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Product Review: Deep Conceal Shoulder Holster

Looking for a good concealed shoulder holster?  Here it is!  Lightweight, soft, adjustable, and accessible, all in one!


Product Review:  Deep Conceal ™ Concealed Carry Holster

  • Double Shoulder Strap Soft Shoulder Holster
  • “MAX Model-Right Handed”
  • Fits both Automatics, Revolvers, with total length between 6.5 and 9 Inches


  • Incredible Comfort
  • Complete Concealment
  • Adjust to Fit
  • Accessible Sitting or Standing




Size: Large

Comfort:                                             5 out of  5

Complete Concealment:             4.5 out of  5

Adjustability:                                  5 out of  5

Accessible sitting or standing  4.5 out of  5


Some 9 inch guns will protrude out a bit.  Perhaps make a slot in the end of the holster for the barrel to extend.  Small matter.

The fabric is somewhat difficult to pull a couple of guns out quickly.  Perhaps a more solid material for the holster itself.

Being out of cotton and strapping material, it is easy to wash.  We prefer to air dry them, for fear of any shrinking.


Excellent product!  Every tester found it a very comfortable piece of equipment.  Definitely worth the investment!

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