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Triggers: How do you know when it’s time to go?

It seems now more than ever, sayings like “SHTF” and “BUGGIN’ OUT” are common place.  Especially to us “enlightened ones”.  There is so much to consider when we are talking about pulling up roots because of a catastrophe.  Where should we go?  Who should we take with us?  Do I have everything I’ll need for myself and my family?  Is my Bug Out bag packed and ready like it should be?  There are just so many things to think about that it can get very over whelming.  Your every waking hour is spent on “prepping” for this very thing.

Well let’s say that you can finally take a break from all your worry because you are ahead of the game.  You are PREPARED.  You have a (BO) location to go to.  You have made your decision on what friends and family you will include in your (BO) plan.  Your (BO) pack is already in your (BO) vehicle.  You have your plan together!

So…when will you be “buggin’ out”?

Well, for those of us who are preparing for a natural disaster, the time to go is pretty obvious.  In this case, leaving the comforts of home will depend on when THE BIG ONE hits.

Maybe you are waiting for the next inevidable EMP to knock us all off line and close down the power grid as we know it.  In this case, roughing it would depend on the day that happens.  But, what about those of us who are expecting an economic breakdown to throw our cities and towns into civil unrest?  How do we know for sure when the right time for us to go is?  My wife always says she doesn’t want to PURPOSELY live in hardship until we absolutely have to.  Otherwise, I’d have us all living in a tent somewhere.

I can tell you that I have a special place in the pit of my stomach for this very decision.  It seems every day we are closer and closer to the reality of martial law.  There are those that would say “the time to go is before THEY come knocking door to door”.  This is true but very vague.   I suppose everyone may have different fears or “triggers” that will get them up and out the door sooner than others.  I thought I’d share my point of view on this.

Now at this point, I should tell you that I  have not been fortunate enough to purchase land.  I don’t have a FOR SURE spot we will be going.  I live smack dab in the middle of a city so the one thing that is FOR SURE is that we won’t be staying here.  ‘Head fer’ the hills’, ‘higher ground’, whatever, just not here.

Recently there was a discussion on a sister “PN” where my city locals were talking about this very thing.  It got me thinking.  There seems to be many people unsure of what exact signs to look for to tell them it’s time.  Here are my “triggers” that I will be looking for.  I hope this helps put things into perspective or gives better insight to what you should be watching for in your home town and across our great country in general.


  • Ridiculously sharp rise in gasoline – that would be a tactic to keep us all in place.
  • upcoming election
  • food shortages at your local grocery stores.  We’ve seen this in the past yes.  Some shelves might be empty of bread, or other items.  You may even hear something on the EVENING NEWS about shortages.  So far, these occurrences have righted themselves.  Something to consider however is this:  the trucks that carry your milk to your local stores are not the same trucks that bring you produce.  If you notice a variety of items missing from the shelves, this can’t be explained away by blaming one particular trucking company of not making their rounds on time.  Something like this where produce and dairy and breads all missing from the shelves, might also be a sign that things are about to go from bad to worse!
  •  your local prisons (which by all exterior signs look to have been closed for years) all of a sudden are being manned.  Not for the prison populations either.  This may be a good sign that FEMA is setting up camp in your backyard.  You might want to get familiar with what prisons are near you in the first place.  This isn’t something the average person ever thinks about.  But, where do you think the general population of people will be held if and when a government  take over happens?  That’s right, the already available prison sites.  You can find quite a bit of information online about FEMA prison camps.  Some say conspiracy theories.  I say it can’t hurt to be informed.  What if it turns out to be more truthful than anyone ever thought it would?  Besides , if “closed down” prisons all of a sudden have traffic and visible guards on duty, and on the local level, no one is talking about the prison reopening, what the hell are the guards doing there?  Common sense questions to ask.
  • Local law enforcement start rounding up weapons door to door
  • obvious rioting and then of course martial law

If you feel that I’ve that missed something here please feel free to comment.  The more AWARE and AWAKE we all are the better off we will all be.

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  1. Never thought about the local prison trigger; I’ll have to look into that one.

