Introducing the APN Disaster Experiences Section!

We recently asked our members, through our newsletter, to consider sharing their personal experiences of living through a man-made or natural disaster.  We’ve had an amazing amount of responses!

Thanks to these members being willing to take the time to put their experiences in writing, you can now read multiple first hand experiences of different types of disasters!  We asked them to share not only their experience, but what they learned, what they regretted, what they wished they had taken with them, etc.   Experience is by far the best teacher and now we have the opportunity to learn from those lessons!

Have you been through a disaster?

We’re still asking for stories!  This is an open and ongoing invitation to share your stories with us!  If you would like your story to be included in this special collection of experiences, simply click here for our Disaster Experiences Submission Guidelines and Instructions.

As you read the stories in this collection, be sure to thank the author for sharing in the comments!  We’re very grateful to those who are willing to share their stories!

Click here to see our collection of Disaster Experiences!

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