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Home Defense Set-Up’s; Protecting Your Home/BOL


As a mom, I am definitely no expert at home defense like our military is, but I have learned a thing or two, in my day, on how to protect my children and myself against intruders.  I will be writing this article strictly from a woman’s point of view, on ways she can defend herself and her home.  Some of the more obvious ways to defend your home would be an alarm system, but what if you have no electric in a grid down situation or just a city black out.  Then you’re in trouble because you won’t be warned and no help will come should someone decide to help themselves to your things, or possibly even you.

That would be where a dog would come in handy. 😉 It is wise to have some kind of emergency whistle in every room of your home.  Making much noise can save your life, because it draws attention to the attacker.  Include your neighbors on alternative ways of home defense.  Let them know if they ever hear you blowing a whistle over and over there is danger in your home so you can get some outside help.

Then of course you have things like, guns, pepper spray and knives.  I would recommend all three.  My personal choice as a woman is a 9 millimeter.  The handle is small and fits well in a woman’s hand and it doesn’t have a lot of kick to it so it is comfortable to shoot.  There are many options when it comes to guns and I have found one of the most important things about choosing a handgun is the grip.  If your grip is not comfortable, then you will constantly be repositioning your hand and that is not something you should do in a dire emergency, it can affect your aim.  I would also recommend finding your local gun range.  Most gun ranges will allow you to rent a gun to fire.  Doing this will help you feel different types of guns and help you find a grip you’re comfortable with, before spending a lot of money on something you’re not.

A lot of women, and people in general are against owning guns.  All I can say is this… ‘it is better to be prepared 10 years too early than 10 seconds to late.’  There might come a day when a gun would be the only thing to save your life (Or your children’s), so you do not want to regret being ignorant and stubborn by not owning one or learning how to use one.  Our world today is not like it was 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago, and in my opinion, not owning a gun is not a great idea.  It is our *responsibility* to protect ourselves and our children.  One thing I pray that none of you ever have to say is, “My child would still be alive if only I had had a gun that day.”

That being said, there are many other ways to defend your home.  The first thing you should do is go through your home room by room and make plans.  Think of every scenario that could possibly happen. For example, you come home  from grocery shopping one day and find a man standing in your kitchen.  What do you do?  Your first instinct is run right?  But which way? (NOT UPSTAIRS LOL)  What you do not want to have to do is think about what you’re going to do next.  You should already know which room or door you will head to, to defend your family.  The more obvious choice is always the front or back door to get out of the situation.  Let’s say you turn around to run for the front door, and there is someone in front of it and the only place you can go is to the right in a laundry room.  You then close the door and begin to look for a weapon of some sort.

There is always soap, assuming you use powder soap it can be thrown in their eyes while you try to run.  Don’t forget to blow your whistle over and over as loud as you can at this time.  If you use liquid soap, then buy a box of powdered soap and keep it in there somewhere.  However, if you’re in the kitchen, liquid soap can be your friend on the floor, just remember to keep a clear path for you to run without falling.

In our home, we have a can of wasp spray in every single room. (Especially the closets)  Wasp spray is amazing when it comes to self defense in your home.  It sprays up to 20 feet away so you can blind your target without having to wait until they get close enough to overpower you like with some pepper spray. Assuming they are not on drugs, it will blind them until they can get to a hospital for an antidote.  This does not mean to replace your pepper spray with wasp spray; it is simply a more appropriate weapon to have in your home.  Remember to always keep your wasp spray in the same place in each room so if you need it you can find it.  What good is it as a home defense if you can’t find the can?

Pepper spray is another option for home defense, but not always easy to get to if you’re not holding it on you at all times.  Pepper spray is made from a solution containing capsaicin.  Capsaicin is the stuff in cayenne peppers that makes your mouth burn.  Pepper spray can be awesome to use.  If sprayed in the throat or nose area it will incapacitate your attacker by causing the contraction of the esophagus, trachea, and respiratory tract forcing uncontrollable choking and restricted breathing.  There are different types of pepper sprays you can buy.  In my experience, you can buy one that will stream about 8 feet in front of you.

