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Winter in Washington State

Although my experience does not come anywhere near the seriousness of the tragic events like in Colorado, but it did provide at least a small test of my families resources.  In January of this year, our area (Olympia, WA) got hit with a pretty bad snowstorm knocking out our power.  I figured it would be like most power outages in our area, and only last a few minutes to an hour max.  As the minutes, then hours ticked off, it then became clear it might last a little longer than usual.  Still I was not going to mess with my generator, since I knew the second I fired up the generator the power would come on.  As the light faded, and the temperature dropped, I told the kids to abandon ship.  We moved into our camper sitting in front of the house, fired up the furnace, generator, TV/DVD player, and settled in for the night.  I thought for sure the power would be back on by the morning.  Nope!

Watching the news, indicated it might be awhile before the power came back on due to widespread downed power lines.  I didn’t really stress it, since we had a fair amount of food in our fridge, and we have also been stocking up on Shelf Reliance freeze dried food.  The one thing that I was really lacking was gas for the generator; I only had two one gallon cans of gas for the lawnmower.  I tried to by a five gallon can, but they were all sold out in my area.  The few operational gas stations in my area had long lines and could only except cash.  The camper was fully self contained with lights, heat, fridge, and bathroom. The power outage lasted a full week, and the propane tanks (2 X 20lbs) for heat and cooking lasted just long enough.

Although our experience is nowhere near as bad as some events people have encountered recently, but it did give us a small test of our capabilities and where we need improvement (water storage, and gas).


Me: Charles Story, 50 years old, 21 years in the Army, now retired and working for Verizon Wireless.  Volunteer for various Search and Rescue units from San Diego, New Mexico, Colorado, and now South Puget Sound Mobile SAR in WA.  I am also a consultant for Shelf Reliance, which provides not only freeze dried food, but various emergency products for people who are smart enough to realize the government (not bashing, just being realistic) is incapable of providing the needs of thousands of people during a major catastrophe.  (  I own a fair amount of weapons, with a fair supply of ammo.  When I go out and about in my community I am usually armed, and carry my weapon openly as legally allowed here in WA.

Daughter:  Dianne, 17 years old, just graduated high school.  She keeps a case of MRE’s in her room, and is building her own BOB which includes a machete.  She does not like guns because she thinks the noise will draw the attention of more zombies.

Son:  Charles (Chucky), 15 years old, just started high school.  Sometimes he is a better shot than I, especially when hitting clays with the shotgun.  Shoots everything from .22, 9mm handgun, AK-47, 9mm carbine, and 12 GA shotgun.

We have applied for season Two of Doomsday Preppers, but I doubt we will be selected since we are not “over the top” with our prepping.


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  1. mmkkpro says:

    I wouldnt sweat being on doomsday preppers,in my humble opinion being low key is better anyway the less attention a person draws to themselves the better.My approach is qoietly gather supplies a little at a time as im poor but you would be surprised how making a list most important first and on down the line works,before ya know it you at least have enough for a couple months,just keep adding slowly,flea markets,yard sales couple good sources for cheap stuff,good luck,lord knows we are going to see something soon.