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Prepping for Tomorrow

Anyone that tells you they are preparing for something has their own reason for doing so.  The Prepper 

Broadcasting Network has a new prepper on the air with her own reason.  My name is Aj Prepper, or at least that is what people know me as on you tube.  I am the mother of two wonderful boys.  On my you tube status I say I am prepping to preserve what I have created.  To me this means that I have brought life into this world.  Now I will do all I can to make sure those lives are protected today, tomorrow and always to the best of my abilities.

Now some people may think that we all have the need to protect our children, and to a point this is very true.  For me that feeling became a little more intensified about two years ago.  I have been an asthmatic since age twelve.  In college I started smoking and have never been able to give up the addiction.  After another bout with pneumonia, my doctor looked at me and told me I would be very lucky to live long enough to see my children graduate from high school.  One doctor making a comment isn’t much to get upset about, but after seeing a specialist I was told that my doctor was being kind.  With the medical issues I have, it is very possible I could pass away at any given time.  I decided then that I would not leave this world without knowing my children would be okay.

At this point I was still very uncertain of what I needed to do.  My plan of action was to start making sure my children could do things for themselves, instead of relying on me to do them.  My husband had been watching videos and talking to people online about the prepper movement.  Not understanding it fully, I thought he had lost his mind.  It didn’t take very long though, until I was starting to listen as well.  The more I listened, the more I was hearing myself in the people he was talking to.  In a very short time, a new prepper was born.

In almost every aspect of my life I have tried to be as honest with my children as possible.  Yes I do tell them there is a Santa Claus, but I’m referring to live issues.  Both my children understand that one day they will have to make things work without me.  They are fully aware of everything I do as a prepper and are completely involved in every aspect of it.  There are many days where I don’t want to do the things I should do to prep.  When I have one of those days, it’s my boys that will look at me and say “Mom, we should be busy with our preps”.

Most children only like the more fun things like: fishing, hiking and camping.  My children are certainly the exception to the rule.  They also enjoy things like canning, dehydrating and organizing our storage.  In this day and age of video games and cellphones, I think this life style has brought us closer together as a family.  For me the ultimate reward is knowing that my children can handle life, even if I no longer can.

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  1. WLK_11 says:

    We are in the begining phases of our prepping. We are breaking it into parts: Food, Medical, Security and solar/alt energy resouces…(ie solar oven, arctic stove). Our boys are also into it. How long are you prepping for? 3mos, 6mos, 12mos supply of food? We are currently only looking into a years worth of food, as we fully intend to grow are own food supply if there was an failure in our infrastructure. Thank you for your article.

    • Aj Prepper says:

      I don’t set a limit for myself. I will keep going until the time comes to use instead of stock. We rotate what we have and add as much as we can. We are gathering seed banks to be able to supply as much of our own as soon as we can. Those seed banks are also added to as we go. I am not a wealthy woman, but I try my best to be sure my boys have all the advantage I can give them. I feel we are lacking in several areas, but as long as we continue to try.. we are succeeding. I want to be sure we have one year at the minimum, but will strive for three years. That will give us time to grow things and harvest seed as well as supplement what we have prepared. I think you’re doing very well.. Keep it up 😉 Aj