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Silver Coin Giveaway until this Saturday!

Silver coin Giveaway

Silver Giveaway!

The American Preppers Network has covered the use of silver for survival on many occasions, so when our friends at Garfield Refining reached out and offered our site a silver coin giveaway, we took them up on the offer!

Just some quick background on our giveaway host – Garfield Refining is a 120-year old precious metal refinery that provides refining services for gold, silver, platinum and palladium for individuals and businesses across the nation. They’ve just launched their new website and to celebrate they’re giving away silver!

So, the prize? A total of four 1oz Silver Eagle Coins!

To enter to win, first subscribe to the APN newsletter, then all you need to do is answer the following question in the comments section below (limit one comment per visitor).

  • If you were limited to one additional item in your prep kit, besides food, water and weapons, what would that one item be, and why?

We’ll run the contest through Saturday, October 5 and choose a comment at random from the bunch to win all four coins!

And, for more info on Garfield Refining and updates on precious metal pricing, visit Garfield Refining on Google Plus or on Facebook.


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132 Comments on "Silver Coin Giveaway until this Saturday!"

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  1. David Kemp says:

    a military camo poncho.
    it can provide shelter, warmth and concealment. I have the old style from the US Army. It also makes a nifty curtain and insulator for the winter drafts.

  2. Dakota says:

    Trusty KJV bible, all the protection I need.

  3. Kris Edington says:

    First aid kit. With no medical help, it would be prudent to have some way to take care of yourself.

  4. Jane says:

    My bible with my family’s pictures in it

  5. Carroll says:

    Silver and Gold coins for bartering and buying. These will get you anything if the SHTF. People will know that this still is worth something if there’s an economic/monetary collapse. Paper money won’t mean a thing.

  6. thomas firth says:

    three ways to start a fire.

  7. Mike Johnson says:

    I would have to say medical supplies.If you get cut you will need something to clean and cover to cut the risk for infection.

  8. E Vern Fales says:

    sounds like something we need

  9. Johnathan says:

    A Navy Seal?

    Jokes aside, I’d have to say a good knife. Million and one uses.

  10. Mary G says:

    I would want a firestarting method…a lighter or ferro rod.

  11. Judy says:

    My Bible. It is the only item I can take which will encourage me as to God’s plan for my, and others, eternal life.

  12. Scott says:

    An over sized poncho with liner.
    Shelter is as critical as the other items. It’ll keep you dry and warm, yet light enough to carry without being bulky.

  13. Lee Lamer says:

    Defenately some method of fire starting.

  14. Jim Boucher says:

    Fire starting materials would be the most logical item to take as it is a basic survival need and no prep kit would be complete without it.

  15. Jeff says:

    A blastmatch or other high quality fire starter. Aside from the warmth, having a good fire is an excellent morale booster!

  16. Jeff says:

    A blastmatch or some other high quality fire starting device. Good for both heat and morale!

  17. RV McKevitt says:

    After Food, Water and Weapons my next item would be a first aid kit capable of handling my needs and those of my family.

  18. SammyT says:


    I would say a fire piston, but fires can be started with sticks. So I say Antibiotics are very important if someone gets sick with fever or has an injury that gets infected.

  19. Tim O'Brien says:

    If I was to be limited to one additional item in my prep kit, besides food, water and weapons, that item would be “Silver Coins”, and the reason why is it would make a great barter item in the coming economic collapse.

  20. Wyman says:

    Fire such as the magneseum fire stick.
    You need fire to survive. Fire and water

  21. DaveM says:

    A small sewing kit with needles and thread. These can be used to sew up wounds as well as tears in clothing or equipment. Magnetize the needles and, if hung from a thread, they’ll serve as compasses. Braid several strands of thread together, add a safety pin (included in many sewing kits), and you’ve got a fishing line. Cotton thread can be used in several methods of “fire by friction”, and as an aid to building several types of traps. A dozen sewing kits of the sort given out by upscale hotels will fit into the box for a deck of cards and weigh less than the original contents. Could be useful as trade goods in the long run. You need clothing, and if it’s getting tattered, gold and silver won’t fix it.

  22. Lyn says:

    Gold or silver for bartering. paper money will be worthless.

  23. TomM says:

    A solar/crank-up multiband radio. Keeping informed during any crisis can make the difference between improving your lot or making a bad situation worse.

  24. Bob says:

    Wool blanket, warm even when wet, fire resistant,

  25. Karl G. Bergquist says:

    First Aid Kit. Reason: Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. I was a Boy Scout and believe in being prepared.

  26. Jacqueline Samford says:

    Hard decision, but ultimately would have to be a way to make fire.

