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Infographic of the Week – USA Spider Chart

Is that spider poisonous, a painful biter, or harmless?  This Infographic will help you identify them!

Click the Image to download the full size!

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13 Comments on "Infographic of the Week – USA Spider Chart"

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  1. Sweet, very useful, thank you. =)

  2. ughhh way to creep me out. But thank you for the info lol


  3. waylenson says:

    all spiders are deadly to me

  4. Milton Hicks says:

    That chart is getting laminated and placed in my First Aid Box

  5. John Gilbert says:

    You may need to double check this. I’ve heard from a couple of reliable sources that the information may be misleading. Any spider experts who would know?

  6. mmkkpro says:

    Exfellent post,im not a big spider fan,although I would not kill one unless it was completely nessary,thank you for the article,as you said some are benefical,ya know my neighbor found 3 bats hanging on my back porch and shot them with a bb gun,needless to say I was not happy at all,this has caused a bad situation because it was completely unnessary,more than ever our critters are in trouble and dont need to be killed like that,it still makes my blood boil.Anyway thank you again for the post very useful.

    • I love animals and worry about our decreasing biodiversity too, but as a parent of a toddler, black widows and their poisonous friends are all on my kill-on-sight list. 

  7. While I am not an expert – I live with the three spiders on the top row and I can confirm for you that information is all correct.  Brown Recluse spiders are rare here (they usually hitch a ride from somewhere else) but there have been recorded cases. Hobos and Black Widows are everywhere my Hubby has been bitten by both – at separate times, but doctor care is needed. That hobo spider bite was nasty for a long time…. left a nice big scar too. 

  8. As an afterthought for this, I did once get a series of brown recluse bites on my right shin – doc said I probably leaned into a nest.  No pain at the time, but it turned into some nasty ulcers.  Of course, being an obstinate sort, I didn’t go to the doc until they were well on the way to recovery – don’t do what I did, go get you some meds when the nasty holes appear and start enlarging.

    But, if you refuse to listen to my advice, aloe vera seemed to fix me up – or perhaps it was just the month of time I put against it before seeking medical attention.

  9. K. Karlsberg says:

    We have the hobos here in Washington state. If you want to get them out of your closets, etc. The Victor poison-free traps really work. I got mine on amazon and they are incredibly effective.

  10. Penny Borden says:

    You may not be aware that some people can have a SYSTEMIC reaction to Brown Recluse bites. I almost died and was in danger of losing my leg when I was 6 because I had an extreme reaction to the bite. It’s supposed to be a rare reaction, so you may want to research it…. just in case.

  11. it says on the chart that the recluse is dangerous and deadly. i am curious if i am misunderstanding which spider you all are talking about?

  12. Janis says:

    The chart is very useful. I wish it had a better picture of the Brown Recluse spider.If you provided more information about where these spiders live that would inprove the usefulness of the chart. If that information was provided in a separate but included chart or under each listing it would really improve the information. You could add the states where the spiders have been found, if in the house where would they hide, if outside where would they hide, and what does their web look like? It is important to know what insects are native to your area and where to look for them. Thank you for the information.

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