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Hurricane Sandy – A.M. Updates Oct 30, 2012


Skyline Black Out

Late Monday evening Hurricane Sandy hit the land hard and heavy causing millions to be without power on the east coast. The once well-lit big apple was in an almost total black out. Below are some updates starting at around 8 pm Monday night.

As of Tuesday, Hurricane Sandy Lost its status and is now considered an extra tropical cyclone. It has left more than 7.5 million people with out power.

It is expected to move into western new york on Tuesday night and move into Canada on Wednesday.

Oct 30, 7:15: The death toll in the United states has risen to 16. Before Sandy made its way to the US, 67 were killed in the Caribbean which including 51 in Haiti. The over all death toll is now at least 84.

Oct 30, 7:00: The Mayor of Philadelphia tells CNN that his city got through it and their emergency plans worked well.

Oct 30, 6:55 AM: Mayor Bloomberg office sends out a morning tweet, ” If you have water coming out of your faucet it is safe to drink.”

Oct 30, 6:45 AM: There is a leak at a water plant in Maryland causing roughly 3 million gallons of raw sewage to rush out every hour. This is caused by an over flow due to power loss.

Oct 30, 6:18 AM: Due to a levee breaking in New Jersey, the towns of Moonachie, Little Ferrie and Carlstadt have been flooded with 4-5 feet of water. It is said that upwards of 1,000 people are effected. Ralph Verdi, the chief of police in Little Ferrie told CNN that 4-6 feet of water in covering 75% of the town.

Oct 30, 5:00AM : Sandy is moving west across southern Pennsylvania. As of now, the post tropical cyclone is near Millersburg, PA moving at a top speed of 45.6 mph.

Oct 30, 5:00 AM: Fires have taken more than 50 homes in New york and there are more than 190 Fire fighters dispatched to try to get the fires under control.  2 people have been injured so far that we know of.

Oct 30, 2:30 AM: CNN updates that 6,535,896 people ar without power across 13 states and in Washington D.C.

Oct 29, 8:00-12:00 AM:


A Tanker Washed up on Staten Island

Con Ed cut off power in lower Manhattan and the area around Brooklyn Battery and some areas of Staten Island.  The concerns being that once the water level got high enough it would begin seeping under the city where all the controls are and all the machines and steam engines are that run the power to the city.  They were also concerned that is the salt water got down there it would corrode the machines so they turned it off before that intrusion began,  The water levels have reached 11.25 feet.  Video show parts of a Con Ed Power plant exploding, but deny any reports of anyone being trapped in the power plant.

A four-story building collapsed in Manhattan’s Chelsea area near 14th street.

According to the New York Times a man was killed in Queens when a tree fell on him.

Patients are being evacuated from New York University Hospital.

Governor Christie was livid after issuing an emergency evacuation in Atlantic City that was ignored by the mayor who said, “No, you don;t have to do that.” Now rescues crews are being sent in and are also in danger. Governor Christie is very angry.


This is why you don't wait until the last minute.

Long Beach, Long Island: More than 100,000 people in Long Island have lost power and may not get it back for more than a week. Many using only battery-powered flashlights. Cell towers, land lines, and all communications are down now and anyone who stayed on the island now have no choice but to wait it out in their homes and hotels.  One multilevel hotel has more than 6 feet of water and rising on the ground level.  People are trapped on the higher levels.

Washington/Baltimore: Power outages affecting more than 400,000 and those numbers are still climbing.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory commission (NRC) issued an alert for the oyster creek nuclear power plant, in New Jersey at 8:45 p.m. because of high water level.  The alert is the second lowest of the four NRC action levels.

Our Prayers are with all,

Jalapeño Gal

If you can’t find your local EM site, the following state offices along the east coast all had safety information about Hurricane Sandy as of Sunday 9am PDT 28-Oct-2012.

Delaware Emergency Management Agency
(302) 659-3362 or Tollfree 1-877-SAY-DEMA
Hurricane Sandy Hotline – (800) 464-4357

District of Columbia Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency (DC HSEMA)
(202) 727-6161

Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security
(860) 256-0800 or Tollfree 1-800-397-8876
Hurricane Sandy News & Information

Maine Emergency Management Agency
(207) 624-4400

Maryland Emergency Management Agency
(410) 517-3600 or Tollfree 1-877-MEMA-USA

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
(508) 820-2000

New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management
(603) 271-2231 ReadyNH

