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Book Review: Soup in a Bag, by Pam Emick

Soup In A Bag, by Pam Emick

[intro2]It is a great feeling to see new books come to print with new and colorful ideas!  [/intro2]

This book shows the simplicity of storing your food items, mainly dehydrating them, along with many versatile recipes to prepare a variety of soups.  This is a companion book to this author’s successful “Bread in a Bag” series. The “Bread in a Bag” books detail the storage of grains and flour, and the successful baking of many fine breads!

The author went to great lengths to create many excellent color photographs to help describe every step of each process described in the book.  There is even extra room on each recipe page for your own notes!  This author thought of everything!

For those of us who lack creative ideas, regarding cooking, there are many recipes presented here that can be a lifesaver when stumped to provide tasty and nutritious meals for their family!  The Beef Stew, Black Bean & Bacon, French Onion, and the Italian Pesto Bean Soup are local favorites!

Here is the link to the Author’s Blog:

The Author utilizes the food storage system found at:

Please check this book out and start improving your cooking options!  Great for when unannounced guests arrive, gifts to ‘starving students’, and when you want to take a break from intense kitchen cooking and enjoy a simple and tasty meal!

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