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TimberTote ™ A Self Consuming Rocket Stove

By James C. Jones, EMT/CHCM

I have reviewed a lot of different rocket stoves recently, including the BioLite ™ and the Kelly Kettle ™ The principle for all of these is that by creating a draft up a central stack you can achieve a great deal of heat with just a few hands full of twigs and debris. The TimberTote ™ is unique in that it is the fuel and the stove and then burns down into a campfire. These “stoves” consist of a kiln dried log section approximately 12 inches high and 8 to 10 inches in diameter stood on end. A 1 3/4 inch hole is bored down the center to about 2 inches short of the bottom and then another hole of the same size is bored to intersect this hole at right angles at the lower end. This forms an ”L” shaped duct. Finally a few one-quitter inch wide crosscuts are cut across the top to form a stove burner. A bit of fuel placed in the side hole gets the “stove” going. A bit more fuel in the top and you can place a pot or pan on the “burner” and continue adding fuel from the bottom. After a short while the inside of the log becomes the only fuel needed and you have about one-hour of cooking time before the log becomes unstable. Eventually the log burns through and can be the base for your campfire. TimberTotes ™ come with a rope carrying handle for carrying but are hardly a survival pack item, but these are great for getting a fast fire and an immediate stove going at camp, retreat or backyard. These items sold like crazy at a recent Live Free USA gathering. They are reasonably priced at from $5.00 to $8.00 each. While they are “patent pending” anyone with the right tools could make them for home and family use. Go to www.TIMBERTOTE.COM.


TiberTote ready to go. Note the rope handle and grass starting fuel


TiberTote after about 10-minutes the free flame provides good warmth and will surround a cooking pot through the burner like crosscuts on top.


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Author Bio: James C. Jones is the president of Live Free USA, a not-for-profit organization devoted to advocating and supporting emergency preparedness and family self-reliance. Live Free USA publishes the American Survivor newsletter, conducts seminars and supports chapters. They can be contacted at www.AmericanSurvivor.Org, LFINOW@AOL.COM or at Live Free USA, Box 3295, Munster, IN 46321

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  1. Looks like one could use long shaft Forster drills and a good, powerful drill motor on your favorite firewood logs and make your own. You’ll also need a chainsaw to make the slots in the end for the pot support. The log length would be limited to a couple inches longer than the length of your drill shaft.