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Are We Already at the Survival Crossroads?


Take a look around you.  Read the papers and the news online.  Watch the news channels.  Part of the readers of this website are hoping and praying it’s not too late to start prepping.  Part of the readers feel it is close but they can still get it together in time.  A very small portion of the readers know things are bad already and they feel prepared and ready.

I have lived a while on this earth and I think we are already feeling the trouble brewing.  I feel the anxiety of trying to be ready as quickly as I can and trying to get as many other people prepping as much as I can.  I am worried about the crop failures due to the extreme heat and drought.  How will food prices, higher still, affect people already having difficulties surviving this economy?  The solar flares, the rioting, the economic indicators…hard to find good news these days.

Living is hard.  Kids are coming out of college with no hope of finding a job.  Grown children are moving in with the folks to combine incomes and resources.  Some of the grandmas and grandpas are moving back with family because they are worried about being so far away from family during hard times.  Those lucky enough to have a job have to fund the higher and higher transportation costs.

We are not fear mongers.  The anxiety comes in when you don’t have any idea what to do about a problem.  So let’s figure out what can be done.  Let’s get to the positives.

1.  Do you have a years supply of food for your household?  Get it.  Even if it is anti-starvation rations of 50 pound bags of rice, beans and wheat.  Get those and then start on the things that would be nice to have.  Set aside a portion of your budget for these things.  It is the best and most certain investment you could possibly make.




2.  Do you have the means to grow food?  Make it happen.  Get your soil fortified.  Get the basic seeds and tools and get that garden going.  Anyone and everyone should be growing food now.  Think about raising animals for food. The way America has provided food for people is a way that is not sustainable and is …right now….toppling.  Farms growing huge quantities of one type of food will no longer work.  We won’t be able to depend on the trucks and freight to affordably transport.  Gas costs are not going to come down.






3. Electricity prices are not going to go down and the aging power grid is fragile.  Nuclear power stations are also aging and new ones are not being built.  Some of you may think that is a good thing.  I don’t because there is no way for our current system to obtain the amount of electricity without those nuclear power plants.  Get off the reliance for electricity and you won’t feel the pinch when your finances or outages insist that you cut back.


4. Help your neighbors to become more self-reliant.  It is a kindness to them and to you.  Yes, I know most of us are ready to protect our family and the needs of the family.  Just keep in mind what the scriptures say that you will be known to be a Godly people by the love you have amoung yourselves.  Love your neighbor…. It is also very obvious that we should be prepared.  God helps those who help themselves, the story of Joseph who stored food during plenty for a time of famine and the capable wife who was not afraid of the coming of winter.  This self-reliant lifestyle is quite frugal.  It saves money so don’t be afraid to encourage others to do the same.  Consider it a Christian duty (if that is your religion). By encouraging others and being part of the preppers meetup groups in your area, you are building contacts, bartering partners and people to glean information from.

5.  Learn skills now.  Everyone has a library in their home.  The internet is there to use and study from.  Become specialists in certain fields.  Gardening, sewing, needlework, building, solar power, wind generating, food preservation, raising animals, firearms, reloading, herbs and alternative medicine  and unlimited possible studies you can perfect now.

6.  After you have the basics in food and water, start investing in tools that will be of value later.  If nothing else, saving on electrical costs.  Wheat grinders, canning supplies, non-motorized equipment, non-electrical equipment.  You are investing.  These are things that you can put to practical use right now and save money for more important things. Investing in other financial areas has not proven to be safe in this tipsy world economy.





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  1. I believe we are. I watch Quakes hourly, space weather hourly and many other factors and from what I’m witnessing I can tell you change is imminent and near.

  2. 'Jesse Banke says:

    All I can say to this is, lets just imagine if the gov’t stopped food stamps, stopped medical care. sooo many people have to rely on both due to the lack of decent paying jobs and high costs of everything with the lack of self suffiency, this paints that “survival crossroads” picture.

  3. Not only that but the sky is falling!

  4. I switched from buying individual packets of heirloom seeds to stockpiling each heirloom type by the 1/4 to 1lb bags! We are going to the auction to big on some old kerosene lamps and an antique ice freezer. We have a pretty large to do but its fun and empowering to be prepared! Heather

  5. Yeah, I agree with the article, but I am trapped in a mobile home park because of a poor-paying job and no car. I can’t purchase anything really except some bottled water and a few extra food supplies. I might as well be spitting on a fire. It gets so frustrating, seeing what’s happening, and not being able to prepare as I need to.

    • Start with the survival foods mentioned in the article, Marquita. I understand what living hand to mouth is like because I have been there, too. I wonder, do you have any special skills? Could you start learning some right now? You do know that there are many groups organizing to work together towards survival mode and some already have bug out locations that they are pooling resources for. Look at the APN state blogs and forums and for meetup locations close to you.

      • Rick Dawman says:

        I am newly come to much of this myself, but there are resources for you out there. One thing we did was look at the local state run agriculture office, they offered some free and some pay classes on gardening. You can use your trash to grow things in, soda bottles for one. Educate yourself and do what you can, the benefits will begin to build. By producing our own food, we have more money to purchase the things we need to become more sustainable. You can do it Marquita!

    • RGR says:

      MM any little thing you can do to prepare is good, if you don,t need a lot of $ to stock up on basic items like beans and rice. Don’t become frustrated even the smallest bee in the hive has something to contribute.

      • WLK_11 says:

        Don’t give up. I know it is hard, but even just focusing on your health (strong body, strong mind) is something you can do for free at home. Also small light weight planters that could possibly be put on the top of your mobile home – could start growing seedlings. Or even indoor tomato plants..Take a hard look at your finances and see if there is anything else that can be adjusted…even saving 10.oo a week is a start. If you have internet there are still grants and courses that are affordable to help you build your skill set. Good luck!

  6. VetMike says:

    Good morning all. I especially like the paragraph on developing skills. I am a retired Emergency Physician and some would say I can barter that skill set for anything we need. Not so. I am also storing food and am developing a solar powered system to pump water from our well. We have begun clearing some ground for a greenhouse and are buying seeds. I have the basics of leatherwork and am both a skilled shooter and reloader. We are learning canning from one sister in law and gardening from another. I keep a small herd of cattle and some horses. As you see, we are prepared. It involved buying in small increments and investing our time but we are getting there. Never give up, never surrender!