  2. HootOwl says:

    Fema will suddenly use a sports stadium or some such. Probably near a rail line. Signs of immanent collapse will be lots of foot traffic & hitchhikers, crime, lots of burglaries, home invasions, kidnappings of average people, and, as you said, empty shelves and that unmistakable look of panic on the faces of those who haven’t thought of prepping earlier. We all have to be ready to help as many as we possibly can with as much as we can. I suggest using a local church as a point to do so. This way you won’t draw unwanted trouble to your retreat. I expect that hard choices will have to be made no matter what we do to prep. Especially support your local police as much as you can with whatever you can for as long as you can. None of us will be truly happy without the rule of law (WROL).

  3. Barn Cat says:

    The big one involves the collapse of the dollar. That could mean a bank holiday when banks are closed and when they reopen the dollar has been devalued by, say, 35% overnight. Or it could be caused by problems in the eurozone leading to bank failures around the world. Every scenario I’ve seen about the collapse of the dollar has it caused by the Fed announcing another version of QE.

    Watch for a war with China over Iran and/or Syria. If a war with China is getting close they will dump dollars and Treasury bonds on the market and that will collapse the dollar. Once the dollar collapses OPEC will no longer accept dollars in payment for oil. America will become a third-world country virtually over night.

  4. theresa/White Dove says:

    Just thought I would give u a inside story that has affected the Native Americans. History does repeat itself if we do not learn from it,a friend of ours tried to cash their check a there local wall mart. This in itself is not odd but being Native American what happen should not have been allowed but the goverment can never be trusted. They were asked for the SS# but if you know about N Americans we were put on fema camps along time ago and given a # then which is the same as a SS# wallmart refused to take that # and called the local which said they were not americann citizens WHAT? they were deported to mexico. Yep that’s right and they were from the Rez in OK. they made it back but I’m just saying. Watch out this was not funny.
    Blessing White Dove

  5. Tsalam says:

    One sure indicator is when the sleeper cells of muslim terror groups, who are already here, begin attacks like they do in Israel and other countries. That will basically shut down the country and keep everyone in a panic no matter where you are. Where I live is full of “refugees” from muslim countries including two large apartment buildings within a couple of blocks. When that happens it will be too late to bug out.

  6. Alive14 says:

    I recommend everyone take the C.E.R.T COURSE. The triggers, whatever they may be, will be told to you 1st. Check it out, it’s free, easy, informative and they give you a bug out bag upon completion of the course. Well it’s more of a rescue bag, but it contains lots of useful stuff.  Did I mention that the entire thing is free? Also, I keep hearing September & October popping up through different sources. Pump police friends for info, military. But most of all, LISTEN to your guts. 

    • Jazz says:

      I haven’t heard anything about “September & October”. What kinds of things are you hearing? What are your sources (so that I can do a little research)? Please elaborate. 

      • Kevin says:

        I think it has to do with the jewish calender, Which starts in September. The year 5773 is supposed to be a bad one, or the start of troubles according to some prophecy.

  7. Gramma T says:

    I understand that the first order of business, as far as prisons are concerned, will be to execute the prisoners that are currently being housed at active prisons – so it would pay to watch for increased activity there also.

  8. Joe says:

    I have put thought into that question, and the answer is that bug out time is when it becomes apparent that logistics have collapsed. A couple of nukes at high altitude would make this immediate. More likely, it would creep up on us over weeks or months.

    There are three things needed for logistics to work: Communications, fuel, and supply. At least one must go to zero with no short term way to repair it to cause a collapse.

    A collapse is when stores cannot communicate with suppliers, trucks and trains cannot get fuel, or the fuel costs more than end buyers are capable of paying, or somehow supply is destroyed or not replenished (rather hard, since there are so many substitutions). Collapse is when there is no outside help because the affected area is nation or world wide. Shortages are signals to stock up, but if the cause is regulatory, bottlenecks, or local, it is not time to go yet. We can wait those out at home for a few months. When the resellers’ shelves are heading towards empty and they have no idea when or even how to restock, then it is time to go.

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