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Book Review: Armageddon 2012: Unholy Alliance

This novella depicts a realistic scenario full of enemies of the U.S. hell-bent on her destruction.  The author details a large close-knit family that is struggling out of hard times.  When a matriarch of the family finds work for the Department of Homeland Security, she is exposed to an extensive and complicated series of plots designed to bring down the infrastructure of America.

Through this woman’s efforts, along with some creative support from the U.S. Coast Guard, some of the plots are thwarted.  As many would agree, very little advance warning is available, even for this woman and her family.  They are able to setup a retreat up north, but suffer greatly in evacuating to that goal.

This story doesn’t detail how to prepare for such situations, but gives the reader plenty of clues and ideas on how each of us can help protect ourselves, and signs to possibly look for.

I give this novella a 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Thank you for your time,  Dave, aka: Polar Bear Dancer.

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  1. hardcase says:

    its impossible to prepare for everything. what you will need most, is as follows. ( 1 ) the will to live under the most extreme conditions and the skills to do so. ( 2 ) drinkable water, ways to find it, filter it and carry it. ( 3 ) your weapons of choice. ( 4 ) a good supply of food to start and the abillity to find more and lots and lots of practice, finding water, food and using your weapons. EVERYTHING AFTER THAT WILL BE 1 PART WILLING TO SURVIVE, 1 PART EXPEIRIENCE AND 2 PARTS LUCK ! ! !