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Food Storage Calculator

calculatorWhile researching and reading I came across this fabulous food storage calculator used by the LDS Church and wanted to share it with you all.  As a prepper we are always trying to figure how much we need to store for our family and this is an easy way to figure it out.  Before you use it, I just want to note that the water amount they give you on the calculator is based on a two-week supply versus a year supply because for most people it is impractical to store a years worth of water.  Not impossible, just impractical.  Everything else is calculated at a minimum years supply only.  As always, only you can decide what is best for your family in the way of what you store.

The following calculator adds up your basic staples that you need such as grains, fats and oils, legumes, milk and dairy, sugars, fruits and vegetables and cooking essentials needed according to your family size.

Food Storage Calculator

Longer term food supply information

Packaging information

Find an LDS Cannery near you. (store locator)

Food storage items

I hope you find these links useful in your quest to be prepared!! Please feel free to add any links to the comment section that might help others calculate their food items.

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  1. I keep a whole ton of food storage information, including calcuators here:

  2. C Mark Price says:

    I tried it but it seems a little silly. I don’t use wheat now and wouldn’t use 75lbs of corn meal in ten years. It could still be somewhat helpful though.

    • ok, but lets say you lose your job and are on a fixed income and couldn’t afford a lot of food. Or god forbid, with the droughts we have had the last few years makes every day food like bread scarce? Wouldn’t you rather be able to make your own versus not have it?

  3. Sharon Davis says:

    Use as a guideline – pretty helpful – I would use 4 x the peanut butter and only one small bottle of oil. But the beans, pasta, etc good things to know – thanks for sharing.

  4. Tony Dettra says:

    Love the calculator but, where would we live in order to store said stores.. The Crawlspace ? 600 Lbs of wheat for starters for a family of 4 adults.. I would like to see a picture as a demonstration of said supplies in their entirety.. We are not rich nor poor but would need to build a root cellar the size of 20x50x10 to accomodate.. Any ideas would be good as we live in the desert southwest (no basements) (no real attics)(we do have lots of heat) Thanks…

    • We use 5 gallon buckets with mylar bags, but we dont have enough enough space to store that much wheat either. A lot of people buy those shipping containers and bury them to store their staples.


  5. Tony, for starters, your wheat would take up about (assuming it’s in a bin) about 12.5 cubic feet; so in storage buckets, would be about 4’X2’X2′ or so. No idea what else you included, but 10,000 cubic feet of storage space is about 2.5 53′ semi trailers or 4-40′ shipping containers. You sure you didn’t misplace a ‘dismal’ point in your calculations?

  6. Andy Welch says:

    Nice…but we don’t feed our family grains or products made from grains. All grains are toxic to all humans. Finding green veggies and fruits for long term storage is tough though. :)

  7. Theres always freeze dried or dehydrated fruits and vegetables :)

  8. Giffman says:

    This is a handy little tool. Whether you intend to store this much or not it gives you a good starting point.

  9. This is one of the best, most well researched, and free calculators on the market. They are not trying to sell you anything – they are just providing information. Thanks for the link. I know it can be shocking for most people on how much is required to store for a year, so start with smaller amounts and work upwards as time goes on and your budget and space allows. Not everyone preps a 1 year food supply – although it is recommended. 

  10. Smartie says:

    OK I hope this isn’t a silly question, but… I figured out where to add the veggies I have that are not listed, but were to the soups, pasts and oriential can meals fit it, where would you substitute them?

    I have close to 60 lbs of those in my stash….