  27. Mike says:

    A fire starting kit that contains at least 3 means of starting a fire.

  28. James RIchards says:

    I would want rope. so many uses (including fire staring by bow-drill method)building shelters,traps and so many others.

  29. Patty says:

    I think besides all the serious stuff, I would really like to put a change of underwear in my bag

  30. Heather McFarland says:

    First Aid supplies

  31. Christopher McGraw says:

    My Military Poncho with it’s attached liner. will keep you warm and dry in pretty bad weather.

  32. Thatnub says:

    I’ve thought about this for a while. Most of the things mentioned above me can be made easy enough from what exists in nature. If I could add one item to this kit, it would be a bike. It could be a regular bike or folding bike, maybe even a scooter. Every scenario that involves me only having a small kit involves me walking. Yeah, I want a bike.

  33. Renee Daigle says:

    Some reliable method of starting a fire. The fire = warmth, security, a way to cook and heat to cauterize wounds. Everything revolves around the campfire. Fire is the most important tool of mankind.

  34. Susanne Reuss says:

    First aid supplies

  35. Just Once says:

    A deck of plastic playing cards. 80% of survival is tedious and boring. You need to distract and entertain yourself to keep up your spirits to continue your survival mindset.

  36. Cindy B says:

    Wow that would be difficult but I’d probably choose a Bible.

  37. tee ryan says:

    i would have the silver rounds i have already collected and the 1/2 gram gold bars so that i could barter for most other stuff i need…..

  38. GoatHollow says:

    A magnesium Fire Starter.

  39. vic says:

    Ok, since it is supposedly only limited to one item, and a First Aid has more than one item in it…I’d say a First Aid kit containing a firestarter and a little Gideons Bible. :)

  40. Bruce Fontaine says:

    waterproof matches and candles.

  41. Sam H says:

    I’d say barter items, like precious metals. You can use them to trade for virtually anything else you don’t have already.

  42. Dennis says:

    Silver, gold, or any other valuable metal for bartering.

  43. kevin thomas says:

    High proof booze can be used as a barter item, disinfectant, firestarter and a pain reliever.

  44. Scott says:

    Protection from the elements, either a large poncho or tarp. Because exposure will kill you fast.

  45. Hazel Maunder says:

    I would add any kind of barter items, first aid items or solar or wind power supply things.

  46. Lisa says:

    Feminine hygiene supplies.

  47. Conservative in NY says:

    I’ve already got a Bible packed, so I’d say a copy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It’s not really being taught any longer and will be necessary to rebuild the republic post SHTF.

  48. Ron says:

    The next in importance to me would be my medical supplies.

  49. John R says:

    I agree with TomM. If you are “bugged out” you have to know what is going on in the world. I would think hearing people talk would keep me from going stir crazy.

  50. JDJ says:

    I believe an adequate quantity of silver or gold would be very useful as a barter tool in a situation and would be a great add to the standard kit.

  51. Thad says:

    A Towel…you should never go hitchhiking (across the galaxy) without it!

  52. PastorDave says:

    Silver, gold, or whiskey would be next on my list. These would be used to barter with. There will be things that we will find ourselves in need of, and will have to barter for these items.With silver, gold, and whiskey, you will be able to barter for a multitude of items.

  53. Phil Wey says:

    Unless you bug out in a tank truck,I suggest a quality water filter. They only weigh a few oz. and are capable of filtering gallons of suspect water. Water weighs approximately 8lbs per gallon. At a gallon a day how much can you carry?

  54. marie says:

    A tent or sleeping bag

  55. aztec says:

    Silver coins is a hot item, as to can be bartered and traded with items that are hard to find. Or use in everyday way of life and practice the barter/trade when the poop hits the fan.

  56. jacqueline s says:

    Dry socks, as per captain dan. And anti toxin pills that are enzymes,to ward off the poisons from insect
    bites. My bugout bag already has the fire starter, knife, poncho…

    Ive used the pills to help with bee stings, mosquito bites, and food poisoning and migraines.
    Extra dry socks can hold your silver coins.. I dont go anywhere without the pills.

  57. Debra says:

    First Aid kit with my medications.

  58. Wendy says:

    still need fire, so if knife is flint that might work but I would still want two back up fire plans

  59. Wild Bill says:

    A crystal ball – to foresee / foretell the future and the duration of the chaos for which I am prepping

  60. dexter says:

    knife. tools are what let us evolve

  61. derhaashund says:

    Hard choice. I’d have to opt for a good first aid kit. A lot of first aid items can have multiple uses.

  62. Michael Miller says:

    I would add some fine scotch whiskey for trading. This could also be used to stop infection of a wound and you can use it for partying if all else fails.

