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Of one Accord…Tying a Paracord Bracelet


2012-12-30_11-58-55_835-169x300[intro2]Tying a para-cord bracelet is not that difficult…[/intro2]

and it’s a great way to carry around some cordage with you in case of emergency.  Start off by using a fabric tape measure to measure your wrist diameter.  To be sure it is not too tight on the wrist add about an 1/4 to 1/2 inch or so to the measurement to make sure you have a comfortable fit.  For each inch of wrist measurement you will have about a foot of paracord.


You will need some paracord and buckles/fastener.  For paracord, get the full military spec kind.  It tests for about 550lbs of tension hence the name 550 paracord.  Additionally, the internal sheath should contain 7 smaller nylon cords which can be removed for other uses.  We buy some of ours from our local Army Navy Surplus store for about 8 dollars per 100 foot hank.  That’s the best price we have found and should make you 10 bracelets give or take.  You may also find some at hardware stores or online.  Typically, we use plastic buckles like this to fasten our bracelets, but you can use other closers such as small carabiners, small metal rods, etc.2012-12-30_12-10-14_663-169x300

Once you have acquired your supplies you can begin the tying process.  If you read my knot article on APN you can get familiar with the knots you need to make your bracelet.  If, for example, you measured 8 inches you will need to take a ruler and measure out 8 feet of whatever color para-cord you are going to tie with.  If you are using a plastic buckle, fold the cord evenly and make a half hitch in the male end (the end with the prongs).  Run the other two loose ends through the female end and slide it to the proper wrist measurement.


2012-12-30_12-19-55_305-169x300 Begin your knot by looping one of the loose ends and running the other end through it and around.  Alternate sides each time you tie your knot.  Repeat the process to finish the bracelet.  Make sure to pull the ends very snug so the bracelet not only looks neat, but also make sure the bracelet does not come loose prematurely.  When you complete each knot make sure and push it firmly up against the previous one, again for the above reasons.  When you get to the end make sure you tie the knot you have been repeating over and over all the way to the buckle.  Once you have done this you can snip the ends off.  Leave about an 1/8″ or 1/4″ of space (in case you have to untie it!).  Take a lighter and burn these ends closed so they don’t unravel.  Guess what? You are done!  Try it on and see how it fits.  Don’t worry if it took you a long time to tie it…practice makes perfect!




Now that you have it complete you have a source of cord to carry with you all the time on your wrist.  To unravel it for use as cord, simply untie it.  The inner cords I mentioned earlier are very small and can be used for sewing, fishing line, snares, etc.  They can be accessed by cutting off the burned ends and pulling them out.  The outer sheath can be used as cordage either with or without the interior contents.  Enjoy! Happy tying and prepping!  Please comment if you enjoyed my article or have something to add.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. My paracord bracelet was made for me by my sis. It is very cool

  2. My paracord bracelet was made for me by my sis. It is very cool

  3. Kennedy Brianne Rowe, check this out. Don’t know if you have seen this site or not.

  4. Kennedy Brianne Rowe, check this out. Don’t know if you have seen this site or not.

  5. Cool – have some paracord I bought to make a couple of these one of these but have never gotten around to it.  This is just what need to go home tonight and try it. Also good advice on the paracord to use – your link is a better deal than the stuff I bought. Great article Craig! 

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