entire freeze dried industry.


#1 In Buckets

In 2009 Wise Food Storage began as a door-to-door direct selling company that hired college-aged men and women that gave in-home presentations on the values and importance of storing extra food in the home for unexpected emergencies.  The appeal that Wise Company offered was their dehydrated quick cook meals packaged in mylar bags, which were placed in a Grab N’ Go bucket equipped with a handle for convenience and notches on the bottom of the bucket for a more sound structure when stacking bucket on top of bucket.  The design of the bucket was shear genius that stemmed from a large dose of common sense.  This was accomplished by taking the traditional circle-shaped 5 gallon bucket into a square-shaped bucket, again perfect for stacking bucket on top of bucket. The Wise square buckets come in 3 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon depending on the ordered product.


Quick Cook Meals

There is an understandable confusion as to whether the meals are dehydrated, freeze dried or both.  Quick Cook meals are the collaboration of both methods of drying, then blended into one meal. Wise Food Storage meals are “quick cook” meals, with the vegetables tending to be freeze dried, and the remaining ingredients are dehydrated. The essence of the term quick cook derives from the meals’ ability to be prepared by simply adding hot water, stirring and waiting for 10-12 minutes for the meal to have reconstituted and ready for consumption.


Textured Vegetable Protein

Wise Food Storage Meals are all “meatless” meals, that use the alternative meat textured vegetable protein. Wise has always been an open door about their products and dedication to providing what they believe are the best dietary options for disasters, such as job loss, hyperinflation and all the other many reasons that families prepare.  Arguably, there are many cons to the TVP ingredient.  One clear benefit to having TVP is the cost versus that of real meat.  TVP does alter the taste of a recipe, where most families prefer the real instead of the TVP for health and taste reasons.  Our experience, whenever visiting Wise’s facility is also welcomed with a warm meal and samples of their newest products. We have always enjoyed the meals, real meat or not.


SHELF LIFE | 25 Years

Shelf life is valued differently depending on the family.  Families that do not have a desire to rotate their food, whether through gardening, grinding wheat or simply just want to avoid throwing out bulging cans or weevil infested grains tend to be very interested in the longer shelf life items provisioned through the modernized methods of commercial food driers.  While we do not argue against the convenience of the 25-year shelf claims made by distributors.  We also note that the claim is very rarely supported by the actual manufacturers.  Manufacturers tend to throw in added safety measured on their shelf life statements.  Ideal conditions are generally known as “Cool, Dark & Dry”.  Wise stamps on each of their labels that the product is to be stored at 50-55 degrees, which assumedly means that their ideal is defined as “Cold, Dark & Dry.  Most families struggle to meet the “cool” criterium of 72 degrees 365 days a year.  Storing your food outside of the parameters of what the manufacturer says does not always mean you have destroyed your supply, but it may mean that you have reduced its nutritional value.  Common sense tells us that the food is not going to disappear after its expiration.  The whole reason we eat is to fuel our bodies and the “fuel” is obtained through the nutrients of the food.  Shelf life is really about nutritional value.  Manufacturers are really stating that their food will give you the nutrition your body needs 25 years down the road from the date of purchase.  The interesting fact is that there is no real, scientific data that supports the validity of these claims.  The truth is that the food when commercially dried & properly packaged will maintain significant amounts of the foods nutrition if stored in ideal conditions.  Our advice is to plan on all of your commercially dried food storage meals having a healthy 10-12 year shelf life, beyond that, well… at least it will be better than locusts & honey…hopefully



One great thing about Wise is their willingness to let you try their food. Wise supplies the APN with plenty of samples. The “try before you buy” theory is tried and true, after-all taste buds don’t lie.  If you’re interested in using our Try Before You Buy program, click here!



Frugality and thriftiness are two of the five core principles of preparedness. Wise food storage makes it easy for a family on the budget to get started.  Wise meals purchased in a family supply can be purchased at the rate of less than $2 per meal, in fact their most expensive package is their smallest package and is $1.87 per meal for 240 total meals ($450).  The one concern we bring to your attention is that food is food, meaning that you should be thinking about your family supplies of dried meals to cost the same amount as your grocery bill.  It is similar to going to the drive thru and ordering off the $1 Menu compared to purchasing a $6 burger. The adage “you get what you pay for” is just as true in food storage as it is everywhere else.



Variety is the key to life, so they say.  The meal variety at Wise is a solid choice of your common everyday recipes that we as americans eat often.  Store what you eat, and eat what you store is vitally important to insuring your children will eat what you serve them.  Do not fool yourself into thinking that children will eat whatever is placed in front of them; just like we see at the dinner table when baby brother does not want to eat his veggies.  Small children have proven that they can put up a really great fight over food they do not want to eat, in fact studies have shown that in smaller children, while the brain is still developing they do not have the cognitive thinking skills to understand that there is nothing else to eat or even that they are starving themselves to death.  Scary as facts may at times be, the facts of life are real, and storing foods that your family enjoys, and foods that you are confident in preparing and serving are foods that MUST be in your food supplies.  Thankfully, Wise Company has chosen meals that are very common to the american diet, and most children have shown a positive reaction to Wise Foods.


  • Crunchy Granola
  • Apple Cinnamon Cereal
  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • Cheesy Lasagna
  • A La King & Rice
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Chili Mac
  • Savory Stroganoff
  • Creamy Pasta Vegetable & Parmesan
  • Cheesy Mac
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Teriyaki & Rice
  • Tomato Basil Soup

In the end Wise Food Storage is a great way to purchase meals that require very little preparing (just add water), and the best part is the convenient packaging of the stackable buckets for bulk buying and storing, while at the same time the meals are separately packaged in Mylar Pouches that do not lose their shelf stability even when the bucket is opened. I personally, prefer Wise’s freeze dried meat bucket. Having consulted thousands and thousands of families across America, the Wise seasoned meat bucket just needs to be in everyone’s pantry.

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  1. Martha P says:

    weevils, not “weavils”. Parameters, not “perimeters”.

  2. Pam in WI says:

    I just recived my first bucket of meats…chicken and beef…and have tried several. They are really good! I have joined their bucket-a-month plan (to get the free stove they were offering after you have bought $2500 of product.). I am concerned about protein deficiencies; I can’t tolerate TVP’s…the soy does not agree with me.

  3. will Hartig says:

    How do i get Wise buckets and how much.. looked all over , no way to order????????????????

  4. Hugh Vail says:

    You can follow this link to view all the Wise Company products.

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