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EDC Key Ring

EDC Keys

Ok, I am blushing.  I made a classic mistake!!  I wrote an entire article on EDC items I carry as an example of an EDC Kit and forgot to elaborate on the most important item, my key ring.

To make it up to you all, I am writing this one that describes these items EVERYONE should have on their person or in their EDC kit.  I promise to make it short and sweet. :)

We all carry key chains, lets face it, that’s how we unlock our life when we want to get to or away from the world.  Keys  keep us safe by allowing us to lock up our possessions when we cannot guard them, so why not take it a step further to help ensure our safety outside of the home or office


EDC key-chain

So now I bet you are asking, “How in the world can keys help to ensure my safety?”  One good way was pointed out by Alive14, a fellow APN author.  In his article, Field Testing Your Gear, he points out that added weight to a key chain can turn it into an effective weapon if it comes right down to the nitty gritty.  Fantastic advise in my opinion.

However, you will want to make sure that your added weight can easily come off your keys when your driving.  Many people do not realize this, but if your keys are extremely heavy it could mess up your ignition switch in your vehicle, so be careful.  My advice would be to remove all those senseless, but cute, key chains we have no need or use for, and replace it with things that can help you.  A good example would be what is known as a screwdriver key.  It looks like a key but is actually a flat head or Phillips screwdriver.  I have used mine so many times instead of having to actually find a screwdriver. :)

Tweezers:  I have a set of precision tweezers that are made for pulling out ticks, splinters, stitches, or even eyebrows.  A plus for the ladies who forget to do this before leaving the house. 😉

Peanut Lighter:  It is a lighter with a  key ring on it and is refillable with lighter fluid.  It is protected with an O ring to prevent evaporation and leaks.  Measures to about 1 inch.

Para-cord: In the picture up there ^^  is my flint stick/Ferro rod.  It is wrapped in a para-cord case and easy to remove and put back along with a striker.  The other para-cord device is 10 ft of Type 3 para-cord tied in a tangle free re-usable stick.  Here is a wonderful link on para-cord uses.

Pill FOB: I also carry a Pill FOB that contains tinder for starting a fire if I need to.

pry bar

Made In Italy by: Spartaco Scortolini

Mini Pry Bar:  Next on my key ring is a mini pry bar.  This thing is awesome!! It will remove nails, staples, cut, lift, pry open multiple things and works much better than fingernails and is safer than using your knife for these sorts of things.

Emergency Whistle: Last but not least, an emergency whistle for those times I am in a dark parking garage or where ever else I might be and need to draw attention to myself and scare an attacker away.

I have also added these items to my 72 hour BOB and our car kit as well.  I like to keep my 72 hour BOB as light as possible and still have all of my needs.  It is important to understand that a 72 hour pack is different than an EDC kit.  Your EDC kit is stuff you might use every day where as your 72 hour kit would have things like, 3 days worth of food and water, water filters/purifiers and things of that nature.

Well there ya have it folks!!  Many other people also have straight razors and utility knives on their king ring as well.  Mine is in my EDC bag, aka my purse. :)  Hope this helps you to rethink your key chain and see that it is possible to have useful items on there instead of ones that waste space. :)

Keep It Spicy,

Jalapeño Gal

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  1. Suburban says:

    You have some neat ideas there Jalapeno. I have never seen those particular items you show before. Could you give us links to sources?

    My keychain has on it a Colt firearms screwdriver intended as a sight adjustment tool, but it can be used for many other things as well.

    I also have a micro flashlight that snaps off and can stick with a magnet where I want it. This is similar:

    Lastly I have a handcuff key.

  2. Hey great article! You’ve inspired me to do something similar on my page. Thanks.

  3. Only addition I would have is a simple p38 can opener. Otherwise, awesome EDC keyring.

  4. Thanks Millennium Fly, I didn’t think to add that on there :) Mine is on my multipurpose tool lol. I need to buy one of those and add it to my key ring :)


  5. Here is a link to some of the tools you can get for your key rings:

    Pry tool and seat belt cuter:

    EDC cables:

  6. SkyHook357 says:

    I use my key tools quite often including a mini Vise-Grip that I found.