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Flooding the Town

Oakville_Flooding - Wikimedia Commons

This happened a long time ago.  Our town was flooding and we were without electricity and in a small island of homes that hadn’t yet flooded.  We were waiting in the dark to be evacuated.  Right up front, I’ll let you know we did not have to be evacuated–but we didn’t know it as my husband and I and our 2 grade school children waited.

Here’s what I’ll never forget.

First of all, we couldn’t take anything with us.  We’d been told just ourselves because the boats were already too crowded and busy.  So–my husband and I had one of our biggest arguments ever about our pets. We agreed one of us would hold the poodle but he said the parakeet was staying and I said the bird was coming with us.

The prepare-in-advance lesson I learned from our experience was “how does one make decisions about pets?”  I’m still not sure what to do.  Would we be hard-hearted enough to leave them behind in a real evacuation disaster or would we risk our own lives and maybe other family members over a dog or a bird?  What do you take for your pets?  Where do their needs fit in a preparation plan?

I know it’s a ‘small’ thing but I still don’t feel that part of our prep planning is truly thought through.

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  1. stevenswilkins says:

    i have had my pets longer than my son AND my husband. i am not going anywhere without them. of course i’ve made a bug out plan for them too :)

  2. Joe Preston says:

    I think if you have pets you they should be part of your plan. Dogs can be a great burglar alarm as we all know. And depending on their size great protection and also a deterant.

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