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Being Prepared Everyday When You Leave the House

We were asked to write about EDK’s.  Well I had no earthly idea what that was so I asked and was told it meant an Every Day Kit.  A kit that has you prepared for what may come your way that you always have with you no matter where you go.  Ladies my age call this a purse.  If you are a guy, it is what you have in your pockets unless you carry a computer bag, brief case or some other sort of pack.



In case the worse happens:

Cell phone!

Multi-use knife (but understand that you can not take this everywhere, no government buildings, air ports etc).

Water in a flask (change it out every few days or better yet, get more fluids by using it every day),

A pack of cheese or peanut butter crackers and for me as a diabetic, candy

Small  scissors, a band aid kit, alcohol swipes and a tampon.  I hope none of the guys are turning red at this point but our troops carry them too.  They expand and stop the bleeding in clean bullet holes, they are sterile and handy for absorbing blood from any type of wound.

Sample size medications in the original containers like aspirin, tylenol, stomach and allergy medication.  Aspirin is especially important because if you or another person have symptoms of a heart attack, 911 will request it be taken.  Keep them all in original packaging to keep problems from happening.  If authorities ask if you have medication on you, producing it in this way will be less of a concern.  Remember to carry prescription medication in it’s correct packaging as well.  I have known of several people who had their medication in a pill carrier or pocket and were arrested.  It got cleared up eventually but why go through that problem if you don’t have to?


Mirror, whistle, lighter or sealed matches, small sewing kit.

You may want to have a weapon as in gun or pepper spray and an alarm.  Don’t forget that you can also use your car”s alarm if you are close enough and the car is close enough to hit the alarm button on the key fob.

Hankies, small sachets of insect repellant, hand wipes or sanitizer and sunscreen.

A folding fan, quarters and small bills to make a call or use in machines, small magnifying glass.

If you still have room, add some antibiotic cream, small folded emergency blanket or poncho.

I remember a friend up in Pennsylvania who seemed to have anything you could possibly ask for in her purse.  She always had a multi-pocketed bag and could dig out whatever you could dream of.  I once saw her pull out a measuring tape for someone and another time some anti-itch cream in individual sizes.  At the time, I was still carrying diaper bags for our young foster children and just couldn’t dream of having all those things at the ready.  Now, I do.  Things are sort of odd out there in the world.  Each time you leave the front door, have some “just in case” supplies with you.



Please let us know!

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  1. Trevor Medina says:

    Don’t forget a flashlight – a simple AA or AAA flashlight can be invaluable.  

  2. Kmintrigue says:

    Small flashlight or light sticks… I like to stock up on the light stick necklaces around holiday’s at closeout prices… These are in small packages and work great if you break down at night, especially if you have children, can turn a scary time into a fun time… :)

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I carry a small note pad and pen, a bandana, a small task force flashlight, lighter, multipurpose knife, 3 throwing knives, prepaid calling card and visa debit card, (the kind you add money to, not my bank card) and some emergency cash i never use (small bills only.)

    Eye glass repair kit, local street/highway maps, compass, nail clippers, chap stick, sunglasses, and a poncho + most the things you said. lol

    Also, I wanted to bring something up about the tampon. You have to be VERY careful using those or maxi pads with any sort of wound that is bleeding excessively. They are made to absorb liquid yes, but they also draw it out so you can have massive blood loss that way. There was a woman once who used some pads to help a man in an accident and ended up almost killing him because it drew out to much blood. They are great for soaking blood around the wound but i wouldn’t put it in one.


    • You stopped me with the Throwing knifes and then saw it was my co-writer Jalapeno Gal and said to my self “of course she would carry those”. :) I had not heard anything about the drawing blood out with tampons. And I have not seen them used in the field, all I know is that we were requested to send them to the troups for medical field work. Seems caution is in order here. Thanks for rounding out the list.

  4. A.I.B says:

    I would like to add my solution to taking the everyday things out e.g mobile phone, tissues, can’t have a gun here in Australia — my solution————————–


  5. Carol says:

    I have read quite a few discussions about the Everyday bag and have a question concerning knives in that bag. I hear the bag should be with you at all times; however, a lot of people work in places that will not allow knives, etc. What do you do in those circumstances?

    • Hi Carol. You know Preppers just like to be as prepared as possible. We do what we can and hope it will be enough. Doing what we can sometimes means we can’t have a knife or firearm with us. In that case, perhaps it would be important to rely on those self-defence classes. There is something I want to tell you, keys have been used to fend off an attacker and no one will keep you from bringing in a personal alarm. Thank you for reading and making comment!

  6. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO LIST FLASHLIGHT????!!!! Of course I carry a flashlight as well. I remember being on a train at night once, and we stopped and lost power . I was the only one with a flash light and the train attendants borrowed it on several occasions. Thank you for filling in my list.

    • stevenswilkins says:

      don’t ask….i have always carried with me prep h cream, anti itch cream and dental floss lol

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