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Prepping is More Than Just Stuff.

It’s more than stockpiles, guns, gadgets, and even skills, prepping is more than all of these things.

Prepping is about self-reliance.  What is self-reliance you may ask?  It is is the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction, for survival (like from the government, a bank, the police, the grocery store, etc….)  It is therefore a type of personal or collective autonomy.

I will take that even further and say its not just to survive BUT thrive!  For us it means relying less and less on others and more on yourself, EVEN if those things are more difficult to do yourself.  It means making your own tortillas even though its easier to buy them, and cooking from scratch even though its so much easier to buy a loaf of bread.  Through a little bit of effort you benefit from the more health wholesome ingredients of food made from scratch.  It means learning to change your oil yourself and getting the tools and space to do it, instead of going to a service station even though it’s way less of a hassle to go to the service station or dealer ship.  It means spending the weekend in the garden instead of at the sports bar, or going out to sushi, and then finding out that your weekend “trapped in the garden” was WAY more rewarding in the form of time outdoors, physical activity, and fresh organic food, than your evening out for sushi could’ve ever been.

Being self-reliant, means you don’t need help from anyone to get by in life.  Oh, you may occasionally need the assistance of a doctor or dentist, but you don’t NEED a bank to loan you money because you have paid off your debt and have a savings to draw on.  You don’t NEED anyone to rescue you in the event of a disaster because you are prepared.  Not only are you just fine but after a few adjustments, life continues on for you.  Getting it now?  The more self-relient you are, the better you will fair, in case of an emergency, and the better you will weather any changes in your life; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Self-reliance is canning so you don’t NEED to go to the store.  It is storing water, food and learning how to cook it without electricity so you don’t NEED to go to a shelter in an emergency.  It is being able to defend yourself so you don’t NEED someone to protect you, it is in short taking care of yourself and thinking for yourself as opposed to leaving that up to someone else like the government.  It is confidence in your self.

When you can think for yourself and you are confident in your opinions and decisions, you can tell ‘right’ from ‘wrong.’  You don’t need the nightly news telling you what’s right and wrong, because you already know.  You don’t need Dr. Oz telling you what is healthy and what is not, because you already know.  You don’t need the government telling you what you can do and what you can’t do in order to ‘keep you safe’, because you already know what is best for you.  It’s taking control.

A confident, self-reliant person does not get wishy-washy about their role in shaping our country.  They do not fear registering to vote, nor the act itself.  Being a prepper means you already know that things are not “OK”, so now its time to take that next step if you haven’t already.  Put on your big boy/girl pants and go register to vote.  No one can do it for you, if you can make the decision to start prepping,you can make the decisions needed to cast your vote.  Don’t tell me that  your vote doesn’t matter because it does.

Elections today are not won by 70% they are won by 51%.  Some of the candidates running right now for national elections have even come out and said they ARE NOT trying to win over the other side, all they are trying to do is get that 1 or 2% because that is what they need to win.  51% – think about that.  Still think your vote doesn’t count?  If they don’t care about the other side during an election, do you really think that all of the sudden they care when they win?  History has shown us that they don’t.

And if you stay home because you think the “other side’s dirty tactics” will skew the vote anyways – you’ve already let them win, its as if you’ve thrown up your hands in an emergency and said “HERE!  Take my stockpile, take my home, you will sooner or later, I guess its not worth fighting for.”  If you don’t see anyone you like on the ballot – VOTE ANYWAYS – pick someone that most closely represents the values you believe and cast your vote for them.  Sit down and go elementary style if you have to and make a list!  To stay at home, pout, and not vote because your guy didn’t make the ballot while watching your country spiral down the drain, is not what a mature confident self-relient person does.  A confident person, who can think for themselves, would go vote for the best person on the ballot for their country and try harder for their guy next time.

Through repeating this process down to the local level, it is possible to turn the tide of an entire country, but…..not, if you sit at home.

Get Stated Now.  Visit Wall Builders, check to see if you are registered to vote.  14% of Americans think they are but they are not. Then, if you are not, you can get that process done with a few easy clicks and complete that circle of self-reliance and go vote.  Remember Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

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Stephanie is a writer for the American Preppers Network, a small local paper and for her blog, The Home Front and was featured in Marie Claire UK in the October 2012 issue that featured women preppers. She is also the credited writer of "Emergency Bag Essentials (Swatchbook): Everything You Need to Bug Out" released in August 2014 and available on "I write articles based on my own experience with emergency preparedness, self-sufficiency, homesteading, food preservation and life around the farmstead. I grew up in a very rural area where I learned to garden, the art of canning, to hunt and fish, and to raise my own animals for food. I also spent 6 years volunteering for the local county Search and Rescue group where I learned a variety of survival skills and a little bit about law enforcement protocol. " "As a general rule of principle I do not write articles about information that I have only read - if I am writing about something it's because I have done it myself and gone to great lengths to provide you with the facts meshed with personal experience. My alter egos are as an full time mom, amateur photographer, and backpacker." Stephanie's past APN articles are featured below on several pages. To connect with her --> click on one of the many little square social media buttons below!

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