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Off Grid Survival $1,300 Prize – APN Weekly Contest

off grid survival prizeThis week we have over $1300 in prizes to giveaway!  This is the biggest one yet!

Just click the buttons on the widget below and complete tasks to gain points. Each point is an entry into the drawing. Rack up points to increase your chances. Share with others and gain even more points.

This Weeks Off Grid Survival Grand Prize includes:

1 Second Place Prize includes


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Prize descriptions

Brumpy Pump

The Brumpy S1 Pump,

  • Can operate off any kind of compressor – electric, gas, diesel, wind, solar or human powered (eg bike).
  • Water depth is and remains over 1/3 of the total vertical lift. The deeper you can submerse the pump in water, the more it will deliver. Water level self-regulates by virtue of the pump’s design and operating principle.
  • Delivery rate can be as much as 8000L/hr, depending on the water source, submersion in water, lift above the water, air supply and piping size.
  • Vertical lift up to 100m (300ft) is no problem with a regular 5 to 15cfm off-the-shelf compressor. If the lift is higher, please contact us to discuss.
  • Submersion in water should be no more than around 65m (190ft) if using a regular 130psi compressor.
  • Bore casings need to be at least 4 inch ID (100mm)


Goal Zero Yeti 150

Includes: Goal Zero Yeti 150 from Live Ready

A plug-and-play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator is a gas-free source of portable power to keep lights, phones and laptops powered on through any situation. It’s your portable, mini powerhouse. Can be charged from AC, 12V, and solar panels included.

  • Portable Wall OutletPowers laptops, lights and smartphones anywhere
  • Easy to CarryConvenient pop-up handle
  • Charging FlexibilityRefuel from wall, car or sun


EMP Safe  Communications Kit

From TNT Tactical Supply:  Our EMP SAFE Communications Kit is the next step in preparedness we offer to ensure that you have the ability to communicate with other people after an emergency event has happened.  EMP SAFE Communications kit includes: 

1.     EMP SAFE CAN to store the following communications components safely and securely in until needed.

2.     Adjustable power 1 to 5 Watt output Dual Band Two-Way handheld radio programmed to receive the Family Radio Frequencies, (FRS) and to receive all the National Weather Service Channels.  

Additionally this radio is capable of sending and receiving HAM radio frequencies on the 2 MHz and 440 MHz bands for increased range of communications. To legally transmit on these frequencies requires the basic HAM Technician’s license and additional programming to the radio.

3. Charging cradle for radio with AC adapter

Read More….

Heirloom Seeds Survival Capsule

From You can take the Survival Seeds Capsule and do the following:

  • Bury the whole capsule in dirt, sand, or even snow.
  • Hide it in the ground at a discrete location that only you and your family know.  Your seeds will be protect from Mother Nature, rodents, insects, and the elements.
  • If you live in the Mid-Eastern part of the USA bury it in the ground during the winter months for long term seed storage.
  • We pack by count not by weight.  We challenge you to find a package that contains beans, herbs and vegetables all in one.  Here are the contents of the single 26 variety package.
Survival Stores Downloadable App

From Safe Haven Direct.

For government and large corporations preparedness means developing Continuity of Operations plans (COOP) that reduce the consequences of a disaster to acceptable levels. The developer of Survival Stores does this for the State of Washington.

Personal preparedness is essentially the same. We develop plans, buy and organize supplies, train ourselves to be more self sufficient than we currently are so that we too can reduce the consequences of a disaster to a more acceptable level. This is a form of COOP planning, but done for a family unit or small group. You could call this Group COOP (GCOOP).

We have the following goals in mind when developing our GCOOP plan.

  • Ensure that we are able to continue doing things that are vitally important
  • Protect our homes, assets, resources and each other
  • Preserve our vital records
  • Minimize the occurrence of injury, sickness or loss of life
  • Practice our plans so that we have confidence the plans are workable
  • Manage our preparedness investment so that it is ready when we need it

Survival Stores is your tool for preparedness!

Ka-Bar Gila Folding Knife (Model 3077)

From US Prepper Supply

The Gila folding knife from Ka-Bar knives is a “full-size”, compact folding knife. It feels real, well built, and is surprisingly large when grasped tightly in your hands. The grip is solid, and I can fit all of my fingers on the grip without exceeding its length. Of solid construction by any standard, the Gila may just be the last compact folding knife you ever need to buy!

  • Weight: .40 pounds
  • Blade length: 3 7/8 inches
  • Overall length: 8 7/8 inches
  • Blade composition: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Optional sheath: Ka-Bar model 3050S
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  16. Kerry Hooks says:

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