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You’re not the only one unhappy with agenda 21!

by: Noreen

On Thursday evening, April, 26th, the Homestead Honey Hour focused on United Nation’s Agenda 21.  Noreen (Atticus9799 on YouTube) was the hostess for the evening with Honey, Katzcradul joining her on the air.  Fellow Honey, Bev (themrsvolfie) even surprised us by popping by with a quick question on the subject.  Unfortunately, Honey, Bexarprepper had another commitment and was unable to make the broadcast.

No matter what you know about Agenda 21, you still don’t know the whole story.  Many of us may think we do, but most likely we do not.  In this giant tome, devised and written by Canadian, Maurice Strong, and approved by the United Nations at the Rio Summit in 1992 there lurks a plan.   The plan is fraught with control mechanisms for everything from property rights, water rights, population control, food production and a myriad of other serious categories.  We must educate ourselves first and then help others understand the far reaching implications that United Nations Agenda 21 has for all of us.

Thursday’s Homestead Honey Hour was filled with passion from Noreen and Katzcradul as well as the many callers who joined them with questions, affirmations and concerns about this important topic.  As always, the show seemed to fly by and ended so fast that we could have done another hour!

Look into the subject and know the “buzz” words of United Nation’s Agenda 21.  Words like communitarianism, urban sprawl, and sustainable development.  Understand what they really mean to you and your community.  Learn how you can make a difference by just showing up at your local City Council meeting and letting your community leaders know that you will not tolerate the plans that may currently be in place for your village, city or town under this Globalist agenda.
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  1. Westfalia says:

    This is not what I would regard as a serious analysis. Why not discuss the document directly instead of referring to second hand sources that claims that “The Powers to Be” will take your children away from you and brainwash them as a part of Agenda 21?

  2. I simply cannot consider how the Globalists have continued to infiltrate our government and politicians. The only real way we are able to prevent the Globalists could be to go on to combat in opposition to them in addition to by spreading the concept about them to common people

  3. John says:

    Has anyone actually read the whole 295 pages on the Earth Summit aka Agenda 21? If you did you wouldn’t have such a phobic stance towards it. There is absolutely nothing in there that is binding on any country. Nothing in there about taking guns away, taking sovereign US lands, mandated population control. I have read the entire document and I personally find it a good framework to work in issues of global importance. I also agree with Westfalia, secondhand info is useless. Go to the primary source, read it, then make up your mind. It is so sad that so many people see government conspiracies behind every blade of grass.

    • Noreen says:


      I have indeed read the 1992 Earth Summit United Nations Agenda 21 document.  In my opinion it is nothing more than a recipe for global communism/socialism.  A way to manipulate and control the masses by introducing creeping authoritarian mechanisms.  Further, on its surface, I understand how this document could look appealing to the unassuming, and less informed, naïve, and earth loving individual.   It is not my intention to insult, only to inform.  There is more at play here than just “saving the earth” and protecting our natural resources.  It is really a way to take from the rich countries and give to the poor countries.  A way to implement a worldwide caste system that will happen before our eyes under the guise of global equality.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Further investigation and research on your part such as the book “Behind the Green Mask,” by Rosa Koire, will help you understand exactly what the intention of this “Agenda” is and how it will effect you in every aspect of your life by herding humans into “population centers”  which are nothing more than modern day projects.  Taking the people out of the rural areas under the canopy of reducing “Urban Sprawl” and all of this will take place using the reasoning of the new “it” phrase of Sustainable Development.  As for your comment about it not being a binding law, you are right.  It is what is called “soft law”.  However, President George H.W. Bush, signed the treaty, later, President Bill Clinton attended a subsequent United Nations Meeting where he returned to the U.S. and promptly created the “Presidents Council on Sustainable Development’  wherein he actually implemented programs, under this Council, which have now become a part of sustainable development law and ordinance throughout this country from every hamlet, village and city, to every county and state government.    What was once “soft law” is now real law and ordinance on many levels throughout this country.  You just don’t realize this because it was done covertly.

      In closing, I do not see a conspiracy behind every blade of grass.  It is funny how you said that, because in communist china they are known to say that there will one day be an armed soldier behind every blade of grass.   Don’t worry, if we are not careful, that will happen here.  Thanks for your comment.  I only hope that you will not take this information and do a bit more further investigation for yourself.  

  4. Bill says:

    Most of those serious disruptions of “modern society” won’t be dealt with by urbanites or even suburbanites without an enormous water and food cache. I hope the are looking at where they will need to go, probably by backpacking, to make a long-term go of it. It will need to be way more sizable an area than any city lot. 

  5. John says:

    The people trying to establish Agenda 21 at a grassroots level use a technique called the Delphi Technique. Here is a video that shows you how to recognize it and how to defeat it.

    • Noreen says:


      Thank you for the excellent link! I was not aware of Heather Gass nor Roger Freidinburg. I have even more things to research now. I think everyone should listen to this interview and understand in depth the Delphi Technique and how it is used against us on a very local level! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The Honey Hour is only so long and sometimes we are not able to address every minute detail of the topics we discuss. This is excellent!


  6. mmkkpro says:

    Humanity has been a dismal failure to this point,every civilazation rises and falls,this is completely undeniable,take the so called discovery of the new world(I dont think it was lost),650 million native peoples were wiped off the face of the earth,the ones that survived had a flawed religion foced on them,all thier gold was stolen,most of thier history was wiped out,now we are in constant war,depleating natural resources,wiping out thousands of animal species,completely lost in a spiritual sense,the monetary system is collapsing,if we spent a fraction of money we spend on military systems designed to kill more effecently on helping humanity mabey as a species we could grow past violence,but that aint going to happen,same results from every civilizaion,if 2012 is real we will not have to worry about wars anymore,but who really knows about that,we will without doubt destroy ourselves agian,greed corruption,power,control of the masses will ensure out demise,open your eyes its all around you,when the nwo finally gets its way the population will be reduced to 500 milloin world wide problem solved,so either way regular poor folk are in the same boat they have always been in,mabey a one world government would stop wars,no more reason to invade a  country and take thier natural resources,just seems like a huge mess getting messier,if there is a god what is he waiting on we have proven over and over agian we cant seem to be at peace for any amount of time,so i dont care one way or another,i go to work ,pay for food stamps hud clothing vouchers out of my little 400 dollars a week to people i dont even know and are no doubt healthier than i am,three hernated discs,arthritus,stenosis,but i drag myself to work everyday so the 51% of free check recievers can live better than me so life is good

    • hardcase says:

      where in the hell did you come up with that 650 million figure. we only have a little overe 300 mil in this country today. no not even 6mil 500 , no not even 650 thounsand. maybe 65,000. and the indians are damn lucky the white man came here before hitler. he wouldnt of let any of them survive……