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Book Review: Don’t be afraid of your food storage… just Dutch It!

This is very rare for me, to rate a book so high.  I rate this a 5 Stars out of 5 !!!

Now I need to back that up with why it deserves such a rating.  The authors, Archie and Linda Dixon, have amassed a large amount of information about Dutch Oven cooking from personal and other sources.  They have done everything they say in their book.  It is that thorough.  How many recipes show how to make a good recipe, then options for a better recipe, and finally a best version of the recipe?!

They walk people through the entire process of buying the right oven, tools, equipment, supplies, and storage items.  You walked into a serious treasure trove of knowledge in this book.

Here is just one of the amazing recipes within this book.  It took me some time to get the equipment, oven, tools, etc… to test this book / recipe, but here it is!  This is an amazing twist on olde fashioned meatloaf.  Some items are not on many people’s favorite food list (some are removing the gluten from their diets, and the excessive sodium is not popular).  However, this is easily modified with ‘tried-and-true’ options!  Try them, once you get the hang of it, you will easily be able to modify a recipe according to your needs.



This book is a simple ‘no-brainer’ addition to your cooking / survival needs.  Dutch ovens are perfect for power outage / off grid uses.  Several articles have been published here on the APN about how folks have survived situations with no utilities and little heat.  The article about the Helena Train Wreck was particularly scary, but Dutch Ovens would work there.  Of course, you don’t want to use them indoors without massive ventilation, but they will do the trick even in the coldest of climates.

Here is their contact information from the back of their book:  A & L Dixon Enterprises 1-888-340-8947

$12.95   ISBN 978-0-578-06197-9  51295>   Bar Code: 9 780578 061979

Check it out, you will enjoy it.  Let them know you heard about this book from the APN !!  Have a great educational day! -Dave

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