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National Preparedness Month: Win one of several Sun Ovens from The APN and Global Sun Oven!

Many people have bought a Sun Oven to have on hand in the event of an emergency, but have never taken it out of the box!

Through The APN’s partnership with Sun Oven this National Preparedness Month Bonanza Notice is to bring to your attention multiple opportunities to WIN several Sun Oven’s and many accessories.  Here’s the Cliff Notes of this post:

  • Sun Oven has a huge contest going on every week this month
  • The APN is giving away two Sun Ovens in separate but related contests
This gets confusing even for us, so follow carefully so you don’t miss out!

Sun Oven’s Contest

During National Preparedness Month, Sun Oven wants to encourage their prior customers to get their Sun Ovens out for their  Be Sun Savvy Contest!

This will give them the opportunity to learn how to use them and to  discover the many taste, nutritional, and lifestyle benefits of Sun Oven cooking.

The Be Sun Savvy Contest will last all month.  They will be running a new contest each week with a set of 6 winners announced at the end of each week!

Winning Places are:

  1. One Grand Prize Winner – Receive a Global Sun Oven
  2. Two Second Place Winners – Receive a Dehydrating & Preparedness Accessory Package
  3. Three Third Place Winners – Receive a Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set

Each Week!

There are multiple ways to enter the Be Sun Savvy Contest, each entry gives you an additional chance to win.  You may enter as many categories as you like, as many times as you like!

If you’re ready to go learn more about Sun Oven’s contest and get entered – get going!  But don’t forget to keep reading to learn how to win one of TWO Sun Oven’s The APN is giving away!

Click here for the Be Sun Savvy Contest!

The Great APN Sun Oven Giveaway!

Sun Oven has provided The APN with TWO Global Sun Oven’s to Give Away to our Members for National Preparedness Month!  Entering is easy and the TWO  Winners will be announced on September 30th!

How To Win Sun Oven #1 – The “Spread The Word” Contest

Spread The Word is aimed at letting as many people know about the Be Sun Savvy Contest as possible.  To enter this contest you simply need to tell people about this article!

Entries for Spread the Word can be gained by doing any of the following:

  • Blog about these contests – talk about any part of this article that you want, but you need to link them to this post (not to Sun Oven or elsewhere)
  • Share this post (by pasting in this URL) with a Facebook or other type of Group with more than 100 members and talk about the contest in the share message.
  • Write about these contests in a new thread on a forum, talk about any part of them you want but it must link back to this post
  • Any similar sharing that will Spread The Word and link people back to this post

For your entry to be complete

Every time you Spread The Word throughout the month, you will have an entry into the drawing for Sun Oven #1!

How to Win Sun Oven #2 – The “Heard The Word” Contest

If you’ve Heard The Word, you can easily enter to win Sun Oven #2!

You may enter as many times as you like.  Each entry gives you a better chance of winning!

Winners of both APN Contests will be announced on this post on September 30th via a comment and by editing the post.

This contest will follow and is subject to The APN Contest Guidelines.

Good luck!  We hope you WIN!  And enjoy National Preparedness Month!

About the Author:

Known online as Phil801, he is one of the co-owners of The APN and has been a professional software engineer for over 20 years. He was raised in a Preparedness Oriented family and lives a self-sustaining lifestyle as a third generation, LDS, Prepper. He grew up farming, canning and learning to live off the land in the forests, mountains, rivers, oceans and cities of Missouri, Tennessee, Hawaii and Utah. In early 2008, he co-founded as a blog to talk about and teach Prepping. Over the next couple years, they produced hundreds of articles about Preparedness. Prior to UtahPreppers, he had been actively blogging elsewhere about building his self-sustaining farm and raising his 8 children in a preparedness lifestyle. In 2011, Phil officially became a partner and Co-Owner of the APN and lead the technical restructing of the company.

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  1. That would be awesome! Here in sunny Fla. we could use it a lot!

  2. Sorry for the “teaser”! This had to be published before it was ready and it auto-posted to Facebook. We’ll post it again when the details are spelled out!

  3. I’m “prepared” to win! :-))

  4. Anne Dixon says:

    So want one of these but the link will not open to let me register. Help thanks

  5. The link is fixed now, sorry about that!

  6. All registered and waitin on the goodies! LOL

  7. It would be great to win one of these!

  8. It would be fun to fire this up in the front yard and create a neighborhood intrest!

  9. Anne Dixon says:

    Thanks for the fix…really want to make bread in a sun oven….

