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Home Remedies!

By: MrsVolfie

Tonight’s topic on “The Homestead Honey Hour” produced by “American Preppers Radio” was home remedies.  Now, we ALL have  home remedies we fall back on.  Some we have inherited from our parents or grandparents, some we have heard about from friends, and some are old wives tales with the attitude that ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!’  Whether they work or not, we all have them or have HEARD of them; poultices, plasters, onions in socks, steam baths, and many more.  There are remedies for every ailment!  Because, let’s face it, it was not that long ago that Doctors were called in ONLY when everything else failed.  Most doctoring was done at home.  NOW, I am NOT advocating self-medication.   When in doubt, SEE YOUR DOCTOR!  As you saw with my dog Pixie Dust; home remedies sometimes can only go so far.  But sometimes, they are enough.

But I truly believe that in today’s society, we have grown far too dependent on doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  It is getting so that vitamins and drugs are tailor made to fit any person.  When health, really, should begin at home.  Thanks to genetic engineering, we have foods that resist pests  and are bigger and more beautiful than ever before.  But at what cost?  Organic naturally grown and raised foods have more nutrition than ANYTHING genetically engineere   We are being trained to eat PRETTY FOOD, and get our nutrition from a pharmacy!!


Take BACK control of your health!  Eat right…natural simple foods…keep it SIMPLE…when things go wrong…try your home remedies FIRST…and if that does NOT work…then go to the next level!!  Have a headache?  Drink WATER!!! Most headaches are a direct result of dehydration.  Remember, we are 75% water…without it the first thing to shrink and hurt is your brain!  Have a tickle in your throat?  Have a spoon full of honey and let it melt in your mouth and swallow slowly.  Have poison ivy?  Wash with 50% rubbing alcohol and 50%water…scrape out the inside of a banana peel and apply direction to the infected area.

Have a fever?  try Slicing some onions and lay them on the bottom of your feet at bed time…hold them in place with socks…overnight the onions are supposed to draw the fever down and out your FEET!

No one knows your body better than you.  When someone offers you a home remedy, unless you KNOW it is not safe, don’t scoff.  You may want to try it!  If it can’t hurt, then you never know, it may be something that was tried and true for generations!

Listen when a doctor says “I THINK”, because unless the can say for absolute certain that they KNOW what it is, don’t be afraid to question their knowledge.

I received my first dose of penicillin at age 11 for a severe case of tonsillitis.  Most kids have antibiotics before their first birthday now!  A lot of times it is UNNECESSARY!!

Again…I am not telling you NOT to go to the doctor, I am just saying use common sense and keep an open mind.  Now if you have some home remedies you want to share, I would love to hear them!  Ones you remember from your child hood, whether they worked or not.  Some will be just for sillies and giggles, but I KNOW there are some pearls out there.  So let’s HEAR THEM!  EVEN if your remedies are for your livestock!!  Please email them to me, at:

Later on, I will do a video dedicated just to those remedies, and, of COURSE, I will try out as many of them as I can first!

This is the MrsVolfie from Our Half Acre Homestead saying: “It’s your body, LISTEN TO IT!”

Listen to this broadcast on these home remedies and many more that the host and callers into the show provided. Go to this show here: American Preppers Radio!

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