I highly recommend taking self defense classes.  These will teach you ways to remove yourself from certain holds placed on you by an attacker, as well as offensive strikes too.  They are also good in teaching a person how to stay calm in these situations, so you can better think of how to fight defensively.  Staying calm in these situations is the most important thing you can do.  I know it is hard, but to be able to think rationally, you need to stay focused and calm.  Breathing is also importanat in making rational decisions.  Long deep breaths in your nose, not shot fast breaths.

Plants. You’re probably thinking what?  While men are thinking bear traps and trip wires we think of plants. :)  Plants can work as an outer defense shield against intruders.  Under our children’s windows, we have planted holly bushes.  Those green bushes with the prickly leaves and they hurt if you try to get past them.  You could do this under every window if you wanted to.  Rose bushes work nicely as well.

Motion censor flood lights around your property are smart to.  Burglars don’t like to be seen, so light it up my friend!!

Be creative about your defenses.  You know your home better than an intruder does, so you should be able to make plans and PRACTICE them with your family.  Practice makes perfect, and the goal is to get each person out safely.  Come up with a word you can scream in your home to make the others aware there is an intruder and to hit the closest exit possible to go get help.  Teach your children not to stay in the house to try and help mommy, but to go get help.  It’s the best thing they could do.  Let them know that your main concern is to know that they are safe and out of the house.  Have a meeting spot at a neighbor’s house to go to and let your neighbor know what you’re doing.  Be smart about your defense.  Don’t keep a baseball bat behind a bathroom door when you don’t have room to swing it.

Taking small steps like these can mean the difference in a win or lose situation, in which the goal is to always make you the winner.  Again, I am no expert in home defense, but I am a mother who tries to do what she can to keep her children safe.  You could go the extra mile and hire someone to walk through some ways to make your home safer and show you weak entry points etc if you so choose, but that is up to you.  In the end, it is our responsibility to be as safe and secure as possible in our homes.  Good luck in your assessments of your homes and setting up a defense.  Please leave comments and ideas of ways you have made your home more secure for our readers.  All ideas are welcome and appreciated!

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  1. Mike says:

    Wasp spray for self defense is a bad idea. It is a myth! Stick with the Pepper Spray. Wasp spray is unproven and has never been tested on humans. Wasp Spray will NOT work on those who cannot feel pain i.e. drugs or alcohol. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory which will cause the eyes to slam shut no matter the situation. That’s why over 40,000 law enforcement agencies carry it nationwide and even the smallest canisters will fire 10 ft while the larger canisters will fire 25 to 30 ft. This link explains it well:

    • Jalapeno Gal says:

      Hi Mike,
      I did go to the link you posted and I have read the information before and I believe it comes down to personal choice, but I dont think wasp spray is ineffective in defense. It does work if you need or have it. I am in no way suggesting one over another, I feel any type of home defense comes down to choice.

      Pepper spray is definitely a good form of defense but just like with wasp spray, if the person is high or can;t feel pain, neither will work. this video is perfect example.
      I think we are both right :)

  2. Bob says:

    I would like to point out the value of keeping doors and windows locked as well. Sure, a dedicated invader can get past a locked door pretty fast, but most aren’t that dedicated and will be turned away, and that extra few seconds of noise it takes to break a door or window gives you time to wake up and get to a weapon. Being a habitual door locker is just good policy, like habitually wearing your seat belt.

    In addition, if you get home and can see that a door or window has been compromised while you were away, this gives you the option of getting away while you’re still in the car so you can call police from a safe distance.

    Plants in front of windows are awesome. Also assess the windows to determine how easy they are to climb through once they are opened. Crooks are lazy… that’s why they’re crooks! Anything you can do to make it hard for them to get in or looks like it will make a lot of noise if they try will increase the chance they will seek other targets. Even something as simple as a wind chime could act as a deterrent.

