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Doomsday Preppers Season 2 Is Here

The new season of Doomsday Preppers is opening this week and they have quite a line up this season.  At the end of last season, we published our general views of the show and discussed the Consequences of Doomsday Preppers.  Those views in general, still stand.

We had 3 primary concerns with the show, its format and its treatment of the subject matter.

  1. Only giving each Prepper 15 minutes in which to cram their motives, their beliefs, their accomplishments and their intentions.  That’s a LOT to pack in and it shows in that you don’t really get to know any of the characters, just a brief synopsis and the judgement of their experts.
  2. Requiring each guest to pigeon hole themselves into one (typically outlandish) thing they are Prepping for – and then at the end of the segment, they typically throw the Prepper under the bus by declaring that what they’re preparing for has little to no chance of happening.
  3. Intentionally creating conflict and drama between the experts and often between the family of Preppers.

We have spoken extensively with the Producers and several people on their staff as well as their casting and marketing people.  We’ve spent a lot of time giving them ideas, different ways to achieve the same results with slightly different models and other input.  Most of which we were sure fell on deaf ears because we don’t know television – however, we do know the actual Prepper market.  Specifically, we know what Preppers all across the country ask us every day and what they are looking for.

All in all, the show has done plenty of good in perking the interest of thousands of their viewers and has turned people on to the idea of Prepping.  At the same time, it has done a good job of presenting many Preppers as over-the-top, ‘hoarders’ and even to some, crazy.  It doesn’t help that they force their guests into one issue and then undermine the potentiality of it.

They did tell us that the expert critique at the end was going to change, they are going to use a scoring system with 5 different areas: Food, Water, Shelter, Security and the “X-Factor”.  This will be interesting to see as it seems to fall short of actually measuring Preparedness and completely misses the most important issue: Training.  It appears that they are going to be assessing the “stuff” these guys have.  While that is important, what Preparedness is really about is the mindset and the lifestyle.  A true Prepper could be forced to evacuate with no hope of acquiring their Preps and be just fine.

Finally, we of course completely disagree with the whole premise of Prepping for “doomsday” or absolute cataclysmic events.  Prepping is a lifestyle of being Frugal, Industrious, Self-Reliant and Responsible.  The training we get and the supplies we gather are there for any number of personal or familial catastrophes such as losing a job, losing a bread-winner’s ability to earn bread or as serious sickness striking a member of the family.  When you’ve prepared Every Needful Thing, you’re Ready For Anything – be it a serious car accident or a nuclear war.

We’ll be covering this season of Doomsday Preppers episode by episode because we know that many in our audience like it and are interested in it (so are we) especially for ideas and tidbits and also so that we can help teach or explain different methods or tactics used in the episodes – both negative and positive.  While we do not agree with many aspects of the show, we can let that go and glean the important things that it does convey and discuss them.

If you missed the first season and would like to watch it for free, you can search for the episodes on YouTube or watch it on Hulu here. 


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22 Comments on "Doomsday Preppers Season 2 Is Here"

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  1. Jim Sitton says:

    Am I crazy or are you?

  2. First new episode is next Tuesday right?

  3. First new episode was last night.

  4. I was a little bummed by Sunday’s episode.

  5. Why are they choosing completely insane ppl? This show is starting to show us in a bad light, very different than season 1.

  6. John R says:

    Just when I thought the preppers were all normal people along came the Bryant family. The dad was okay but the wife and especially the smart-mouthed, slutty, mudshark daughter and her spawn were something else.

  7. yep that show really over the line this year

  8. As we all watch there was a cute cartoon this week. The caption was: Twinkies said to be capable of surviving a nuclear holocaust died 3 weeks before the end of the world, Well played mayans

  9. Kelly Kafir says:

    insane preppers = people won’t prep for fear of being called crazy = more deaths and/or compliant people when they are hungry which is what I think the government wants…

  10. Ray Andrews says:

    Please, call me crazy!!!!

  11. real preppers dont show thier preps on tv…..just saying.

  12. real preppers dont show thier preps on tv…..just saying.

  13. real preppers dont show thier preps on tv…..just saying.

    • susy b says:

      my thing is…. ive got food STASHED ALL OVER my house. the episode that brings this to light with hiding in plain sight. that right there is enough to make them look under, behind everything. then what do you have……  i dont think they should tell everything that is vital in your home. so, im also just sayin…..not likin that AT ALL.

  14. Jace Hulsey says:

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  15. Every show has something I can use. However, each must remember: your situation can’t be like all of theirs. Think

  16. Great show! gives me more ideas.

    • Shebow says:

      This is an important time to consider media portrayal of preppers, given frenzied news coverage of gun control and a recent publication of gun owners names and addresses.  All this in the aftermath of a tragic terror shooting linked by most media outlets to a prepper’s personal firearms.Doomsday Preppers represents one end of the self reliance continuum.  It’s no surprise that the media has selected this group for it’s series.  After all, nothing sells ads like fear, except maybe sex.  The program illustrates the extreme and in the absence of context could be used to bolster threats to the 2nd amendment.  Bits like this from New York Magazine, which describe Nancy Lanza as a doomsday prepper, don’t help… as the shootings at Sandy Hook are, the event is a statistical outlier from the perspectives of gun ownership and the practice of self reliance/preparedness.  It would be awesome to see that angle on the news, but it has become clear this week that more regulation of gun ownership is headed our way.