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Proper Preparation: Going home during Civil Unrest

civil unrestSuppose you work 30 miles away from where you live. Here is what to do in order to get back home if your main plan is to defend your home during civil unrest.

I’ll start by saying it’s important to have supplies in the trunk of your car that will last you about 3 days in case you ever get stuck somewhere. During a major crisis, the most dangerous time is the first 3 days. If you’re very aware of the news, quick thinking, and very able bodied, then you want to leave work as soon as possible. If you lack one of these variables, stay where you are for 3 days and then go home.

You may be asking why I’d say that. Other people are going to get the same information that you are so they’re going to jump on all the major freeways.which will then clog up. From there all the major streets that run parallel to those major freeways will get backed up.

Walking home during civil unrest

Either way you decide to go home is up to you. I recommend that you ditch your vehicle and walk home with your essentials in a comfortable high load bearing backpack. All bags are not created equal so make sure you walk around with this bag for a mile here and there to ensure you’ll be comfortable carrying it during a civil unrest situation. Keep a weapon or two with you for safety so you won’t have to find one while other people are looting and shooting.

As you travel by foot, STAY OFF THE MAIN ROADS. Walk at least 50 feet away the main roads, freeways, and highways. Most people are only willing to walk about 10 miles a day which means it’ll take 3 days to get home. I recommend you walk at night when most people are trying to sleep however you’re probably going to lean toward what you’re comfortable with which is walking during the day

While you’re walking during the day, plan out where you want to stop to rest at night, and then stick to your route as best you can. If you’re going to rest in a building, rest in the top floor or the roof. Or you could climb up a tree and sleep up in the tree.

This is the conclusion of my Proper Preparation Series. Hope you enjoyed it.

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I’m a veteran of the U.S. Army. I’ve been through over 1200 combat missions during 2 tours in Iraq as an Infantryman. Worked closely with Rangers and Special Forces. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 2012 and now I work as a small business consultant.

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  1. MrApple says:

    I may be a little naive but I think that the first three days will probably be generally peaceful (perhaps not in large cities) with most people starting their journeys home. After three days the fact of their “new reality” will be setting in on them and the civilized folks will quickly become animals fighting for every last scrap of our dead society. Having a Get-Home bag is always a good idea, just in case.

  2. bill says:

    Good stuff. Just another reason not to work far away from where you live.

  3. Fishin4one says:

    Very informative. I have learned a long time ago that staying of the interstates and the main roads is a must. Planing to walk out is almost a must. However climbing a tree to sleep in is not to bright. there is only way down!