    Motion Detectors on flood lights. I already have flood lights on the approachable corners of my house (Where the doors and windows low enough to get through are.) But they are not connected to motion sensors. I want to get those for 2 reasons… first, so I don’t have to leave them on all night, the floods I have are the halogen type, so they use a lot of power. (I also want to investigate replacing them with florescent lights.) Also, anyone approaching my house at night would be acclimated to the dark, having a light suddenly turn on and blind them works to my advantage. Of course, they’ll turn on every time a deer comes by, too. I’ll look at that as “Practice drills.”

    I think I’ll also look into a security camera system that records to a hard drive on a computer. That way a would be crook will think “If I can’t find the tape that’s connected to, I WILL be caught.”

    • Jalapeno Gal says:

      Very good points :) I didn’t even think of putting, lock your doors in there, i guess because i am so use to doing it. That would be dangerous for people who are just as use to not doing it. When i lived in oklahoma, I lived in a place where you can leave your doors unlocked when your there or when you’re gone because people just didn’t mess with us. In our town everyone knew everyone and looked out for each other. But getting that comfortable is dangerous, because you CAN still be a victim. More often than not by someone you know.

  3. estelle says:

    ROFL, My husband planted rose bushes under my daughters windows the day we found out we were having a girl! He was thinking more along the lines that in 15 years we wouldnt have to worry about any boys climbing in that window! he gets soooo excited every year when they get bigger and bushier. I said that with two older brothers our little girl is not gonna get away with much anyway. But ask me what he planted under the window of the boys room? Anyway great article.

  4. My only concern with the planting of thorny bushes in front of the kids windows is that they may be unable or unwilling to climb out of the window if they ever had to (such as when escaping from a fire). Perhaps you should formulate a plan for them to be able to do that and still keep the bushes.

  5. Jalapeno Gal says:

    Great point, I have thought about that but so far am unable to think of anything except throw your comforter over it but they will still get stuck. :( Any ideas?


    • tharley says:

      Get two of the blankets movers use for each bedroom. They are thick enough and heavy enough to squash down the bushes and not have thorns pop through. They are also good for throwing over fire.

  6. What about using your car alarm.  It could, potentially, be much louder than your whistle and have you ever noticed how after 2 seconds all the neighborhood blinds open up to see who’s vehicle is making all that noise.  We have an agreement with 2 of our neighbors, if we hear their car alarm for more than 4 seconds (or vice versa) the other people coming running to assist.
    I love your bushes suggestion and will have to look into that when we do some more landscaping next year!
    Another suggestion would be to get a small flashlight that’s at least 200 lumens.  From what I understand this can even blind an attacker in daylight if shined directly in their eyes.  One with a strobe would be great at night for distracting/disorienting an attacker.

  7. Jan in Co says:

    Great points, and I’d like to add one more. When my children were small and we’d pull up to the house after being in town, there was a race for the bathroom, usually with the chidren winning. This is NOT a good situation if someone is waiting inside your home. By the time you get to the door, your child is a hostage and you will do anything to have them released. Make a plan that everyone waits until the parent goes inside first. Not to scare them, but to be sure the house is secure.

  8. Good idea there are a lot of females who may no know how to protect themselves and their families.

  9. heck…there’s a lot of men who don’t either, unfortunately.

  10. Mark Furman says:

    Then what are you SHOOTING at???? No critter likes having a giant leaking HOLE in it! Seems to me, if SHTF happens and humanity’s on the brink of extinction, you probably don’t want to kill off the last humans. Maybe negotiate, help them out, be >The Man< and lead them to safety, stuff like that. Pretend you're Charles f_cking HESTON,fer Gawd's sake, and at least ACT like a HERO. You always WANTED to be an actor, right?????This could be your big chance! Think of the statues they'll erect in your name some day down the line! You, standing there heroically, your noble brow furrowed, your face looking to….The Future!…Come on, give it a shot, dude!