  10. Oh imagine how good the home made bread would be if baked in this. No odd smell from chemicals or burnt on foods stuck in the bottom of it. To take it camping with you and bake a loaf of bread out in the woods (I go camping for a week at a time usually lol)

  11. I pinned it, tweeted it, submitted it, facebook shared it on multiple survival pages :)

  12. We are beginner preppers and a sun oven will be a wonderful addition to our prepper supplies. :)

  13. Hell yea! I’m gonna cook me some squirrel if I win one!

  14. Lisa Layton says:

    Looking forward to learning more about these.

  15. Ahhh! What a great contest! I’ve wanted a sun oven for so long.

  16. John Gilbert says:

    It was posted three times without the link?

  17. John Gilbert says:

    I’d take it out to the Capital Reef field station and give it a whirl.

  18. John Gilbert says:

    I think it’s a facebook thing.

  19. Phil Burns says:

    hmm. i’m not sure what it’s doing. i shared it to several of my pages and groups – maybe it was some of those and you saw them for some reason but didn’t get a link because you aren’t a member of them?

  20. Phil Burns says:

    yeah, facebook does some really weird stuff

  21. John Gilbert says:

    And it’s a bit confusing. Is there any way a person can know if they qualify? I assume they aren’t getting the messages if they haven’t liked or subscribed already.

  22. Phil Burns says:

    If you put your email address in and you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, it tells you. If you’ve already like the page, it tells you. You only have to qualify once for all our contests. I’m not sure where the confusion comes in but i really want to know so i can make it easier

  23. I want to try one of these for making jerky.

  24. I would use it as a normal cooking tool just like my slow cooker.Of course when we have power outages, it will be another way to cook without electricity.

  25. Sky Wilde says:

    Oh yum…jerky, what a great idea!! I would like to do some dehydrating in one. Have a large clan…so one of these would be so welcomed!!

  26. Carol says:

    Why wouldn’t any prepper be thrilled to win any one of these items. I for one, would feel fortunate to add any of these items to my list of items.

  27. I posted this on my wall, to my local FB group and local yahoo group. Personally, it would be a wonderful addition to my preps and give me an additional method of cooking.

  28. I would be happy to receive any of these items. I am learning to be grateful for all of have and for anything that might come my way

  29. I posted this to my wall and to my FB and yahoo local prep groups. Personally, it would be a great addition to my preps and give me an additional method of cooking.

  30. John Gilbert says:

    Maybe it’s the redundancy. Or the lateness of the hour.

  31. Yes I really do! Heather

  32. Therese says:

    I just shared this on my FB page. Here in SoCal, we have many hot and sunny days left this year. I would love to keep the kitchen cool, and spend more time outdoors. A solar oven is a missing link in my preps.

  33. I would love a solar oven all summer long we never use our oven because
     it just bakes our house plus living w/o the added use of gas/ power to run the oven is a super plus!

  34. I would love one of these!!

  35. Tina Boldt says:

    would love to win one… :)

  36. Brad Graves says:

    Shared! This even coincides with the Preparedness Pro Blog: Set a goal to pass long ONE self-reliance tip to someone else today. You just never know who’ll receive it with gratitude.

  37. Just finished our 3 month food supply…hoping to get a Sun Oven to help cook all that food :-)

  38. I just shared this Link on my Facebook page. Thanks for a chance to win!

  39. I just shared this on my Facebook wall. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. I’ve spread the word! A sun oven would be great – drying racks would come in handy too!

  41. posted this to my wall and to my FB and yahoo local prep groups. Personally, it would be a great addition to my preps and give me an additional method of cooking. For some reason, I can’t post on the APN page??

  42. Robin Armstrong says:

    I shared it on my blog. I enjoy my homemade solar cooker and a Sun Oven would be a fantastic upgrade!

  43. I would LOVE to have this! My fingers are crossed!

  44. Rebekah Hall says:

    I would love to win a Sun Oven! With 4 kids this would make Prepping Drills much easier!

  45. Deb Bronzetti says:

    Shared the word on facebook.