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
(609) 963-6900

New York State Emergency Management Office
(518) 292-2200
New York City OEM

North Carolina Emergency Management
(919) 733-3825

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
(717) 651-2001

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
(401) 946-9996

Vermont Emergency Management
(802) 244-8721

Virginia Dept of Emergency Management
(804) 897-6500

Additional Resources:

National Hurricane Center Hurricanes pg

Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety Hurricane pg

American Red Cross




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    • Good afternoon. I am the Lt.Commander of the Watchers Survivalist Alliance. What has happened by the event of Sandy 
      hitting the east coast. Is but only one reason to be preppared. What upsets me us how Obama has declared all those who sstockpile food , watrr, guns , ammo , a tterrorest 
      BUT you still vote ffor him. Once martial law has been put Into effect It wont be long 

  1. If your not a “Prepper” or at least in a frame of mind to get somewhat prepared for a disaster, maybe “Sandy” has helped to wake you up. Who ever thought that NYC and Jersey would suffer from a Hurricane! I don’t have an under ground bunker, but I do have a “bug out bag,” plenty of food for a month, plenty of ammunition, weapons and water on hand. Do you???????????

    • Absolutely!! My grandparents taught us that we can only rely on ourselves to survive. If we can;t do that then we might as well dig our own grave. One of my main concerns on the east coast is all the nuclear power plants and a possible re peat of japan n the future. Maybe not this time…but who knows how bad it can be next time.


    • R J says:

      Yes I do but I am afraid that the American People will fall back to sleep after it is all over . Truly sad.

  2. Robert Watts says:

    I have friends from the north east that laughed at my need to be prepared. glub glug bubble. I am having trouble hearing them now that their iPhones are under water. Why is it that people always think that the SHTF is for someone else and only idiots do this. In New York right now, the only ones with guns are the thugs, some are in uniform. Why wait for zombies?

  3. I live in NY. About 30 min from Manhattan and I’m a prepper and so are most of my prayer group. I don’t have power but I have plenty of lanterns, weather radio, food, petro and water. I drove around my neighborhood to check things out. Lots of downed wires but its nice out actually. Folks are at the local diners powering up on food and power for their phones. I saw some ppl try to go into the Duane Reade but its closed so is the CVS. Crazy, how ppl don’t take things seriously. Such delusion!

  4. Mark Furman says:

    Amazing storm. Manhattan; dark. Where’s Occupy Wall Street NOW? How’s about some community service ?

  5. Lessons I’m learning watching news on Sandy aftermath – #1 Smart phones don’t hold a charge so they are worthless in emergency, #2 People w/generators in Jersey can’t find gas to use them – need alternate source for running freezers & heat, #3 In aftermath of emergency need to deal w/rodents trying to find shelter & food which could mean invasion in my pantry or safe place (this is something I hadn’t considered)!

  6. i think this amazing storm could be a (sad) experience for understanding what to prepare for…books and networks are good thinks but reality is unbeatable….(xcuse me for my very bad english !!)

  7. Mark Furman says:

    Most of the fatalities occurred from being hit by falling trees; how do you prepare for that?

  8. good for you Gala Lawrence, glad to see some preppers hanging in there. The ppl I am seeing on tv in front of homes that they are staying in begging for help because they are cold and out of food a couple days in doesn’t make sense to me. If I have shelter in my home with my preps I’m good for a couple weeks while they get things up and running again. Also, I am noticing the news not saying anything about prepping..all they say is the ppl should’ve left when they were told.

    • I think that is because preppers dont want to announce they have things with so many people that are going without. Technically their lives are in danger. That is my opinion. However if you pay attention, every once in a while the news is showing people who are handing out hot soup, beans, and offering electric surge bars to people so they can charge their phones. To me those are preppers or else they wouldn’t have the extra to feed other people.

  9. AZ New Prepper says:

    Hello fellow preppers!  I’m new to commenting and prepping but I’m catching on real quick.  To all those affected from Hurricane Sandy, my heart and prayers go out to you.  Especially those who stood around before the hurricane and made fun of preppers!!!  I started prepping only about 6 months ago, slowly grabbing things here and there.  A very good friend actually opened my eyes to it.  Since the wake of the hurricane, I recently heard on the radio a woman crying on the air in Jersey asking for Pres Obama to help them, (Her words) “Help us Obama, we have no food or water or power, were helpless, where is the government support your supposed to give us”.  It’s comments like this that makes me thank god for good friends to open my eyes, and websites like this one and other prepping websites with smart people to help one another.  Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • I am thankful you have those friends to. Thank you for your supportive coments. :) We all have to give back and give knowledge of what we know to our loved ones if we are going to become self reliant. :)


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