  63. Brandon says:

    Some form of alcohol or silver coins for trading, though the alcohol could be used for first as well. My bag already domains fire starting methods and shelter.

  64. Gail says:

    Medical supplies specially antiseptics and pain relievers.

  65. Hoagy says:

    Bivy sack

    and my wife! She can do almost anything, with almost nothing [especially when it comes to food!]

  66. Russ says:

    silver coins

  67. Sarah Newton says:

    I’d say a laminated Pocket Ref book. Everything you could need to know to help construct new shelter, etc.

  68. william stevens says:

    I would have silver coins as currency for back up……….

  69. Rickytic says:

    Cordage…string, fishing line, light rope, wire. All or any of these can be just a valuable as a knife. They can help provide food, shelter, even fire.

  70. Earl Roe says:

    A good pocket size survival kit. Contains much of what folks have listed above.

  71. Kevin Hilpert says:

    Fishing gear! Not just a line and hooks in a Altoids box. Small set up that can actually catch fish.

  72. Medical supplies antobotics

  73. TammyS says:

    My bible, nothing like it to calm and soothe and remind one who really is in control.

  74. DeenaMac says:

    my husband.
    He can do pretty much everything :)

  75. RickC says:

    A good fire starter would have to be at the top of the list. Some kind of water purification would be second I guess.

  76. Nancy says:

    Along with food, water and weapons I would want a reliable way to communicate with my family, out of state or across the county,because peace of mind can get you trough the hard times when TSHF.

  77. Besides food, water and weapons I would want to bring a FisrtAid/Trauma kit.

  78. Methane Creator says:

    Some type of alternative currency or precious metal that I can use for Barter or Trade.

  79. Chris Perrigo says:

    Fire Starter would be my first for obvious reasons and if I couldn’t have that it would be a small light weight tarp, for shelter, sleeping on ground, camouflage, carrying things, etc.

  80. paul monk says:

    I would bring my firestarter kit with 5 methods of starting a fire packed inside including matches, lighter, magnesium firestarter, magnifying glass and a fire piston. It all fits into a large vitamin bottle with tender and chunks of a fire log. It has never let me down.

  81. Karen says:

    a weapon

  82. Rick says:

    I would have to say med kit. It’s hard to survive when your fighting the flu or common cold.

  83. Buddy says:

    Medical kit

  84. kim says:

    My husband, between the two of us we can accomplish just about anything.

  85. cassi says:

    a book on trapping/snaring or guide to eatable and medicinal plants. They might take up space but knowledge is well worth it.

  86. Mary says:

    A good tarp or something for shelter.

  87. Mark Huffman says:

    Fire starting materials such as a magnesium firestarter and tinder. Fire is essential for survival. Fire provides warmth, protection, sanitation, and lifts the spirits.

  88. Michaellonsomewollf says:


  89. Amy says:

    Survival book

  90. Eric Stanton says:

    I would keep makeup in it. I know I’m a guy, but despite being a dark age or what ever happens at the time of needing my prep kit woman always like to feel pretty. granted they wouldn’t be able to do it all the time, they still need to have that feeling of “wow, I look really pretty right now”. Just remember, a happy wife is a happy life.

  91. Xair says:

    A medium size cooking pot to boil water and cook in

  92. Jason says:

    A method or tool to starting a fire.

  93. Tim says:

    Small quantity of silver or gold or .22 ammo for trade

  94. todd says:

    I would include the silver coins i won on the American Preppers Network website. Using them could gain me much needed supplies of any kind!

  95. Scott "Eaglehrt" says:

    Picture of my Son, tucked tightly in the Great Book of Life, “My Bible”. My skills will pretty much give me bartering power, with those coins in my wiffle. But God don’t forget, and can not be put inside a bag…… he is everywhere…. you just have to look…


  96. SammyT says:

    I would add a Medical Supply Kit (First Aid Kit) which includes antibiotics, over-the-counter medications, snake bite kit, etc.

  97. David Fisher says:

    I would bring my magnesium fire starter to start fires for heat, comfort and boiling water for drinking and food preparation.

  98. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d say a First Aid Kit for sure. I mean, it’s one thing you absolutely must have for any emergency.

  99. Tammy says:

    First Aid kit, with antibiotics….because there will be accidents!

  100. Kelly D says:

    I would choose heirloom seeds so I could start a garden. Or a lighter.

  101. Bryan says:

    A compass…you need to know where you are going ! A compass is perhaps the most important essential item in your survival kit.

