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Know your land and its history

Learning from the past

I live in Las Vegas, and while I “prep”, my main plan is to bug out of this place as fast as I can@ the 1st sign of major trouble.  Before this oasis was built and settled (well, more  like mirage than oasis), the indigenous people were the PIUTE INDIANS.  It never really was a large tribe.  Wikipedia has the entire tribes numbers @ 6,900 and those figures are from the whole tribe.  There are only 71 in Las Vegas.  Never were there more than a few hundred though.  Neighboring Indian tribes derogatorily called them”BUG EATERS”.  The fact of the matter is: Las Vegas, pre-air conditioning, was brutal and the PIUTES were experts at desert survival.

Now, 2 million mostly unprepared people live here and that number can sky-rocket for big events.  In a complete collapse, the carnage will be horrible!  I truly think the preppers here that are planning on hunkering down are making a huge mistake.  For sure there’s not enough food to save everybody and I doubt even the most extreme preppers have enough bullets to fight off all the armed yet unprepared masses who will be fighting desperately to feed themselves and their children.


You gotta get this book!

There is an awesome book titled Strategic Relocation,   by  Joel Skousen    

 This is a great book.  This man really did his homework.  If you’re planning on moving or bugging out, you should really consult this book first.  Here is the link to his website where you can purchase this book along with other survival books he’s written.  He has links from his homepage to many current event topics that we all have interest in.

You can also probably find this book on amazon.  I should point out that the 3rd edition is the newest and best edition of this book.

Walking right by your next meal…

Everyone should know the history and capabilities of the land they plan to survive on.  I was at this “park” the other day with a friend of mine, and I put quotations around the word park because it’s really just some weeds, grass, and tables.  The weeds being pretty large.  There were hundreds of fully mature dandelions and the thought came to me of the salad fixings growing just a few feet away.  Not just salads, powerful medicine too.  Just Start page search:  Dandelion roots cancer cure, or Dandelion medicinal properties.

Know your land.  How many people can it feed in a hunter/gatherer type of situation? What if I cleared the trees and planted?  If I need a hand dug well, where is the water table?  Or a bunker?, if you’re putting whatever kind of contraption you come up with 15′ under the soil and come up on ground water at 8′ you had better come up with some kind of sump/drainage system.  What kind of minerals does your land contain?  Whether or not you have ” mineral rights” to your own land, knowing whats there will tell you what you may need to supplement because the plants you eat won’t have it.  Maybe you’re lucky enough to have Zeolite or Calcium Bentonite clay on your land, which are used in heavy metal chelation and can save you and your family in a nuclear disaster.  Escape routes, places to hide, etc, etc.


Lost a garden and a friend…

This goes for our urban Prepper friends also.  Most of the military training I have seen people worried about is urban.  Know your neighborhood.  Your neighbors; are they threats or assets?  Know your town, it’s your home turf.  Really familiarize yourself with it.

KNOW YOUR LANDLORD.  I had a friend who had a friend with some rental property. We were introduced (as friends) & months later, as happenstance would have it, my family and I were living at one of his rental properties.  I signed a year lease, but it expired in 2010 and we have lived there, without a lease since then.  Hey, we’re friends right? I really thought I had a secure location and an understanding landlord. He is from Argentina and went through the collapse there.  I figured if the economy completely tanked, that he would give me 3 to 6 months leeway as stuff either righted itself or went so wrong it didn’t matter.

our 1st year garden at old location

Not a chance! I had secured that home and hardened it as a target as best I could.  I was prepping, and even (thankfully) had been saving money for our own land.  Life was alright right up until my water bill rose to 10x that of my neighbors and the floor in my kitchen started rising in spots and falling in others cracking tiles.  I called a plumber, there’s a pipe leak under the house.  Major stuff.  I notified the landlord, he told me ” I have a number to a wonderful contractor, they will come in tear up the tile, cut up the concrete fix the leak, refill with new concrete, shave down any protrusions and relay the tile. ” I bet you can get it done for under $10,000.  This guy really expected ME to pay this huge (well huge to me)  amount to fix something that was absolutely not my problem to fix as a renter.  Needless to say, we are no longer renting and no longer  friends.  But this isn’t a pity party for me but a warning for you; know your land.

This is the garden now. Aloe vera still alive! There are some yellow tom tomatoes that have ripened as well.

We had a mature 1st year garden going and sadly had to leave it behind as well.  I’ve returned briefly to check and see if anything could be saved after not being there to water for a few weeks.  I was surprised to see my pepper plants were okay.  Going back for my aloe vera tonight….The aloe is still going strong!  The aloe plants are the pointy “green” ones you see towards front middle.  Also, there were a few bunches of yellow pear toms that had ripened as well.  Such a sad sight though.  A good friend of my wife’s (a master gardener) told her that there is an old gardening joke about when you have to move.  You get a rental truck to move your stuff after you move your dirt. We just didn’t  have time.  So much effort is just wasted.  Know your land and your landlord!

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  1. 'Jesse Banke says:

    good story, i had a recent similar issue with a slum lord and the water pipe bursting. luckly for both of us, im handy enough to know how to tear up the floor, fix the pipe and put a new floor down for $75.

  2. Lets get it together people now is the time to share- Knowledge is love-Conscience is reality, so lets raise some

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