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The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


This is only one of many signs warning looters

We all know about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and what was happening during it because of what the media and internet have shown us.  What about the unknown?  What about the things that are too horrific for the media to report, or the fact that they are leaving it out.  It astounds me.

I continue to hear a lot of negative comments about these people and why they did not evacuate.  A lot of people did evacuate, however a lot of people didn’t or couldn’t.  In the aftermath, some of the things the media hasn’t told us is how many of the people are forming brigades of people to help one another recover and to protect one another from those who are trying to steal, harm and even kill for food and water.  I was not in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, but I have many prep friends that were, and they tell the real stories about what is happening.  I can say this, even those who think they are ready for this, never are.  Some people who decided to stay thought they were safe because they had 3 months’ worth of food, but what do you do when it washes away in the flood?  I cannot stress enough that we as a community need to be aware of where we are and what sort of disasters we are preparing for.  One friend of mine who was there, told me he came upon a man who was cooking a cat.  He told him that he had not eaten in five days and that the cat was already dead when he found it.  How many of us are really prepared to do that to live?

We have often speculated what would really happen if this country lost power and Hurricane Sandy has proven that many speculations are correct.  People’s mentality changes when it comes to survival, and we do what we must to survive.  It is often much worse than one can ever imagine.  It is no longer just theory; it is fact.  I hope and pray that everyone pays very close attention to what is happening, and reevaluates their plans to improve upon them.  I also hope that people can now see that they should never let pride and material objects stand in the way of evacuation.  So much of this death, anger and trauma can be avoided if we just listen and leave if that is what it takes to stay alive.  We cannot rely on the government to help us all.  We need to be able to help ourselves.


Men hauling a dead cow. One can only imagine their intent.

Below are some links that might help people in their beginnings of preparing for things like this in the future.  Please take heed and become self-sufficient in every way you possibly can.  Stop wasting money on fast food and un-needed material things, and start preparing to live when things get rough.

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  1. Like I said, FEMA isnt coming. Learn to take care of yourselves

  2. Jesse Banke says:

    “Looters will be shot”… the police and military are trying to disarm people

  3. Here is a page of people on Staten Island helping their neighbors. They even have a warehouse to keep their donations safe and dry and have helped many that FEMA and the GOvt will not.

  4. This is a reminder not to rely on the government.

  5. i live in nj and was affected by the storm bad also had no power for two weeks but me my son, my parents down the street and my neighbors where all fine do to me being a prepper. Now they all want to know how to prep lol