  102. Andrea says:

    A rain barrel, but if that counts as water, then I’d go with Swedish fire steel

  103. Jeff says:

    My information binder with pictures of everyone, important documents, chemical formulas, maps, and other info for on the go

  104. Tara C says:

    A first aid kit (including basic medicines like painkillers and antibiotics) – I have four sons, and none of us are incredibly graceful. An infected cut could end up being extremely serious.

  105. DaveM says:

    An accurate, self-winding wristwatch (perhaps with a paracord band, providing yet another two in one “tool”). Knowing the correct time is essential to every form of navigation, not to mention that a wristwatch serves quite well as an improvised compass. Being able to keep track of the tides (where applicable), patterns of game animal movements (or of people to be avoided), knowing the times of sunrise and sunset–all are very useful pieces of survival information. A self-winding or “automatic” wristwatch never needs batteries and as long as you are wearing it and moving around, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to wind it.

    If a watch stops running, disassemble it. Pieces of a metal band, along with parts of the movement, can be used in making fishing lures, the crystals from some can be used to start fires. Pieces of a luminous dial will serve as nighttime trail markers.

    I’d be interested in others’ ideas on the subject. I suspect a book could be filled with potential survival uses for a wristwatch.

  106. Angry Viking says:

    Waterproof matches, once you have food and water ,everything else is a luxury, might as well be warm.

  107. Richard says:

    Some type of fire starting material. Having a fire is a great comfort and a means for keeping wild animals away.

  108. Dick says:

    A reliable fire starter to build a fire to keep warm and to cook the food needed to survive.

  109. Lori says:

    Although the contest is already passed, I wanted to say I put a med kit in there. My Mom was a nurse and you can never be prepared enough for real emergencies! She taught us that we needed to have basic things like plenty of bandages, soap, triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids, a splint, iodine in case of wounds that need sewing, which of course you would also need a way to sew up a wound so you would also need surgical thread and needle the curvy kind, scissors and other stuff I cannot think of.

  110. bennie brown says:

    I would have a way to make fire over and over again.

  111. Chuck Richardson says:

    Silver coins I won from Garfield Refining……paper money will be worthless. Silver and gold could get you anything you could need in a bartering situation. Why limit yourself by including just one more item, when in fact if you had silver or gold then there isn’t really anything you couldn’t get if you needed it.

  112. chris says:

    A poncho liner. 15 years in the Army and there is nothing I’d rather have in my bag.

  113. bill may says:

    baby wipes

  114. James says:

    First aid kit

  115. Huskie says:

    My bible, something to inspire and motivate.

  116. alfarmboy says:

    working on a wood gas generator to power one of my gen keep freezers running and to barter with (people will need batteries charged). not all have a means too.

  117. Ron says:

    Assuming a fire source is included in with the food, a canvas poncho for weather protection and warmth.

  118. Eric_C says:

    Fire starter….

  119. Justin Wandell says:

    A water purfier like a kaydan sport because food is easy to get but clean great tasting water is a pain. You can survive for 3 weeks without food but with one of these I can turn almost any water drinkable. You can make shelter with a knife, get food with a knife. Make cordage and start a fire with a knife. But you can’t boil water without a pot. With this I can make any water source drinkable.

  120. Wade says:

    Alcohol, for bartering or whatever.

  121. clarissa says:

    A tarp, something to shelter and keep wam with.

  122. Lyn says:

    First Aid Supplies

  123. Dan says:

    Silver would be a great choice. You can use it to make colloidal silver. It can be used in water purification. You can barter with it. It makes a great investment prior to needing your prep kit.

  124. DanO says:

    I would and do include silver as part of my Bug out Bag. You can trade and purchase things with it and it has had value for thousands of years and will after cash has no value.

  125. Bill says:

    Precious metal coins; gold & silver; if only allowed one l’d choose Gold due to its value to weight ratio. With enough one “should” be able to buy what one needs, when one finds whatever it its that is needed.

  126. John says:

    A magnifying glass. Has many uses start a fire, seal a wound, use to heat a small amount of water.

  127. Donna says:

    I would take our gun and plenty of ammo, waterproof matches and most of all pictures of my kids.

  128. Dave says:

    Gotta be a first aid kit!
    Cordage is important, but with skills and knowledge, you can make cordage (and find decent cordage almost anywhere).
    Shelter is critical, but can be made with skills and knowledge.
    A knife will make life easier, and make construction projects easier, but a blade can be made.
    First aid kits are hard to whittle (and may even have a blade, a little cordage and some shelter). I just bought one yesterday with the blade and emergency blanket, which would be helpful short-term.

  129. Kathy says:

    Firestarting material

  130. august says:

    FIRE making tools such as fire steel; magnesium bar; waterproof matches; etc