  46. I’d love to have a sun oven, not only to have as a “just in case” but for camp cooking as well.

  47. My husband and i r beginning preppers we have 5 children who r also learning skillls

  48. This is a great site with lots of information! Would have been great to have a sun oven when we were without power for a week.

  49. Dinah Walton says:

    I’m just beginning to learn this preparedness stuff! It is very impowering!

  50. I can’t afford a sun oven yet =( I would Love to have one tho, I have found recipies for canning with a solar oven!

  51. Sue Muska says:

    My last homemade solar oven became a chicken nesting box after the glass broke. Sure could use a new one.

  52. Kris Bradley says:

    I love my solar oven. Use it all the time.

  53. I would love to get my hands on this and use it while camping!!!

  54. shared the link, a sun oven is on my list of future purchases for my preps. I sure hope I win one!

  55. We live in the desert so this would be perfect. I’ve been wanting one and it is on my list. Can’t wait to see if I can cook some bread in it.

  56. Dianne Finnegan says:

    I pinned this to my facebook page, and I shared this in the Emergency Preparedness Group on,, and

  57. Great worry free alternative…

  58. Gayle says:

    I pasted it to my facebook and LadyPreppers on Facebook

  59. Bert Accardi says:

    I spread the word on facebook

  60. TheSpyHunter357 says:

    Shared on my Facebook page and I started a thread on GLP.

  61. I’ve never actually used a solar oven.  I made a solar hot water heater when I was in the 4th grade.  Since then, solar power has always been a dream of mine, but hasn’t been economically feasible for me.  Even if I don’t win one, I’m going to reverse engineer one from multiple plans I’ve seen online.

  62. lola bruesch says:

    we are rv living so this would be a great help for baking and cooking in the summer as it gets really hot fast in our little home on wheels lola

  63. Ansley says:

    I linked your post to my blog. I am a new “prepper” and looking forward to getting started. My husband has been talking about this for months!

  64. If I win i plan on trying this out right away! I love the idea and I love to cook so this will be great! I am a brand new prepper so every little bit helps :) I shared this with my facebook friends!

  65. Genevieve says:

    Would love to win. We got a lot of sun this summer here in Kentucky so if I won I think I might try roasting some veggies on my deck. Shared on my facebook!

  66. This would be such a huge blessing for my family! Thank you so much for the chance to win!! I have shared on preparedness Pro’s page as well as on my wall! Good luck everyone and God bless!!

  67. I can’t wait to cook my first meal in one of these. :) I hope I win.

  68. Pick me!!! Pick Me!!!!

  69. Pick Garden Frugal, Great guy :) so I’m told, :)

  70. I shared on my Facebook page and sent emails to a few friend! Thank you.

  71. Would love to have one.

  72. John Fowler says:

    I need one. I have a wish list as does my wife and this would be great addition to our small but growing self reliance stash.

  73. Karen Rizzo says:

    I really need this!

  74. I plan on using this for our fall soups and stews.

  75. Barbara Good says:

    I have wanted one of these for a long time, but it’s just a little over my budget!

  76. Shirley says:

    Would really like to have an alternate way of cooking, in case of emergencies. Everyone should prepare themselves for any type of emergency situation.

  77. But Marsha – you just entered by posting that :)

  78. Kirk L Olsen says:

    great ovens, they can cook anything i need a few with my family.

  79. I’ve heard these ovens are terrific. I’m eager to use it. Thanks.

  80. bunkie says:

    we ‘like’ you on FB and are signed up for your newsletter! great giveaway!!!

  81. Cathy Harper says:

    I would love to win! I pinned it to win it!
    Here in California, I worry about extended periods without power should a bad earthquake hit. I would love a Sun Oven.

  82. I hope to win one or make one if I have to.

  83. Want to try it out – hopefully I could make banana bread in it!

  84. Want to try it out – hopefully I could make banana bread in it!

  85. I would like to win one of these to add to my preps. !

  86. Nicole says:

    I shared this post on my facebook page.

  87. JDK says:

    Shared this over on Facebook!

  88. mary says:

    I would love a sun oven!  I am anxious to learn how to use it to do my baking au natural.  My kitchen heats up a lot and I would like to reduce my footprint as much as possible.  I posted about it on my blog and like you on facebook.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  89. Sure hope I win one of these stoves

  90. Melissa says:

    This would make an excellent addition to our growing preps!