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Stocking up on FREE sandbags

Sandbags for Preppers

Sandbags are a useful item to have on hand for different reasons.  First reason that comes to most minds would be for flooding.  If you live in an area known for flooding or if you have flooding on your “prep for this” list, this article is for you.  So, where can you stock up on sand bags?  Sure there is always the local Home Depot or Lowes but if your city is like my city you will find that FREE sandbags are available through your local fire department.


It came up in conversation recently where one could get sandbags and it was a bit surprising to see how many people had no idea that you can get FREE sandbags from your local Fire Dept.  These sand bags are meant for emergency use.  Although I’ve heard of interesting ways sand bags might be used.  Some are figuring out ways to use sand bags as insulation for their project bunkers.  There are many others uses that one can think up for sandbags but let’s assume you are prepping for a flood scenario.


Here in Las Vegas our local fire dept has a stock of sandbags on hand all the time.  We have a fill yard full of dirt if you want to fill them on site. Bring your own shovel of course. I don’t know that every city will also have a dirt fill yard but I’d bet if you did a little research in your hometown you to would find that you are able to pick up sandbags for FREE. Some cities will have a limit on how many can be picked up or will have a requirement that you show proof of residency. Still others may only offer the bags free before a coming storm.


Again these bags are meant for emergency use. They won’t last year after year. They will deteriorate in the sun over time.  Larger more heavy-duty bags such as the ones shown on the right are generally NOT the ones you can pick up for personal use.


Also, placement is key! Let’s say you are preparing for flooding in front of your home from rains. You build up a sand bag wall to keep flood waters out or at least to keep the rushing flood waters from reaching your door.  You figure you’ll be safe if you build further away from your door.  Well, what happens to all the rain water still coming down between your house and your sandbags? Or what happens to all the rain run off from your roof?

It will all start to build up between your front door and the sandbags thus creating your own personal flood into your doorway.  Better  to place  the sandbags closer to the door and under the roof runoff in this case.  Of course there are many different variations on how a house is built and what your property looks like. I’m just saying be careful that you have really planned the best placement for your sandbags if they are needed for flooding.

So where can you find them?

I’m going to include the link where you can find info for the Las Vegas sandbags & fill yard as well as a few other cities I have researched already. Please comment if you are able to find the same in your town so others will know where to go.

For those who find that they do not have a FREE sandbag service near them OR for those who are looking for a higher quality sandbag, I have included a link  where you can find sandbags for sale online. These range from one time single emergency use to military issue. Cases will be in amounts of 10  bags per case or others will be 100 bags per case. Link is below.


Links to find info in your city

 Las Vegas        

San Francisco

Santa Barbara

Placer County California

Placer county includes the following areas: Alta, Auburn, Granite Bay, Homewood, Kings Beach, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Ophir,Northstar,Paige, Penryn, Roseville, Sheridan, Squaw Valley, Tahoe City, Truckee

La Mesa, California

Los Angelos

Columbia County, Florida


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  1. 'Jesse Banke says:

    I’d probably be that guy with sand bag nests in my front yard

  2. Good info, thanks

  3. Good info, thanks

  4. Ken Clark says:

    i need a pallet of sand bags

  5. Ken Clark says:

    i need a pallet of sand bags

  6. Jay Droemer says:

    In Las Vegas— Sandbags. When rain and thunderstorms occur in Las Vegas people will often call the city looking for sandbags. If you think you might need to sandbag doorways and other areas around your home or business you should do it before it starts raining. It’s usually too late to sandbag once flooding starts. In the city of Las Vegas empty sandbags are available at both the east and west service centers. Piles of sand for public access are located at the east and west service centers. People should bring their own shovels to fill the bags.

    Northwest Service Center is located at 2900 Ronemus Drive (Cheyenne @ Buffalo)
    East Service Center is located at the corner of N. Mojave Road and Bonanza Road

    • Alive14 says:

      Thanks for posting the extra info for where to find bags in Vegas. I actually have this information also but decided it would be best to just post the links instead of making the article any longer. Most people might not realize just how serious our flooding in Las Vegas can get. Being that we live in the desert it’s hard to image unless you’ve seen it first hand. You are absolutely right ‘JD’, the time to get your sandbags is BEFORE the flooding starts. Even if you don’t think you will use them it’s still best to have them. It also doesn’t hurt that they are FREE. 

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this information!  Very helpful, indeed.

  8. Anyone who needs sand to fill their bags is welcome to come by a drill site and pilfer the spoil pile! Free granite rock fines for the taking!

  9. May Crouse says:

    This is great information. I have personally experienced the burden of cleaning out muck and mess from my house flooding here in Las Vegas. I’m finding it more and more important these days to “get prepared” for just about anything….and am so grateful for folks like ALIVE14 who are willing to share their time and knowledge.

  10. Where do people find the space?!?!

  11. use them as garden walls until you need them, plant potted plants that hang and set them on top. They will grow down the sides to partialy hide them until they are needed. Ivy in a gallon pot works very well :)