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Fukushima,why it’s still of concern – What can we do to protect ourselves and the use of Calcium Bentonite Clay by Alive14

Sorry folks, I have been sick and slacking on my job, but I am back!

Fukushima – is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?

Just recently, the topic came up about what if anything can we do to protect ourselves from the aftermath of Fukushima.  There is a lot of talk about this on-line.  After my wife got into a back-n-forth conversation that seemed to be falling on deaf ears about this subject, I got to thinking that there are probably a lot of us who don’t know what to believe and where to turn for answers.

So my wife asked me if I would write an article on the use of Calcium Bentonite Clay as a way to “remove radiation” from your body.  This is the method I have chosen to help protect my family and I too think it’s worth telling as many people as I can about it.  So here it is…


How I heard about Calcium Bentonite Clay

(At the bottom of the article, there are links to 3 hours of talk radio dealing with exactly this issue from a program called THE POWER HOUR, which also runs the the POWER MALL that sells the best of all Homeopathic, Natural herbal cures & remedies, in my opinion.  Also, the host is QUICK to call BS whether it’s her guest for the day, a caller, or WHOEVER is trying to either run half-truths or misinformation.  A real truth seeking show.) 

Living Clay_products

These are the Living Clay products that the Power Mall offers. You want the powder form for ingestion.

I listen to a radio program called THE POWER HOUR almost every morning.  It comes on at 5am out here on the west coast, and the internet or smartphones are the easiest ways to listen to it.   While I am not a part of any church, it is a Christian radio program, but even non-religious people will find the show as helpful as I have.  I find the current events topics and info here on this show to be informative for preppers, pretty much every morning.

One day, I heard a particularly disturbing report about the radiation, (this is when most Americans still cared).  The solutions were all WAY out of my price range and I sent a kinda “well that’s nice for rich folks, but what about this family of five I love so much” email.  I would have to choose between food and home or some kind of protection.

Joyce’s (the host of the Power Hour and part time super hero) sent me 4 pounds of Calcium Bentonite Clay for free.  I am a pretty jaded guy, and my faith in humanity is at a very low point now, but that lady, Joyce Riley, really does care and her show reflects it, restoring SOME lost faith in humanity.  She has a wide range of topics she covers, almost all of interest to preppers.  If you sign up for their email blast, you can listen to the show at your convenience.

I am PRO anything homeopathic or natural as a remedy.  I think every expert and Doctor (on her show) that gave their opinion, referenced the clay!  Then I researched  everything they said… for days!  I always do my own research and encourage you all to do the same.  There are lot’s of solutions that are cheap to most every problem out there.  This show will most likely address all of your concerns, at some point. Check it out.  You might even want to email the show with your questions!

What is Calcium Bentonite Clay and where can I get it?

The clay comes in a powder form which can be used as a detox when mixed with water and drunk.  This is how I use it.

There are actually lots of different uses for the clay, including: as a bath detox, or as a facial mask.  There are plenty of good links as to its uses.  I could not find it in my local herbal shop.  I ended up getting it from the POWER MALL through the POWER HOUR show.  If you are able to get it from other sources please post the info for everyone else to read.

How can Calcium Bentonite Clay help?

First,  let  me  say that once radiation is in you, the damage begins and the actual radiation cannot be “removed” but the  radioactive heavy metal that is releasing the radiation CAN be removed.  The heavy metal will be in the form of Cesium, Strontium, etc …  All things that are STILL being pumped into our atmosphere by Fukushima, and the problem could get much worse.

Anyway, as the heavy metal sits in your system mainly your sinus passages, lungs, throat, stomach, and skin, it emits high frequencies of power into cells that run on very very low frequencies causing cells to mutate.  The clay, when taken with water, attracts the heavy metals in your body to it.   Then it is removed through the regular waste system.

Get it straight though: YOU have to remove it because heavy metals go nowhere on there own.  It’s all about damage reduction.  We cannot avoid exposure, we can however remove it from our bodies and then let our immune-systems deal with the abnormal cell creation by the radiation.

I use Allison C, Carnivora, DMSO, and Oregano Oil (Mediterranean sourced is supposedly best), and all kinds of products that contain Turmeric.  DMSO, you’ll have to look up for yourself, because there are legal things that can and can’t be said about it and since I am not sure which is which I will leave it to you.

Calcium Bentonite Clay isn’t the only way, but it is cheap and effective.  Glutathion, and Zeolite all help flush toxins and metals completely out of your body as well.  An external use for the clay would be to use it as a pre-wash for your vegetables to remove the radiation that is falling on them.

Please follow up by listening to the links I have included.  The program deals with why Fukushima is still of GREAT concern to all of us, and even a little on what nuclear threats we face here at home.

These are from the 5-23-2012 show with guest speaker Michael Stein, Author of  2 books, and a must for anyone wanting to prepare.

When Disaster Strikes – Is a prepping handbook and survival handbook in one.  Perfect for your grab and go kit.   (the last chapter of this book is called ‘ The Unthinkable – Surviving a Nuclear Catastrophe) outlining PREPAREDNESS, strategies and preparations.  The chapter before this deals with Solar Storms & EMPs.  These topics are also of concern to many “preppers”.


When Technology Fails “…is a massive manual phone book size…it has the prep and survival stuff but it also has all the old fashion technology that our grandparents had… and if everything falls apart we are going to need to know how to make grow or fabricate everything…”



also referenced is the movie called- Into Eternity

the trailer for the movie can be seen at     “It is a documentary about this project in finland that is supposed to last for 100,000 years where they are building an underground storage facility to put the (nuclear) spent fuel rods…very disturbing”


Normally, I would never reference a book I had not read yet but for the sake of easy access for those who choose to listen, I have posted the books being talked about here so you can easily find the information if you want to read them.

 FYI- this is not the original program that talked about the Calcium Bentonite Clay.  You can search archives on the POWER HOUR and listen to that and other older shows.  This program is recent and talks about Fukushima NOW as opposed to when we first heard about it.  If you have concerns at all about Fukushima, please listen to the program. 

There are 3 links as the show is broken into 1st hour, 2nd hour, and 3rd hour sections.  The talk on Fukushima  is contained in hours 2 and 3.

As always I welcome your comments.

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  1. seltzer821 says:

    > If you are able to get it from other sources please post the info for everyone else to read.

    A search for “calcium bentonite” on eBay just now turned up 25 auctions, including seven sellers outside of the US. Many claim “edible” or “internal/external use.” Dunno if that will satisfy the purists, though.

  2. Jerry says:

    A good sourece for bentonite clay, and herbs, is Mountain Rose
    Herbs.   Their prices are very competitive and their products are
    really good quality.  I have used them for many, many years and
    never been disappointed.

  3. Fran says:

     Malathion is a very toxic pesticide, an organophosphate.  NOT for internal use, some limited external use in formula for lice.  No thanks  Perhaps you meant something else?

    • Alive14 says:

      I apologize, I was in the hospital when this was posted. (My wife was helping me get articles ready). My editor and I were talking about removing it this morning. You just happened to see it before it was removed from the article. It should be removed and edited for future readers. You are right though, the only THION that should be up there is the Glutathione.