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Why charcoal should be in your bug out bag

I think every prepper with a bug out bag should have at least 1 bottle of Activated Charcoal capsules, or powder for making tonic drinks.  For those who already have their homestead or Bug Out location, I advise MAKING charcoal and having as much as possible on hand (ground up) ready to use.

In the times ahead, I see lots of people eating lots of things that under “normal” circumstances they would not, or indulging in food a little too old.  You may even have to trade for food you are not 100% certain of quality or origin.  After the first sign of food poisoning or any poisoning/bowel distress, get the charcoal in you as fast as you can! It draws toxins like flies to honey saving you from hours or DAYS of serious distress, maybe even possibly save your life.

Uses for charcoal

Uses and benefits: upset stomach, colic, nausea, vomiting, acid indigestion, gas, and more.  Another great use for your quality homemade charcoal is as BIO CHAR. You would want to smash it into a chunky powder leaving no piece bigger than a golf ball.  Mix your charcoal with your compost and manure and let if sit.  Just as it absorbs poisons, it also provides the perfect home for beneficial bacteria for your garden.  Once the charcoal is infused with all the good stuff, TILL it into your soil with the compost and manure normally. The cool thing about  your little bio-char / bacteria  houses that you’ve mix up, is that they can release the beneficial nutrients for 100 years.  Thus turning poor soil into prime farm land and makes prime farmland even better. Try it!  You’ll thank me.

mix with water for those who cannot swallow capsules (children)

There are a lot of other uses for your charcoal such as homemade water filters that you can use to purify rainwater or whatever water source you want.  Some of you may also recall that episode of  ‘preppers’ where that guy was using charcoal between two filter masks.  He covered the inner layer with charcoal and then duct taped the two face masks together.  The charcoal will act as the filter in this method.  I have not tried it myself but the idea seems sound to me. 
I also just learned that high-end speakers use activated charcoal to filter sound.  I know it does something as far as frequency in the soil, beneficially, but I just learned of this myself and don’t know enough to speak on it.  I’m including it here in hopes that someone out there smarter than me might comment as to what it’s all about or for those that want to research this on your own.  You can simply do a START PAGE SEARCH for other uses for activated charcoal or for the more scientifically inclined use

You can find a lot of very good info on BIO CHAR if you haven’t already heard about it by searching the web. One site I will point out that I just ran across is  .   This site is a source for buying the activated charcoal capsules as well as the powder and links to several pages through their home page with great info on the uses and difference between activated charcoal , charcoal, and bio char.

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  1. Excellent post! Also great for filtering water.check aquarium supply web sites or just goggle bulk activated charcoal

  2. William King says:

    I agree or at least know the use cause its an easy make

  3. Wayne Daigle says:

    I would be careful about jumping to use charcoal for food poisoning. First, if there are symptoms, then any toxins have already been absorbed and charcoal only works on some things that are in the gut, not absorbed toxins. Second, if you are treating food poisoning then the cause is likely to be virus or bacteria and charcoal will have no effect on these (yes, it might be hypothetically possible that the charcoal may bind with toxins released by bacteria…but that would only work as long as the charcoal was present and since the gut is in constant motion you would have to eat charcoal almost continuously to achieve this). Actually, charcoal might make things worse. One of the side effects of charcoal is constipation…it can actually stop up the gut. Stopping diarrhea can be deadly if you are dealing with dysentery. The tendency of charcoal to cause diarrhea is why, for adults, charcoal is usually given with a laxative when given to treat poisonings. Just about the only medical use for activated charcoal is for the treatment the ingestion of a toxic substance, if given within one hour of ingestion. Sometimes we will give it further out, weighing the risks of the use of charcoal—aspiration and death, in addition to constipation, but in general if more than an hour has gone by whatever will be absorbed has been absorbed and the charcoal will not do much.

    • Alive14 says:

      “…..The tendency of charcoal to cause diarrhea is why, for adults, charcoal is usually given with a laxative when given to treat poisonings…..”  huh???

      There are tons of websites for you guys to do your own research on charcoal. More than a few uses for the charcoal. 
      I personally am a big fan of homeopathic medicine. Long before and especially after my recent stay in the hospital. I don’t want to completely offend those of you that are in the medical field but some, NOT ALL, really have no idea what they are talking about. That’s a whole other topic though. 

