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Currency Markets, the Likely Upcoming Crash and Precious Metals

* **APN Note:  This posts introduces Austin Rare Coins and their CEO, Mr. Ryan Denby,  as a new APN Expert Panelist and invested supporter of The APN.  We have found Mr. Denby to be extremely interested in helping Preppers better understand currency, the Economic Market and willing to invest in helping Preppers get educated and prepared from a Precious Metals perspective.  Feel free to ask him any questions you’ve had concerning Precious Metals and the metals market***


It is clear to me that Preppers have the correct mentality of hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst and in this day and age, I could not agree with this philosophy more.  Too often people forget what happened in the latter part of 2008. Everything was just fine with all markets and then, suddenly, the bottom fell out and everything wasn’t alright. In a matter of days, people’s IRA’s, 401K’s, college savings accounts and personal savings were decimated, and in spite of recent gains in the market, most have still not fully recovered. But people who had diversified some of their investments with precious metals, such as gold and silver, were better protected financially. This is precisely what the Prepper movement is all about—being prepared.

It is painfully obvious that things aren’t what they seem in domestic and world markets, and particularly in currency markets.  I have personally been involved with the physical precious metals markets for more than 15 years and over that time period I have seen the price of Gold move from $250 per ounce to as high as $1900 per ounce and Silver go from a paltry $4 per ounce to as high as $48 per ounce.

I am often asked the question, ‘can the price of gold and silver go any higher?’ and without hesitation my answer is always a resounding yes!  I (and most financial analysts) believe it will go much higher.  And maybe more importantly, it is all but sure that the value of the dollar, and other paper currencies, will continue to fall.

The thing that we must prepare for in today’s global economy is a loss of confidence.  You see, confidence and faith is what holds the entire system together.   The instant that confidence in world markets begins to falter, you quickly have a situation like the one we experienced in 2008 except many experts fear the next financial crisis will be much worse.

Without writing a long essay, here are some of the major issues that we see that could quickly threaten confidence, which could lead to a rapid devaluation of Global Equity markets and even worse, our currency:


  1. Our national debt is growing each day by an average of 3.7 Billion Dollars
  2. Our overall national debt just breached 16 Trillion Dollars and is rising rapidly
  3. Oil prices are nearing $100 a barrel (again), gas prices are approaching $4 a gallon and food prices continue to rise–yet we’re told there is NO inflation
  4. The European Debt Crisis threatens to wipe out the Euro, and trigger a massive wave of defaults.  In other words, a lot of global investors in European Debt will not be paid the money they’re owed
  5. In the history of mankind, there has NEVER been the massive amount of debt that exists currently.  There is simply no playbook to navigate this situation
  6. Global markets are dependent upon Central Banks to print money to keep the boat afloat—you cannot print your way to prosperity!  The dependence upon Quantitative Easing or “QE” (inflation, by definition), is a major problem in our opinion and doesn’t justify higher stock market valuations.

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