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Proper Preparation: Breaking and Entering defense

Breaking and Entering DefenseBy Will Hill

There are 3 things you should do to prepare for a Breaking and Entering scenario during a time of crisis.
Step 1. Gather your materials and set up your defense the best way that serves your needs.
Step 2. Have a friend attempt to break in.
Step 3. Have someone who was part of the crew that built the defenses break in.

I’m sure you may be asking why one should build his/her defenses this way. Step 2 is designed to see how a normal everyday person would try to break in. Step 3 is designed to figure out how a great problem solving mind would breach your defenses.

By running these hypothetical Breaking and Entering scenarios multiple times, it’ll become more and more difficult for anyone to enter during a time of crisis. If you read my first article, you may remember me stating that you need to take the high ground in your home/condo/apartment/etc.

Breaking and Entering Defense During Civil Unrest

During civil unrest, make the ground floor of your living quarters look as vacant as possible. If the surrounding houses look blown out and raided then yours should look like that too. While you’re on the top floor, stay away from the windows. You can still look out of the windows but make it appear as if no one is home. If you’re going to use firearms, keep the barrels in the house. If you stick the barrel of your weapon outside the window, there is a chance someone might see the sun shining off the barrel and now you’ve lost the element of surprise.

The biggest key to defeating invaders is surprise. Surprise combined with quickness makes you one difficult adversary to defeat. If you’re using firearms, staying up high while shooting down at your invaders gives you a huge advantage.

I advise that you cook very late at night or early in the morning. The optimal time would be between 2am and 5am. Cook all your food for the day in the late night hours and then eat throughout the day. Try not to reheat during the daylight hours.

Most people are asleep at this time and it’s difficult to travel in the dark. This is a great time for a city dweller to roam around and get to a safer position. By learning to read the position of the moon, you can tell what time it is. The stars can also help you figure out your cardinal directions (North, South, East, West).

The next installment is Proper Preparation: Going home during Civil Unrest


Will Hill
I’m a veteran of the U.S. Army. I’ve been through over 1200 combat missions during 2 tours in Iraq as an Infantryman. Worked closely with Rangers and Special Forces. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 2012 and now I work as a small business consultant.

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3 Comments on "Proper Preparation: Breaking and Entering defense"

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  1. I love the idea of making your home appear vacant in a case of civil unrest. Relocating and cooking in the dead of night is also an awesome idea. With that said if your family is discovered in such scenario and intruders did get inside your home your family would need a safe place to hide… Your best bet in a situation like this is to prepare as much as possible before civil unrest happens. After much thought and research I have determined that having a safe room in your house is the most efficient way to keep your family safe at your home. A safe room is your last line of defense in a intruder situation.

    • Chris says:

      The problem is unless you have a good size force, someone has to be a lookout for trouble since trouble will come knocking during the daylight hours. You have to sleep sometime during the night or day. A vacant house looks more like an easy target. If you have a lighted house people will be less likely to try to break in. Put in a good fence around the perimeter with thorny bushes. Remove all bushes around the house and get a big dog to alert you of foot traffic or potential threats.

  2. Will Hill says:

    @Charlotte Dunn, you’re correct on having a safe room in the house. I was just writing from the premise that people may not have a safe room.

    In order to have a good safe room you would need a door that can withstand a minimum a of 7.62mm round with locks and hinges that are very difficult to destroy and re-enforced walls. I didn’t even mention the need to have an escape hatch to get out of the safe room if anyone breaches that door. Preferably with a tunnel that leads to an inconspicuous exit door on the surface. Then you’d need to have an objective rally point for everyone to run to.

    I was in the military, I can war game all day. haha