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APN Weekly Giveaway – Bug Out Bag Essentials! – Oct 2nd 2012

We’ve launched a new Giveaway Contest!  You will NOT want to miss out on this one – we’ve got an amazing assortment of stuff to giveaway from Goal Zero, Volcano Stoves, LPC Survival and Jar Box!  Entering is free and SUPER EASY!

We’ve also started using a contest management application that gives you a unique link to share that gives YOU an entry every time someone uses it to enter the contest!

Jump in and get going, we hope YOU win!




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17 Comments on "APN Weekly Giveaway – Bug Out Bag Essentials! – Oct 2nd 2012"

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  1. The app won’t connect with fb to enter MW

  2. Hi Clint Sheppard, can you explain a little more please? Are you on phone, PC, tablet, which operating system is it, and what browser and version? Also please clarify ‘wont connect with fb’ for me so I make sure we are on the same page. Thanks :)

  3. I am on an iPad 2 running the latest software iOS 6 I believe. Under enter here when I click connect with Facebook the icon that indicates its working just spins and spins

  4. I got this one day after the contest.

  5. Tom Walker says:

    Same here on laptop

  6. Tom/Clint can you all check something for me? Go here: amd tell me if secure browing is checked to the on position please.

  7. Tom Walker says:

    mine finaly went through.

  8. MJ Roper says:

    I want supplies

  9. Tom: it was likely a routing issue or something in your case then.

  10. Ray McCreary says:

    The National Preppers and Survivalist expo (NPS expo) will be held March 16-17 2013 in Nashville Tennessee!!!!! Their website is

  11. I love APN and its contest giveaways!! (waves at Tom)

  12. SLHaynes says:

    Thanks for the contest!  Now, could you have a way to enter without using facebook?  Thank you.

  13. Lola Bruesch says:

    love all these items