      My point was putting it in your bug out bag for use if SHTF. Now think about that for a minute. SHTF! There are no hospitals for you to run to if you or a loved one becomes ill. Especially for those that will be in remote areas, you make due with what you have and what you know. You will be lucky to have anyone with medical knowledge around whether it be homeopathic or otherwise. If it ends up being charcoal that saves you, you’ll thank me for looking into this. I don’t blinded recommend “JUMPING” to use anything. I recommend you do your research like I have and put some charcoal in your bag. 
      And thank you William King , you are absolutely right, it is a very easy make.
      Please do all the research you can on this.

    • From personal experience, charcoal has saved me from the horrible side effect of food poisoning. I ate some questionable Indian food once, and within a few hours was glued to the toilet. My sister gave me one capsule and within 15 minutes everything stopped! So I am a witness to it working. I have also eaten uncooked chicken (didn’t realize until halfway through the dish that the chicken was pink!) and started feeling sick. One capsule and the stomach aching was gone! Also, as far as it constipating you? Easy, you can either take a laxative, OR, you can eat lots of yogurt (though I’m sure it doesn’t work the same for others as it did for me). Just don’t eat it in massive amounts.
      I love this article, and totally agree from personal experience!

  4. Interesting thoughts about charcoal, I never considered keeping it in my bag. Having said that, readers might also be interested in creating their own bug out kit quickly and easily online and then download it for later use. Many hundreds of items are included in this comprehensive list. You can also create home and vehicle kits as well. The best part is that it’s completely free to subscribers! Check it out.

  5. You’re gonna want something when the green apple splatters arrive. Better to have than not have.

  6. Wayne Daigle says:

    Oddly enough, fiber will help out a lot if you are trying to treat diarrhea. If it is just run of the mill diarrhea you can try Imodium, but it stuns the gut and can cause constipation. It is also contraindicated if the patient has dysentery.

    Fiber tablets (like Metamucil), on the other hand, will naturally work for diarrhea. If you take two after every loose stool they will add bulk to the poo, so instead of the rapid fire squirts you will get less frequent pudding. Seems odd, I know, since fiber is usually used to treat constipation. But think of it as the fiber soaking up the extra water so you have less diarrhea.

    Yes, charcoal might act in the same fashion, holding water and creating a slurry so that you will have more formed stools. Problem is that the charcoal will be more likely to cause constipation, which can be very bad. Also, if you have diarrhea there is no point in trying to bind with any toxins as they are already out of you gut and in your system. If you drank the charcoal immediately it would still take 1-1 1/2 hours (+) for the charcoal to reach your large intestines.

    Personally, I use Imodium or similar drugs. For my patients, I will recommend letting the diarrhea run its course, using something like Imodium, or taking fiber tablets–depending on the patient and the situation.

    • Alive14 says:

      I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinions on this. Truly I do. However, you have completely missed the point of this article. I was not offering medical advice for right now today. Although you can use the charcoal anytime it doesn’t have to wait for a SHTF situation.
      We “preppers” have a huge task on our hands when we really start to think about and plan for and eventually pack our bug out bags. We are talking about packing up the bare basic survival tools for ourselves and families. We are talking about a time where we may have to  SURVIVE with whats in our bags… and possibly scavenged food. There won’t be any stores to run out and buy some Metamucil, Imodium, or Pepto.
       This article was to enlighten everyone to the use of charcoal in a time where the things we might be eating are less than appetizing to say the least.
       If you find yourself in a situation like this and your gut lets you know the error of your ways…remember that you packed that charcoal in your bag. You packed it because you saw this article and you did a little research and decided you would trade the little space the charcoal would take up in your “BOB” in order to have a possible remedy for the times ahead.
      I’m sure there are LOTS of you who have already heard of charcoal and maybe are even currently using it. I would love to hear your comments on this. Again thanks for taking the time to comment W D.

  7. Pamela says:

    I have no personal experience with charcoal but I have read the many, many benefits of it on . The forum has numerous homepathic remedies, apple cider vinegar, iodine, peroxide, activated charcoal, coconut oil etc. The list is endless… You could probably find some really good info for your BOB there as well that you can also share with your readers. Love what I’ve read here so far, thanks for the site!

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